Prepositions used with "attack"

"of attack" or "under attack"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases attack of is used

I have added other kinds of attack.

So stay below the critical angle of attack and you're safe.

Another sunny day in London and another series of attacks.

In central areas, the development of attacks stem from both Bilyaletdinov and McGeady.

Nearly half of Iraqis approve of attacks on US-led forces-including nine out of 10 Sunnis.

They are the first in line to face a terrible onslaught of attack from Satan at this time.

As a result, the media became the subject of attack if it failed to promote the vested interests of powerful groups.

Out of the other side of his mouth has been a relentless stream of attacks on the Government for spending too much.

But almost 70% of attacks involved patients not responsible for their actions because of medical conditions, adverse.

However, it follows a fairly formulaic pattern of waves of attack and counter attack and plenty of changes in possession.

In 22% of cases attack under is used

Then the Nepalese came under attack.

We are all under attack, we need to act.

It is increasingly under attack by the orthodox.

Staff who work for HLS, the animal laboratory, have been under attack for four years.

The lorry under attack was carrying over 50 officers from GSU, AP and regular police wing.

The message said they were under attack from a massive black ball, and taking heavy damage.

The UK's Ministry of Defence revealed that the UK is under attack daily, with China high on the list of suspects.

The professionalism of individual journalist was under attack if fair reporting did not serve the political agenda.

The whole education system in the US is under attack and the universities are just the top of the education system.

No matter who wins the 2010 General Election, the working class will be under attack to pay for the economic crisis.

In 17% of cases attack in is used

Arsenal are more dangerous in attack then we are.

Pearce and Carney offered diddly squat in attack.

They are either very strong in attack or very weak in defence.

For Arsenal, there will be injury at seeing their leader and main attacking threat leave.

There also has been a surge in attacks on international forces by their Afghan partners.

On the other hand, Swansea has evolved to a better side, solid in the back and deadly in attack.

Many said Prince was past his best, he was no longer taking on the line in attack and had become a defensive liability.

It seems we ran out of ideas in attack towards the business end which interestingly enough coincided with Nasri's drop in form.

At very least he gives us a reasonable chance of holding the ball in attacking ares and getting midfield players forward in support.

In attack, however, they more or less have the same influence on the way the team plays but Fabregas undoubtedly bore greater burden.

In 7% of cases attack to is used

Sorry but they where not bred to attack people but to work.

Mushikawabo said the reports had already led to attacks on Rwandans.

The Germans changed from the day attacks to attacks during the night.

After comments by Laplace and Lalande, the next to attack Ptolemy vigorously was Delambre.

And Israel More Likely To Attack Iran Just looking at the facts, it appears far more likely that the U.

Since Pune is vulnerable to attacks, the responsibilities of security agencies have increased manifold.

Oscar has impressed with his ability to understand the tactical side and the need to do a job defensively in addition to attack.

If there is no space for the midfielder/full-back to advance, the play is slowed down and Finland aim to attack by keeping possession.

The single most important element needed to understand that battle is the fact that warships were vulnerable to attacks by aeroplanes.

Romney's positions are even worse than the sell-out positions Obama is taking, so there is little to sell except to attack the other guy.

In 5% of cases attack for is used

Local business people are targeted for attack along with tourists.

The year over year increase for attack bandwidth in 2011 was 136%.

For the first time this election campaign, Congress leaders singled out Narendra Modi for attack.

We will not harbor any groups who want to use us a base for attacks against the security of our neighbors.

Comments for Attack life, it is going to kill you anyway Life is something that all of us are supposed to tackle.

As well as imposing a naval blockade, Kennedy also told the air-force to prepare for attacks on Cuba and the Soviet Union.

The Citizens United decision threw open the floodgates for attack ads, but special interest money can't buy boots on the ground.

Except for the requirement of a combat air patrol over Pohang, the Valley Forge air group was now available for attacks on North Korean targets.

Some observers say the opposition may already have sleeper cells in Damascus while it tries to prepare a launch pad for attacks from outside the city.

With this order the southward displacement of Seventh Fleet operations, developing ever since FEAF? s first request for attacks in the northeastern quadrant of Korea, reached its ultimate conclusion.

In 4% of cases attack from is used

To be a world media outlet, and protect themselves from attack they need to appease Muslims.

The State is under a positive obligation to protect minorities with strongly held beliefs from attack.

Cause of MS The immune system defends the body from attack by micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

The law should protect them from attacks against their way of life, their good name, their families and their homes.

There they become caught up in conflict as the prehistoric humans try to defend themselves from attack by the evolved reptilian Sauroids.

Giving evidence at his defence, Robert Cottage told Manchester Crown Court that he bought airguns and crossbows to protect his family from attack.

If you wish to Robert Griffin III Jersey number your site in your home or office laptop or computer, you should safeguard your self from attacks by hackers.

The people of the DRC have waited a long time for this small grain of hope - they urgently need to see those troops on the ground, protecting them from attack.

Israel will always try to rescue its own soldiers and defend villages from attack, including rocket attacks launched without warning by the Hezbollah and Hamas.

Tarmah was from a place which was safe from attack because it was behind a mountain and his own tribe of more than 20,000 people would do everything in their power to help Imam Husain.

In 3% of cases attack by is used

Escalation by attacks on the West could backfire, badly.

Their advance was slowed down by attacks of ambushed Yihetuan and the Qing army.

Sadr's actions matched those statements, and a 2,500-man American military task force backed by attack helicopters tightened its grip on the approaches to Najaf.

Romney's highly disciplined campaign was thrown uncharacteristically off-balance by attacks against his record at the private equity firm he co-founded, Bain Capital.

The invading army, already suffering from serious logistic difficulties brought on by unexpected opposition and by attacks on its supply lines, now found the supply spigot turned hard off.

In 2% of cases attack against is used

Quaker non-violence prevented them from funding a militia to protect colonial settlers against attacks.

The Hyatt Houston said it had taken steps to harden doors against attack by filling the tiny hole with thick glue.

There are various ways in which a person can protect themselves against attacks that may be caused by these softwares.

GHALANAI: Workers of Jamati-i-Islami, Mohmand Agency, held a protest demonstration against attacks by Israeli forces on Palestinians.

Another string of reports tell of people arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned because they have tried to defend themselves against attacks by feral teenagers.

In 1% of cases attack after is used

Lampard fought shoulder-to-shoulder with his teammates as Bayern mounted attack after attack.

First strike in the east: The Wonson oil refinery burning after attack by Valley Forge aircraft, 18 July 1950 (Photo #80-G-707876).

Huh? That's it? After a month of firing off attack after attack, that's all you've got? President Obama didn't have much to add on the topic.

Only one mobile phone network has been working in the town after attacks on cell towers claimed by Boko Haram last month, making communications difficult.

Mariano Vallejo went through Mission Pass, across the Livermore Valley and to the San Joaquin where after attack, pursuit, and attack, the Indians were routed.

In 1% of cases attack between is used

The intervals between attacks can vary widely but, on average, occur every one to two years.

It just shows that chels needs a balance between attack and defence and two players one striker and one cd.

He has to find the right balance between attack and defence in order to compensate for their defensive frailties though.

With such an array of attacking-minded wingers and full-backs, Delneri'a most important task is to find a balance between attack and defence.

They have struck the perfect balance between attack and defence, always seeking to be positive and look for goalscoring opportunities but working together to regain possession when it is lost.

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