Prepositions used with "board"

"of board", "on board" or "above board"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases board of is used

Proof of certificate of board, etc.

He served as a member of the Board and chaired a number of Board Committees.

In Malta, just 3% of board members are women, 18% in the UK, while in Finland, it's 27%.

No politician or appointed head of boards etc exept in an executive capacity signs cheques.

For a list of Board office locations, visit the Board's website, or call the numbers listed above.

Jay now serves as a professional non-executive company director on a number of boards, including St.

Peter has been a director on a number of boards in fields as diverse as medical research and theatre.

In addition, Council voted in support of a motion to consider staggering the timing of board appointments.

There are stacks of board games like Monopoly and checkers, which patrons are encouraged to play, as well as darts.

In 15% of cases board on is used

His belongings remained on board.

And for this, we need our citizens on boards.

Her boyfriend shared a cabin with her on board.

He confirmed the woman's family was on board the ship.

Numbers are recommended to be cut on boards here, a greater say for government there.

Similar conclusions can be drawn from the admission statistics based on board scores and GPAs.

What is the current situation for women on boards in the different Member States? On average, a mere 13.

We saw the medics on board the tender, taking photos and feeling his limbs, then were all moved away from the railing.

So naturally, when word came out that the third one was about to be released in March 2012, I was right on board to buy one.

Mr Halford left Luton Airport on March 31 to join the Thomson cruise but when it finished in Sharm El Sheikh on April 7, he was not on board.

In 14% of cases board above is used

I expect you to be above board.

Keep it above board or you get nothing.

I am not going to buy, but it seems above board to me.

Conall Fallon You want to know the scary thing? It's likely that this WAS above board.

It raises our suspicion that all is not above board with the procurement of this device.

By having such mechanism of exploitng on nationality instead of above board standard for foreign nationality.

To make things even more above board, I made it quite clear where I stand on the radical political spectrum, albeit roughly.

We were honest about it and we put it in our records on register there, so it was all above board and you know, the right thing.

Anyone claiming that the ALP was totally above board with its intentions on this matter during the election is either lying, or incredibly naive.

In 7% of cases board for is used

The exploitation of labor for board, food and lodging.

Payments made for board membership are generally derived by the member.

Perfect for board games or other dice games like Yahtzee and Backgammon.

For board games, you may go with Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, Family members Feud and Checkers.

And there's little future for boards that insist on staying on the wrong side of customers and history.

It originally came out in the early 1980s, but it has stood the test of time, which is rare for board games these days.

FOI requests may be directed to government departments for board papers held in respect of State bodies not currently subject to FOI.

He is the Adviser for Board of Global Leadership Awards Committee -- Malaysia and presided as the panel of judge for Global Leadership Awards -- 2011 and 2012.

In considering an FOI request for board papers of a State body not subject to the Act, and which are held by a department, the decision maker should have regard to: i.

These are applications which fall below the level required for Board approval but exceed the credit approval authority which has been delegated to the NAMA CEO by the Board.

In 7% of cases board with is used

Cross offered Garland a room with board for the summer at five dollars a week.

Phrases all found British dated (of an employee's wages) with board and lodging provided free.

The auditorium will be fully equipped with board room, press room, projection room, back stage and other facilities.

Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, is emerging as a strong candidate to win the election, with board support across the political spectrum.

In the Stalin years the streets there were paved with boards, but now they have rotted and the filth has risen to the surface, running viscously between the houses.

In 6% of cases board at is used

The club was riven at board level.

It's a pity you don't need this experience stuff to operate at board room level.

The report says there is no memory of any director ever declaring a conflict of interest when it came time to vote at board level.

In 5% of cases board by is used

In its original form, a resolution by board member Steve Zimmer called for a moratorium on new charter schools, which would possibly be illegal under state law.

What goes by the name of a window is half of it stuffed with rags or covered by boards to keep out wind and rain; the rest is so begrimed and obscured that scarcely can light enter.

In 5% of cases board in is used

Meals are only included in board, if it says so in the Project Description.

Don't be over ambitious and say I want to be in board of directors in next 5 years.

Fortunately friends of mine are very active in board gaming and run their own board gaming magazine.

One thing that happened quite quickly -- and to my surprise -- was an interest in Board relationships.

At this slow rate of progress it would take around 40 years before companies would naturally reach gender balanced representation in boards.

Following on from the change of owner of the Manager and for those of you that were here last year you will have noticed a few changes in Board composition.

If Oxfam India crack how to make advocacy work appealing to donors, they should definately share it around I believe that bringing nationals in board will be more beneficial in country like India.

In 4% of cases board to is used

Wood is a natural material with variations from board to board.

Gillis ' sentiment and referenced the barriers women face as newcomers to boards.

Even with a stain color there is some variation of color due to the woods variation from board to board.

In 3% of cases board from is used

Wood is a natural material with variations from board to board.

Even with a stain color there is some variation of color due to the woods variation from board to board.

So enormous, in fact, that SUP surfers can stand by for a backlash from board surfers at crowded breaks.

It is recognized as equalent to Diploma in Information Technology from Board of Technical Education Peshawar.

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