Prepositions used with "award"

"of award" or "for award"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases award of is used

IFM: You've won a number of awards for your work.

Kids still dream today, but not of awards in acting.

Some great winners, a nice distribution of awards, but the show? Dead.

Sports persons will be recipient of awards and honors especially in individual events.

Thanks for the post Sila great way to enlighten people about these kinds of award ceremonies hah.

Meals can include a speaker, giving of awards, organizational business, or it may just be social.

She has also been awarded the ' Tema Excellence Award, 2012?, which is the highest form of award in the industrial City of Tema.

At our annual presentation of awards, we presented him with a diorama in recognition of his 4 decades of service and commitment.

I was told Olivias has been opened for years and years, the list of awards they have gotten and all the other services they offer.

Grading scheme and, if available, grade distribution guidance For the majority of awards, numeric marks are awarded on the scale 0-100.

In 20% of cases award for is used

Elite credit for award stays makes annual requalification even easier.

Jet Airways reserves the right to limit the number of seats available for Award travel.

Also redeem your JPMiles for award travel on Jet Airways, JetKonnect and International Airline Partners.

Jet Airways and its Partner Airlines reserve the right to limit the number of seats available for Award travel.

Thiruvasagam told The? Hindu that colleges were also selected for awards under various categories other than overall performance.

This is applicable for travel on Jet Airways, JetKonnect and for award tickets issued by redeeming JPMiles for travel on JetPrivilege Airline Partners.

It will probably run in the US one week, just to be eligible for awards, which she won't be nominated for anyway, especially now that her part has been cut way down.

In 13% of cases award with is used

With award season buzz popping, they need a sleeper hit.

Some hosts offer a money back guarantee and your first month free along with award winning support.

And really, maybe they cant not get as much daesang as last year but no need to be obsessed with award.

And with awards season blowing plenty of kisses Clooney's way right now, that number should keep on rising.

She liaises with AWARD's implementation partners and coordinates the Training of African Trainers initiative.

On a Merrill College faculty filled with award winners, Penny was always the students ' star, or at least that's how most of us saw her.

Hip life is ingloriously adulterating hi-life, thus spoiling its traditional beauty! Until this is done, MUSIGA should not encourage such bad music with awards to hiplife musicians.

In 8% of cases award to is used

Many programmes lead to awards at more than one level.

This treatment does not apply to awards made in cash or in the form of vouchers, bonds etc.

Also there were many sad cases of sudden deaths or serious illnesses where folks had to be shifted from BBYA to awards committees.

This year's grandmaster is none other than Connie Willis who is no stranger to awards, having pretty much set the record for most wins.

Prior to AWARD, she served for 15 years as the Personal Assistant to the Director of Corporate Services at the World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi.

Valerie Mukuna M &E; Program Officer Valerie brings strong information and database skills, as well as excellent communications experience to AWARD's M &E; unit.

The verification process shall include a confirmation of the eligibility of the winners in accordance with the terms and conditions herein prior to award of the prizes to Winners.

This would be linked to awards and prizes to make the site popular and for encouraging a wider level participationand dialogue for awareness building leading finally to more actions.

In 6% of cases award on is used

This offer can not be availed when traveling on award tickets.

And while we realise that achievements are not judged on awards alone, they are indicative of Sir William's leadership qualities.

Lawsuits brought forward by trial lawyers must be controlled to keep the fradulent cases at a minimum and also to place caps on awards.

There is increased scrutiny of LTIs conditions while compensation committees, noting current sentiment, are showing restraint on awards.

This is possibly why, despite being the smartest guy around the table, my bosses were never sure of me, and I missed out on Awards of Excellence which I so coveted.

He complained about the taxes on awards and I started to try to explain that those weren't nearly as big an issue in the USA-based programs but that didn't seem to be helping my case either.

In 3% of cases award by is used

Some of them were decorated by awards, mentioned in despatches or just commended.

In 2004, JunoFest featured more than 100 performances given by award nominees and local talent at 14 venues in Edmonton.

You need to do the best work possible for the client and I'd rather be talked about by the nation than talked about by award judges, and that was what I learned at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland.

In 1% of cases award after is used

Not only did he not accept awards after awards, he quit the organization that made him famous to live with his mother, away from the world's attention.

In 1% of cases award From is used

Q: From award winning gospel artist, blogger, marketing communications expert to Nollywood actor -- let's begin with Tinsel.

On judgement day, to overcome those sins, perpetrator would have to compensate victims of his crime from awards perpetrator earned in this world.

In 1% of cases award through is used

Between 1999 and 2007, an estimated $16 billion was frittered away through award of dubious contracts to cronnies.

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