Prepositions used with "block"

"of block" or "in block"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases block of is used

The Indian jungle is made out of blocks.

Classic Tomb Raider games were built out of blocks.

This logical thought process kind of blocks remote viewing.

Type of block Hyperbaric Bupivacaine Plain Bupivacaine Hyperbaric Lidocaine Saddle block e.

This is based on the very elementary procedure of dividing the total number of blocks by ten.

It turns out she manages freehold interest of blocks of flats for her own portfolio and several landlords.

Develop different strategies to get you through different types of block, and determine how to attain a level of creative flow.

Thirty six different kinds of blocks are crammed into this version which comes infused with both the Creative and Surival modes.

It is located in ultra-deep waters of block BM-S-24, at a water depth of 2,161 meters, and 275 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

It seems to me that there are all sorts of things that I'd not free to think or do, my brain self imposes all sorts of blocks on free will.

In 32% of cases block in is used

I have a season ticket in block 18.

Please do not write in block capitals since this makes your comment hard to read.

BG Group holds a 40 per cent equity interest in block L10A and a 45 per in block L10B.

Density is measured in blocks across and down, like pixels in a high or low res image.

Write them on a piece of paper in block capitals, laminate it and stick it behind your desk.

Vegetation management requires a in block capitals since this makes your comment hard to read.

Do not write in block capitals Writing e-mails in block capitals is frowned upon as it is perceived as being aggressive.

Cluster-House The cluster-house is a townhouse that is arranged in blocks of two or four with each house at a corner of the block.

Africa Oil said it plans to drill at least 7 to 10 exploratory wells in blocks it holds interest in across east Africa over the next 18 months.

In 7% of cases block With is used

Note that you must replace with block code provided by Google.

His fascinating afternoons were spent with block makers, and compositors.

Reflowing a table element is more expensive that reflowing equivalent element with block display.

I can never get over how a with blocks -- blocks made of four squares to be exact, but in different arrangements (a.

In 5% of cases block for is used

An overall tip about Venice: bring small lugagge for blocks.

An area that was once a ghost town after 5:00 PM now has a sense of arrival and event that has spurred development for blocks.

Quick Lego builds and tearing up the scenery for blocks would be interesting with the added incentive of a killer chasing you.

Up and down the avenue for blocks and blocks were curbs lined with damaged belongings and piles of garbage bags filled with debris.

In 4% of cases block into is used

Meals are also divided into blocks and essentially the same foods are eaten throughout the diet.

The obtained samples are grouped into blocks (the code-blocks) and these blocks carry out the decodification of the bit-stream.

Split into blocks of about 4/5 weeks at a time (except the summer) but again this isn't true of all unis, I think UWE for example prefers longer blocks.

In 4% of cases block on is used

Con: It will invariably just end up on blocks in one of our front yards.

The Premier-operated Cyclone well in the UK and the 250 bcf Matang prospect on Block A Aceh in Indonesia are expected to spud imminently.

UK-based BG Group signed production sharing contracts with the government for the project that will be carried on blocks L10A and L10B in May.

The company said 3D and 2D marine seismic surveys will commence late this year on blocks L10A and L10B and the work will be completed by mid-2012.

The pair live in a duplex penthouse in Manhattan's up-and-coming Tribeca district, and have a second home on Block Island, to the east of the Hamptons.

In 4% of cases block to is used

The principle of letting go of your inner critic is valuable - especially if you're prone to blocks.

Along the way we changed from residential homes to blocks of units, and then to commercial property.

In 3% of cases block as is used

Instead, what you will want to do is get them something that they need, such as blocks or learning toys.

As at now, acquisition of land for permanent installations such as block valves station and pumping stations is still outstanding.

The rest of the materials, such as blocks, puzzles, toy food and play people are all stored in baskets in various places around the home.

Older children with autism, for example, can derive great benefit from toys that are designed for a younger child, such as blocks or a ball.

In 3% of cases block at is used

A peak gust of 130 mph was reported at Block Island, Rhode Island, while gusts of 100 to 125 mph occurred over much of the rest of the affected area.

In 2% of cases block by is used

It is my goal to continue to build community support block by block.

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