Prepositions used with "birth"

"of birth" or "at birth"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases birth of is used

Your date and place of birth? A.

My Date Of Birth is 4th May 1951.

A disease of birth, not a blessing.

Others were a reflection of the prevailing emotions or conditions at the time of birth.

The proportion of births attended by a skilled health worker is still low (32 percent).

Romney doesn't approve of birth control and has made it clear he wants to reverse roe vs.

The dig in 1992 found 148 graves, a third of which were perinatal, between 22 weeks gestation and seven days of birth.

The state of nirvana that is liberation from cycle of birth and death can be achieved by following the Eightfold Path.

If you were born overseas, please check your citizenship certificate to see if it lists your gender and place of birth.

Newborns were named after ancestors, past heroes, time and place of birth, animals, physical features and major events.

In 17% of cases birth at is used

My life map got trashed at birth.

A pit bull is a pit bull at birth.

At birth, we're dealt a hand of cards.

People here call each other not by their names, but by unique tunes assigned to each at birth.

Life expectancy at birth: Germany has the 32 nd highest average life expectancy in the world at 78.

Nature intended that a mother and her infant expect this unity and for that unity not to end at birth.

Data from the UK's Office For National Statistics (ONS) reveals that in 1971 the mean age of a father at birth was 27.

Infant mortality was high and at birth M? ori life expectancy was in the mid-20s -- less than half that for non-M? ori.

So what happens to the males? They are either killed at birth (literally ground up alive in machines ), or they are eaten.

Can you make a single line appear on your nose when you want to do so? Let's assume that there exists such a line at birth.

In 12% of cases birth from is used

Nothing's set in stone from birth.

From birth, babies perceive objects.

Swap support from birth to teenage years.

Deafblindness can develop over time (acquired) or can be apparent from birth (congenital).

Yet all of us were born in nation-states that imposed duties and constraints on us from birth.

Some attain this position from birth, but ultimately, it depends on Allah's mercy and kindness.

Our longings are not uniform from birth to death; they vary in their intensity and even in their shape and contour.

Kenya also has in place an Early Childhood Development Policy safeguarding children from birth until the age of six.

With all of the resources out there, it is easy to find your way through safe and comfortable babywearing from birth.

Here the embodied conscience is free from birth and death and free from sorrow and pleasures of subtle and matter world.

In 8% of cases birth after is used

The baby is strangled soon after birth.

One of these things is bleeding after birth.

That usually happens around nine months after birth.

BUT, i will say that with my first, i didn't feel my uterus contracting after birth.

The maturation that other mammals complete before birth, the human has to complete after birth.

If this descent should fail to occur, corrective measures have to be taken sometime after birth.

He was 28 when his first-born Mattheus came prematurely, weighing all of 555g and dying in his arms shortly after birth.

Nature intended that they be held on their mother's bodies after birth until they complete their gestation out of the womb.

Infants scream from pain directly after birth, and all their features then assume the same form as during subsequent years.

Baby blues reach their peak between the third and fifth days after birth, then gradually fade away on their own within weeks.

In 7% of cases birth by is used

Southern by birth A couple of things.

She is an Aberdonian by birth, a Glaswegian.

A Kerryman by birth, he was educated at Tralee CBS, St.

Your blood relations are the people who are related to you by birth, not through marriage.

My wife is a Russian citizen by birth and she is very paranoid of Doctors and Dentists due to this.

The cultural judgments that have been ingrained in us by birth start taking root more firmly than ever.

An Australian by birth, she ended up in Canada after a year studying geography at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

If we were Muslims not just by birth but if we actually practiced Islam, we would be the most patient, most tolerant race on the face of the earth.

He is a much more interesting, subtle and shadowy character - the role model for an Elizabethan spy perhaps? By birth, he was a staunch Lancastrian.

Though Japanese by birth, His Holiness is associated with the Hare Krishna Movement for more than 40 years and is considered an authority in Shastras.

In 4% of cases birth to is used

These six states of existence are subjected to birth and death, and then rebirth for many lives.

There was no difference between groups regarding time from rupture of membranes to birth (home: 31.

Baby is doing GREAT - he's a wee star &; is putting on weight slowly - not back up to birth weight yet.

I will strengthen you so that you will be able to carry and bring forth what I desire to birth through you.

In silence, we are better able to listen to and understand ourselves; ideas come to birth and acquire depth.

That is both a human rights violation and the bulk of unsustainable population growth! Access to birth control must be improved.

It's a very rare animal that survives to birth and lives to procreate if it is faulty, weak or does not fit into it's suroundings.

Been used a lot longer than medical science! When women begged to birth in the street for fear of hospital infections that would kill them.

The range of time intervals from rupture of membranes to birth for women in the intervention group (10th -- 90th centile) was 14 -- 85 hours.

The other name the Buddha gives Nirvana is the Deathless State (Amata) because after one attains it one is no longer subject to birth or death.

In 3% of cases birth on is used

I was on birth control pills for 2 years.

We were also briefed on birth certificate application.

Your decision should not be based on birth order or gender.

Like, it couldn't hurt to be on birth control, use a condom and a little spermicidal lube all at once.

On birth records, for example, the race of the baby's mother and father are based on reports of the mother or family members.

Possible birth defects if pregnancy continues Evidence on birth defects associated with mifepristone or misoprostol are inconclusive.

Not only can you find information on births, marriages and deaths, but you can also get a glimpse into what life was like during a specific era.

So far, the recent focus on birth control, gay rights, and other social issues doesn't seem to have hurt the Republican candidates, but it's unclear how long that trend will last.

The National Center for Health Statistics and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health will conduct research on the effects of changes in racial classification on birth certificate records.

In 2% of cases birth before is used

This usually occurs 12 to 24 hours before birth.

So even before birth our Olympians are influenced by their environment.

The maturation that other mammals complete before birth, the human has to complete after birth.

Who is the best person to diagnose the problem? The mother may realize that something is amiss even before birth.

During the final weeks before birth, the fetus not only grows rapidly in size, but also gains much of its weight.

Of the total of 65 deaths, 35 were unpreventable after the perinatal period, but 9 might have been preventable before birth.

Long before birth, the female embryo has already started making the cells which will form her eggs when she is a mature woman.

In terms of leave, your wife has 16 weeks of government-paid maternity leave to use for preparation before birth, recuperation after birth and the care for your newborn.

If the work applies to women, it may explain why fertility declines after 30: that this might be due to depletion of stem cells, rather than exhaustion of an egg reserve laid down before birth.

In 2% of cases birth for is used

Now is the time to prepare for Birth.

SHE clearly has more options for birth control than HE.

Indeed, all the four schools of Islamic law allow for birth control in one or the other form.

Women believe that sharing this information puts them at risk for birth complications or an ugly child.

The hospital costs for birth are just the beginning of subsidies taxpayers are coerced to pay for illegal aliens ' offspring.

Applications for birth, death and marriage certificates can be completed and submitted electronically via the Agency's website.

In the USA, it is common for birth certificates to show only the mother's maiden name even if the mother was using a married name at the time of the birth.

For births which occured between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, a period of ten years, five after the age of fourteen are required for physical presence in the U.

For births which occured between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, a period of ten years, five after the age of fourteen are required for physical presence in the U.

They need to be educated regarding sexuality prior to the marriage such that they know what to expect and can consider their options for birth control prior to consummating the marriage.

In 2% of cases birth in is used

Breakthrough in birth defects through stem cell research.

The report revealed a shocking rise in birth defects in Iraqi children conceived after the US invasion.

My certificate of birth is not registered in Japan and the nationality indicated in birth certificate is that of my mother.

Other Explanations: Actual menstruation, altered menstruation, changes in birth control pill, infection, or abrasion from intercourse.

If mother's race is used to assign the child's race as in birth records, the classifications may be different than the person's self-identification.

Our Lincoln portraits above span nearly 100 years, from Joseph Henabery in Birth of a Nation to Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Daniel Day-Lewis.

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