Prepositions used with "blood"

"of blood", "with blood" or "in blood"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases blood of is used

I ask if she's afraid of blood.

One of these factors is lack of blood.

I can't even stand the sight of blood.

Stroke volume refers to the amount of blood that is ejected by the heart with each beat.

A large fresh patch of blood was left on the floor was they lifted the butcher's cousin.

Their pulse was almost inaudible, their breathing strained and deep rivers of blood were flowing around their bodies.

In addition, people trying to diet may want to take protein to help them maintain a good balance of blood sugar levels.

Sadly the emphasis on murder and shedding of blood obscure the real redemtion which is obeidence to the words of Jesus.

You won't be eligible for citizenship in most countries without some kind of blood tie to the country or lots of money.

In 14% of cases blood with is used

His wife was covered with blood.

His head and paws were stained with blood.

It will have your lips flushed with blood.

They saw that he was smeared with blood, and that most of his bowels were protruding.

And innocent people just trying to get on with their lives will pay for this with blood.

It appeared that his head was tied up with banana leaves and his face covered with blood.

When they returned to their cells with blood dripping from their hands, Their roommates surmised what had transpired.

The luxurious furs that had previously covered the cradle lay scattered nearby, torn to shreds and smeared with blood.

From the Cliffs the Red Pig and his men watched the beach run red with blood and the rising tide force them within range.

Individuals with blood in the stools should seek medical attention immediately especially if they suffer from acid reflux.

In 13% of cases blood in is used

And it is only Jesus who soaks it in blood.

Medieval doctors were great believers in blood letting.

America is doomed and the streets will be drowned in blood.

And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name (was) called The Word of God.

The soles of those shoes give the wearer the air, they've been walking in blood, donthca think.

I was covered in blood, Dave said we better do a runner, so we legged it, leaving the truck there.

CHOLESTEROL It is the most common steroid found virtually in animal tissues, in blood, in brain and in spinal column.

I signed it in pen and then in blood, just to be sure, I'd just posted it when someone started banging on the window.

And did you see anyone coming or going down there? Probably in a hurry? Probably covered in blood? ' She shook her head.

Words written in blood are not to be read but to be learnt by heart - Nietzsche Rand listened to him and did what he told her.

In 5% of cases blood for is used

The youth that are hunger for blood.

Waiting for bloods to come back and the like.

This is in fact for patients in need for blood.

When applied; the technique reduces the need for blood transfusion for mothers at risk.

Andrew Symonds was a victim of racism in India, did nt hear you lot calling for blood then.

Referees regularly send players from the field for blood injuries but rarely for concussion.

Yet Sanguinius has avian wings growing from his back and his troops each flesh and thirst for blood and they are okay.

It is important to remember that all blood types are needed to meet the needs of patients for blood and blood products.

Hence, on August 21, I underwent medical examination for blood chemistry, ultra sound and CT scan showed an Abnormality In The Liver.

In 4% of cases blood by is used

This can be monitored by blood tests.

Chamorro by blood October 23, 2012 at 7:51 am Mr.

They were not painted by color, but by blood, by breath -- his heartbeat is there.

Several vCJD patients are thought to have contracted the disease by blood transfusions.

The groom is somehow related to me by blood but I have never met him prior to the event.

As a true mother she is related by blood to the Son of God according to His human nature.

The city was ruled by powerful families and was riven by blood feuds and governed by a series of punitive unofficial laws.

Why? because alcohol is a drug which is making its effect on brain through its absorption by blood as soon as one consumes it.

All the stock is routinely tested by blood samples, post mortems, swabs, feed and dust samples for a long list of diseases and contaminations.

In 4% of cases blood to is used

The powdered flesh was better; cocaine to blood's speed.

However if the selectors are sensible, now is the perfect time to blood new players.

Mixing incompatible blood groups leads to blood clumping or agglutination, which is dangerous for individuals.

These types of valves function more efficiently as there is less obstruction to blood flow from a ball or floating disc.

The Spanish expulsion of the Jews in 1492 was very unusual in defining Jewishness according to blood rather than belief.

Fibrillation in the atria may lead to blood clots, as the blood is not pumped out of the atrium fully, causing it to pool and clot.

All up that's 10-11 Tests still to come in 2012, ample time to blood new players in preparation for the Lions who will far less preparation than that.

Expect the likes of France, Spain, England and Germany to blood some of their best uncapped players this evening for what looks like a mouth-watering night of international football.

It seemed fantastic, a wild gesture of this maddened season, as though my dream had stretched, elastic, to pull me back to this alpine day, blood to blood with deer, with what is sacred.

In 3% of cases blood on is used

These leeches can survive for months after feeding on blood.

But it will also make everyone into faux experts on blood values.

Published research is showing the effects chocolate can have on blood pressure.

You are buying the patient an additional hour of survival time based on blood loss.

There was a study done that looked at the effect of plant and animal protein on blood lipid levels in men aged between 18-27 years.

The Foundation supports parents by taking care of the necessities such as costs on blood tests, provision of medicine and basic educational needs.

Researchers found that the rice was as effective as the capsules in giving kids a boost of vitamin A, based on blood tests taken over three weeks.

PCR detection of Babesia DNA in blood has been shown to be slightly more sensitive than microscopic detection of parasites on blood smear 392, 393.

Decongestants Oral decongestants (pills or syrups taken by the mouth) are drugs from the same family as adrenaline (a hormone that acts on blood vessels).

In 2% of cases blood from is used

About 60 per cent of Tanzanians are from blood group ' O '.

A coroner determined she died from blood poisoning and the contraction of e.

DNA was extracted from blood or saliva and the seven AURKC exons were sequenced.

In chromosome tests, the chromosomes (usually from blood cells) are stained with dye.

It is understood the married woman, who was 17-weeks pregnant, died from blood poisoning.

What damages the DNA is IRON that is released from blood when the skin gets inflamed through sunburn.

The smallest blood vessels become excessively permeable allowing fluid component to escape from blood vessels to organs of the body.

I know it's transmitted from sex, from mother to child, from blood transfusions, from playing with sharp blades and needles and things.

In inflammatory skin diseases infiltration of the skin is by inflammatory cells from the surrounding tissues or via diapedesis from blood vessels.

In 1% of cases blood as is used

The system could allow for some open data to be stored such as blood group or willingness to donate organs.

And because poor pain control inhibits movement, those with limited mobility are predisposed to other risks such as blood clots, according to Dr.

In other words, people tend to under-estimate the severity of mental/emotional turmoil because mental diseases lack visual elements such as blood.

A recent study showed that people with Type 2 diabetes saw an improvement in their blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure when they ate more legumes.

Ultrasound Scan - This is particularly helpful to determine the size of the testes and also to detect cysts, abnormalities and tumors, as well as blood flow.

In 1% of cases blood like is used

The sun becomes black, the moon like blood and the stars fall to the earth.

The Project has a knife in his pocket, something thin and lean that still smells like blood.

Public Transport should be Free!!! The networks are like arteries, the people like blood, the city is the body.

Damn you, what did you do? I try to answer but the laughter is there, spilling out of me like blood from an open wound.

He is known for his energetic and charismatic performances, whether it's with Celtic Thunder, during his solo concerts or while acting in stage musicals like Blood Brothers.

The old bamboo curtains were dyed white by the luminous moon above, just like a layer of snow covering them, complimenting the red from the flowers flying across the curtains, like blood on snow.

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