Prepositions used with "belief"

of, beyond, to, on or with belief?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases belief of is used

It is not an alternative set of beliefs.

It is not an alternative set of beliefs.

It is not a question of belief or religion.

Those questions you just asked are coming from the big lie of Belief In Progress, BIP.

Before we can present this argument, we must say more about what degrees of belief are.

Some of the prerequisites to have a cult is to have sistemathic body or set of beliefs.

And I think his lack of belief in religion (whether it be Muslim or Christian or Hindu) has played a vital part in it.

Why would there need to be some weird kind of belief that the sacrifice happened? That was never a requirement before.

I'd OK with a myriad of beliefs, and I have no problem being challenged on mine (as you're doing) or challenging others.

Another such set of beliefs may involve the estimate of the importance of what others think of them and their responses.

In 14% of cases belief beyond is used

You will be blessed beyond belief.

This is so silly it's beyond belief.

It really was revolutionary beyond belief.

Stubby: monkeytypist: 20 May 2011 1:17:34pm These arguments are absurd beyond belief.

He was that sick of an individual! What he did to Valentine in that novel was atrocious beyond belief.

The support for Obama by Black Christians is beyond belief since his actions are AntiBiblical in nature.

Not only will your partner's every move start to irritate you beyond belief, but boredom may begin to creep into your relationship.

They have been outnumber 10:1 in Parliament and insulted beyond belief -- all because they tried to stand up for stupid Malaysian voters.

All their projects, except the Broadband, including 3G were phenomenal failures and MTNL is the worst beyond belief case of mismanagement.

Just because one person is living a life that most of us would consider hideous beyond belief doesn't mean another person can't feel pain or sorrow.

In 6% of cases belief to is used

Skepticism gives way to belief.

I find it dificult to belief Adegbite.

And to draw parallels to belief in other things is just a normal argument.

Reality has often been shown to conform to beliefs, whether they be positive or negative.

This difficulty will be further aggravated when the life intelligence concerned is linked to beliefs that make trying new things difficult.

We can guess at it, make inferences about it, and hope or fear for it, but some people take this a step further and - or claim to belief - that they can tell the future.

He was converted to belief in Christ on the road to Damascus, where he had (supposedly) been sent by Jerusalem's high priest, to persecute the new Christian community there.

The obstacle to belief is not epistemological but moral: if you are unable to believe, it is because of your passions, since reason impels you to believe, yet you can not do so.

The two sons, using the power of such expedients, skillfully taught their father, leading his mind to belief and understanding, and causing him to take delight in the Buddhadharma.

Sacred Kingship How does the health of the physical body relate to beliefs about the health of the political body? Symbols are messy things and societies can not be hermetically sealed.

In 4% of cases belief on is used

Skill 2: Perspective-taking on beliefs.

In other countries wars have been waged on beliefs.

But the term ' becomes human ' can only be judged on belief and ideology.

This is also true of polygamy where the State discriminates based on belief that the harm far outweighs the benefits.

However, some resist it largely based on beliefs and opinions that translation would impede the learning of a second language.

I do not base this conclusion on belief, but on numerous personal experiences which have been verified or witnessed by other people.

Families are making judgments about whether what they are doing works or not and these judgments are not based only on beliefs about long-term outcomes.

It plays on beliefs long held by some spiritualists, who say that the number has a special significance and claim that many people have a mystical attraction to the time 11.

In 4% of cases belief with is used

I'd treat them much as I do my Hindu friend, people with beliefs that I don't agree with.

Fallen humans have affections and inclinations that they then prop up with beliefs, convincing themselves that their systems are true.

I refuse to get carried away, but what I have witnessed in Everton's two opening fixtures fills me with belief, it would be hard not feel this way for any Evertonian.

In 3% of cases belief for is used

For belief is apparently answerable both to logic and to objective facts.

But for providing any justification for belief in the existence of gods -- not one iota.

In 3% of cases belief in is used

Chelsea, mediocre, and lacking in belief.

I was 14! I told her in belief that she would sort it being my mum.

That would also explain away any apparent decreases in belief in God.

We need to find the symbols and ideas in belief or religion to rely on in order to feel secure and safe.

In 2% of cases belief about is used

It's about Beliefs, not events.

I am not talking about beliefs.

The good news about beliefs is that all beliefs are learned.

That there is a consensus about beliefs and conduct which is transmitted from the past and has to be accepted by the young: theirs not to reason why.

In 1% of cases belief by is used

The model is usually considered a descriptive attempt at cashing out the difference between the functional role played by beliefs and desires.

In 1% of cases belief from is used

This entire Fortress has been constructed from belief.

Conclusion:it's pretty clear to me that you are arguing from belief and I am arguing from the scientific method (ie evidence).

It is challenging to observe ourselves as something separate from beliefs, especially since they intertwine us into their cascades.

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