Prepositions used with "benefit"

"of benefit" or "on benefit"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases benefit of is used

Giving me a quick list of benefits.

Second, the distribution of benefits is going to shift.

The maximum amount of benefit under this policy is P100,000.

These three features are exactness, quality of benefits and the time value of money.

Your LOE benefits may change if WSIB recalculates your NAE after 12 weeks of benefits.

The Cochrane review failed to show any evidence of benefit, especially in severe asthma.

These views are consistent with the long-term aim of conservation of the range of benefits provided by freshwater.

Finding Relief If you are feeling pain or discomfort during your pregnancy, osteopathic treatment may be of benefit.

We've often pointed out that the federal government has a couple of benefits that state and local governments don't.

Benefits of being a voting member There are a number of benefits for an organisation in being a voting member of NPS.

In 17% of cases benefit on is used

That means more on benefits, and you spending goes up.

I don't want to be on benefits for the rest of my life.

With the cuts in jobs more people are becoming reliant on benefits.

Many can not even live off the state pension, so they are on benefits on top.

He was a fourth generation beneficiary, and all his children were on benefits.

Of course from the economic point of view this saves Iain Duncan Smith millions on benefits.

That's what attracted me to the PDSA, a charity providing free veterinary care for those on benefits.

The Alliance concedes that the report may accurately predict the numbers of people on benefits if National remains in power.

Mr Sirma said the forums were being held at a time of high expectations by the East African people on benefits of the community.

The Programme's emphasis on benefits realisation is increasing but is not yet sufficiently comprehensive across the whole Programme.

In 8% of cases benefit for is used

Make people have hire requirements for benefits.

The optimum amount for benefit is over 100 ml a week.

One-size-fits-all does not work for Benefits Reward$.

And the figures you quote for benefit fraud are figures that originate from the Labour Party.

You are still eligible for benefits until the maximum benefit period you selected has expired.

Mr and Mrs D applied for benefits and were awarded Mortgage Support for Interest of 300 per month.

If left to the Tisaranee Gunasekara bidding this nation does not need to set long term goals for benefit of the future.

Gun crime is also on the increase so restricting the sale of these magazines isn't just for benefit of the fluffy bunnnies.

But we should care about corporate welfare cheats, and they should be treated with the same public humiliation we reserve for benefit cheats.

IAS 19 requires an employer to recognise a liability when an employee has provided service in exchange for benefits to be paid in the future.

In 7% of cases benefit in is used

The cut in benefits is between $60 and $100 a week.

Any product, after it is actually away from the store, lessens in benefit.

Don't forget that modifying features usually leads to changes in benefits.

He is convinced that his stepkid's baby's father's own family receive 1400 a week in benefits.

This is in benefit to end user so not going to change any time soon, there is element of perpetuity.

School bullies sometimes like to express people quite possibly necessary or in benefits of their own clique.

Jane Chamberlain, defending, said her client's previous jail sentence was for fraudulently obtaining 45,000 in benefits.

Over a period of three years when the boy was aged between six and eight, Emma La Garde received 85,900 in benefits, including a car.

The court heard he offended just four months after being released from a 12-month prison sentence for fraudulently obtaining 45,000 in benefits.

In 6% of cases benefit with is used

Benefits Babywearing only comes with benefits.

New Balance pays their workers a living wage with benefits.

I guess with benefits for all (this view might be biased, though).

Perhaps a quick explanation along with benefits to my company would have held my interest for longer.

Even worse, I found out earlier that my predecessor had actually been a salaried employee with benefits.

Taking the 40 year mod will provide you with benefits such as a fixed monthly payment and a degree of certainty.

It will be read with benefit and pleasure by general readers but I can not see it having much influence on wider.

He or she will help them create an insurance solution with benefits comparable to those of a group insurance plan.

In 4% of cases benefit to is used

There were no cuts to benefits at all.

So to benefit you must be leading a healthy lifestyle as well as using an ab belt.

Even teachers and nurses face being hit Changes to benefits and direct taxation will cost them a further 200.

You have also expressed concern that if a family has to go on to benefit they will be subject to social obligations immediately.

Closely related to benefits realisation and specifically designed to accommodate cross-agency costs and benefits considerations.

Denying access to benefits intended to help parents support their children leaves the children in a same-sex family worse off than other children.

Policy: Davidson's views came as the Tory leadership announced more cuts to benefits ' Only 12 per cent are responsible for generating Scotland's wealth.

Like Council Tax (a big topic for pensioners ), Brown's ideas on Income Tax are utterly regressive and aimed only to benefit those who will grease his palm.

Peggy Nash, the NDP finance critic, took issue with the whole EI system, saying these changes will further restrict access to benefits for which only 40% of Canadians qualify.

In 2% of cases benefit about is used

From Feb till May of last year, there aren't many articles about benefits.

Better educated consumers are able to make more informed decisions about benefits and risks.

There is no problem with the BBC's positive reporting about the lies ATOS comes up with about benefit cheats who were not.

There are special agreements with European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Reciprocal Agreement Countries about benefits.

Husein checked out the website and watched a video about benefits of the club, along with a description of how members could earn income.

There are special agreements with European Economic Area countries and countries with which the UK has a Reciprocal Agreement on Social Security about benefits.

However, putting together a well-thought-out business case at least shows that you are serious and that you are thinking about benefit to the business not just yourself.

In 2% of cases benefit off is used

Where the Coalition parties can I think agree is on incentivising work and de-incentivising living off benefits.

Likewise, Labour should be delighted to see scroungers thrown off benefits so that more resources are left for those who need them.

But for those who aspire to a life off benefits, the intensive support should be available through Jobcentre Plus and the Work Programme to give them the best chance of finding a job.

In 2% of cases benefit without is used

She started at about $10 per hour without benefits.

Not only is this expensive, but it means that patients are exposed to risk without benefit.

It's quite a production to feed nearly 1500 children in little more than an hour, without benefit of machinery.

The fact is that most people who seek unwavering certainty and deep conviction without benefit of a good map and the right knowledge and tools often lose their way trying to find it.

For although the North Korean Army had penetrated far into South Korea without benefit of coastal traffic, such an advance was much more difficult for the forces of the United Nations.

In 1% of cases benefit from is used

They can not deduct any money from benefits or tax credits to pay a CCJ.

Tax allowances, tax credits and subsidies are no different from benefits.

And once those employers get a taste of ' freedom ' from benefits, it will be very hard to get them back in a generous mode ever again.

By reassessing everyone for ESA we can help thousands of people move from benefits and back into work if they are capable while giving unconditional support to those who need it.

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