Prepositions used with "imagination"

of, beyond, with, In or by imagination?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases imagination of is used

The War of Imagination is here.

This takes a lot of imagination '.

It is full of imaginations with new creativities.

And that it is still not the end of imagination which critics often warn us about.

The language and the medium of this communication are also products of imagination.

It demonstrates a careless lack of imagination and poor command of the English language.

He had breadth and vigour of imagination, vivacity and originality of conception, and a fine sense of dramatic climax.

They are all figments of imagination that are either designed to get a magic wish, send you to sleep or scare you away.

He was a good general but by any stretch of imagination he is not a brilliant one, had he been one he wouldnt have blundered.

A lot of imagination is needed to see any correlation there between atmospheric carbon dioxide and average global temperature.

In 10% of cases imagination beyond is used

The applause was beyond imagination.

Every nerve within their bodies is afflicted with agony beyond imagination.

Sometimes it just goes beyond imagination and I feel like I've become a whiz.

The flavour is beyond imagination, similar to that of a magical tropical fruit.

Bill Newell a young Canadian Commando recalls; It was an event beyond imagination.

He laboured so much to gain recognition of Allah that it was beyond imagination in that age.

Most of the time, clients not only expect you to have a website showcasing your works, but also expect that website to be impressive beyond imagination.

So long knight! Amazingly the Government has unleashed The I Phone on the world! The amount of tradable info on this little sucker is beyond imagination.

But it is beyond imagination that the uprising in Bahrain was discouraged and denounced by the west and major parts of the Arab world, terming it a rebellious act.

In 7% of cases imagination with is used

It was jam-packed with imaginations and flashback of the present and past.

Not much remains in the Trm, just a few ghosts for jazz bugs with imagination.

Alas, I'd stuck with imagination only as I know you and me could never be, but I hope.

With The Opportunity, Richard Haass has undertaken to close this gap with imagination and insight.

In 5% of cases imagination In is used

In particular, think of this as an exercise in imagination.

In imagination he crosses the road, and keeps on till he comes to the very noticeable Highlander outside the tobacconist's.

Goodluck Jonathan appears totally clueless, helpless, lacking in imagination and bereft of any idea with which to curb this scourge.

In 4% of cases imagination by is used

The abundance and the affiliation are represented and excavated by imagination.

Enlightened people are not influenced by imagination, and they only experience truth, reality and beauty.

Ione and Glaucus, occupied with each other, perceived not those signs of emotion, which preyed upon a heart that, nourished by imagination, dispensed with hope.

In 3% of cases imagination to is used

I am continuously in this discomfort and would like to sue my dr and the other ones I saw that just chalked it all up to imagination and fat.

How these 22 people got together, communicated with each other and how the letter was organised, written and signatures obtained (not in hand) is best left to imagination.

In 1% of cases imagination for is used

Defeat is a splendid tonic for imagination, taking the also-ran towards the realms of if, but and into that wide, wide world of the infinite alibi.

In 1% of cases imagination like is used

Around 2008/9 my interest was truly awoken and I discovered the work being done in schools and community groups by organisations like Imagination Gaming in the.

In 1% of cases imagination without is used

First the people struggled without enough for all to survive, and then the struggles left the people without imagination.

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