Prepositions used with "ball"

"of ball" or "with ball"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases ball of is used

He slept curled up in the smallest of balls never moving.

Have fun playing! You could try different kinds and sizes of balls.

My argument in this post does not depend on the accuracy of ball-tracking.

The ICC and even the vendors of ball-tracking have been significantly more forthcoming).

He had a lot of balls to do that in my opinion whether or not the program is prestigious.

As these were from one series, they could only have been from one provider of ball-tracking.

However, when our second daughter arrives, and that is also when my first girl turns two, it is a new set of ball game.

The result is a constant launching and capturing of balls, mid-orbit collisions and negotiations of launch priorities.

What is the speed and direction of ball#2? Okay, so I know this is Elastic Collision, so momentum and energy are conserved.

In 16% of cases ball with is used


I like small clubs with balls that come out of nowhere or from hell.

Indiana has dominated the all-time series with Ball State, winning 18 of the previous 19 matchups.

Simply devastating with ball in hand, he'll also be tasked with stopping the big men off set-pieces.

You want to begin with balls you can manipulate with at least some dexterity and work on those first.

It was a well known fact that the lads from Colombo 4 were at their best when they attacked with ball in hand.

Leisureplex offers you the ultimate bowling experience with ball walls on all lanes, so bowlers of all levels can strike out!! We also provide kiddie ramps.

Leisureplex offers you the ultimate bowling experience with ball walls on all lanes, so bowlers of all levels can strike out!! We also provide kiddie ramps for.

Includes a 4 lane tiger slide, a zebra tube slide, ball pool with ball shower, football goals, basketball court, climbing frames, walkways, walk of faith, sensory area and much, much more.

In 11% of cases ball through is used

He s good on the ball, can play a good through ball and can score.

More midfield stuff; long balls, through balls, positional play etc.

Oddly enough, the break through for Cal FC finally came in the first half of extra time from a long through ball.

Kagawa played some great through balls and was constantly looking for space, something we need in the final third.

So what did the Belgian do? Well, he played an absurd first-time through ball in between the two Spurs central defenders for Mata.

The neat triangles, the cross-field passes, the incisive through balls; all those were on display in our onslaught on the Spurs goal.

Chelsea had the pace of Anelka and Torres upfront, but with no real playmaker, they struggled to provide the clever through balls those two need.

We all know if our midfield gets crowded, those through balls will not be played at his feet for him to score, so the odds are stacked against him playing as a striker.

As a result, the hosts effectively occupied the area what JJK were looking for with their transitions as well as made it hard for the visitors to play direct through balls behind the defence.

In 9% of cases ball on is used

The focus must be on ball retention and short, quick passes.

Oh, and that run scoring wild pitch? It came on ball four, so there once again was a runner on first base.

Next move the offset bar of the student video across so that the two videos are synchronized on ball impact.

We've found guys that can shoot the rock as well as Chalmers and we've found guys that can on ball defend as well as Chalmers (though probably not both).

But no one has been able guard on ball the 1, 2, 3, and 4 positions, plus give preventative help at 1, 2, 4, and even 5 anywhere close to what Rush did routinely.

Though I've been a boxing fan ever since the days of Hagler, Leonard and Duran, when I started watching mixed martial arts (MMA) on Balls TV a few years ago, I'd cringe.

Most good defensive teams are just good on ball defenders that keep their spacing off ball right so that they will be in position to be on ball when the ball rotates around.

Dustin Ackley looked like a budding star after a very good rookie season in 2011, but he's fallen off sharply this year (a 72-point drop in batting average on balls in play certainly played a role).

In 7% of cases ball to is used

I think that they could stack favorably to Ball's antics.

Next election is a golden opportunity and yet I can't help thinking that labour is going to balls it up again.

These shoes look hot! I use them as casual sneakers as they seem a bit too heavy to ball in but they look great.

They reach for balls instead of taking a small step, and move too far and get too close to balls that are far away.

OSU's defense held the Badgers to 360 yard of total offense, most of which belonged to Ball and the Wisconsin ground attack, which racked up 206 yards on 56 attempts.

In 4% of cases ball into is used

Form into balls of about 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter.

Then shape parts of dough into balls bigger than the ones fit for puris.

Even a 2 year old can enjoy squishing some bread and rolling it into balls.

It's up to his son, The Prince, to use the Katamari to roll things on Earth up into balls in order to make new planets and stars.

In 3% of cases ball about is used

It's all about ball work over there.

If was all about ball possession then arsenal would won alot more premierships I would of thought.

I reas somewhere in a blog stats about balls played by 9 and 10 with the conclusion that 10 gets too few balls.

On the other hand, Andre Villas Boas's win as Sexiest Manager is no surprise -- he could shout at us about ball control all day long.

In 3% of cases ball at is used

That ball just wasn't behaving itself and connecting.

I shouldn't have laughed, really I should n't, but I couldn't help myself as Bradley swung and swatted at ball after ball.

In 3% of cases ball for is used

Chicago tops my list of American cities I'd love to visit, as does Wrigley Field for ball parks.

They reach for balls instead of taking a small step, and move too far and get too close to balls that are far away.

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