Prepositions used with "level"

of, at, to, in or for level?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases level of is used

This is problematic on a number of levels.

Living beings dwell on a variety of levels.

Food processor, it was that daughter of level.

When long stretches of levels are constructed around them, the results are not so good.

Now, the way we measure genetic variability in humans, we can do it at a number of levels.

I waited at the start of level four, till others (four of the eight of us) pulled a Spiderman.

I am convinced this book has the potential to lead organizations to unheard of levels of effectiveness and productivity.

The job of student advocacy groups is to approach government on a variety of levels on behalf of university students everywhere.

On that most grassroots of levels, the book has been a success, with each issue selling out (multiple times, in some cases) in every store.

We'd run out of water and the only think that kept me going was the awesome rock pool that lay at a half way point (the start of level three).

In 20% of cases level at is used

For those at level 4 (**27;1991;TOOLONG).

Now when you choose your spec at level 10 you get those.

At level 30, you have the ability to arm a third accessory.

At level 90, you can purchase a gold key from Coraline that unlocks a sixth accessory slot.

Each year about half of all school leavers leave with some attainment at Level 1, 2 or 3 (Table 3).

It probably would, if they were brought in precipitately and at levels landlords would find punitive.

Figure 3: Tertiary Destinations of Students who Leave School with Some Attainment at Level 1, 2 or 3 (2005 School Leavers).

Dirty Fossil Fuels and wasteful use of energy is churning out carbon dioxide at levels which is catastrophic for the planet.

Every time you get killed you'll know what level they are and what mech they are, as well as when you look at the scoreboard.

In nine out of eleven studies, Resv (at levels of 10 mg/kg bw/day or higher) was found to reduce the elevated blood pressure.

In 17% of cases level to is used

Rising from level one to level two: $1,500.

Below is a guide to levels of awareness in thinking that are increasingly metacognitive.

It will also cost you $1,500 to jump to level three, and another $3,000 to ascend to level four.

Over the next few years, the acquisition of new equipment will fall to levels not seen for more than a decade.

And please go to Level the Field and vote for me (vote for ' We Build Peace) so that you can have the chance to win.

Jenny assumed she was no longer beautiful, so she sunk to levels so low that she was actually attracted to this guy.

Then go to LEVELS and slam the gamma to bring out as sharp a line on the positive (whet) parts the image as you can.

Political Correctness has gone mad, again being played by the minority groups to levels never before seen in Australia.

We continue to stand by our December forecast that the 2009 budget deficit is more likely to widen to levels between $2.

I will not chase down rates to levels that will negatively impact the already fragile state of the bank? and the economy.

In 12% of cases level in is used

I advised the girls to be in level four.

Harry Timms was third overall in level 3.

I had my attachment with GTV when I was in Level 100.

I can live my life in levels of understanding everything, followed by uniting everything as a whole (ie.

Section of the enjoyment of the particular WoW is the capability to advance in levels and also skills, eggs.

Two weeks into my attachment, the head of TV News, Mr George Crentsil wondered, if I was really in Level 100.

The ceiling should be in level, this makes the energy of the room uniform, which in turn gives one a steady state of mind.

Villagers were lucky that the breach of MVC embankment at two places in Madheli had led to the substantial decrease in level of water.

UKIP (roughly equivalent to the Tea Party, at least in levels of lunacy) are having a corrosive effect on the quality of politics here.

Change in Level of Service Form Where a service is notified that a child, who was entered on the CCS e-return, is reducing their level of attendance e.

In 8% of cases level for is used

SD cards have the level 2 of MMC and adds an encryption layer for level 3 SDMI rights management.

Testing for levels of permitted additives considers differences in body weight and the needs of vulnerable members of the population e.

If instead they looked at the Criteria for Levels 2, 3, and 4, it's likely that the organization would be overwhelmed and quit before they started.

Free Fees for Level 8 (Honours Degrees) will be applied to applicants who meet ONE of the below criteria AND fulfil the first programme of study / nationality requirements: 1.

The cuisses and cuirass are for level 1+, the tekko and shield for level 2+, the chainmail shirt and boots for level 3+, the gauntlets and pauldrons for level 4+ and a helmet for level 5 and over.

In 8% of cases level on is used

On level two and three there are now tables.

S tudents should take note of the 60MC limit on level 1000 modules.

We were up in the boondocks on level four of the Ponsford Stand, in an area called Q34.

Now 1st account i played BOOTCAMP on level 26-27 just to see how it works i think and im stuck on 30 now.

I believe all the sites offer statistics on levels of bad debts so it is fairly easy verify comments are genuine.

Damian this one a very inspirational piece it speaks on levels comprehensible to normal minds Fred This is inspiring.

Last century for many patrons dessert was more likely to be a visit to the high class brothel on levels two and three.

Ive had dishonored for over a week and if it wasnt for the 4 hour burst i put in yesterday afternoon i would still be on level 5.

How do I borrow a projector and laptop for my presentation? A: Projectors and laptops can be borrowed from tech services on level 6.

Firstly, they write down a simple list of (5 -- although you can change the number if you want depending on level and how much time you have available) things.

In 4% of cases level with is used

Go into a lvl 80 dungeon with level 40 gear, yeah.

You can build you're character while advancing with levels.

KenCall's technical support representatives ' are certified on Cisco, Microsoft and other leading technology providers ' products meaning they can deal easily with level 1 technical enquiries.

The third group, containing about 55 percent of the students each year, contains all of the students with Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications as well as partial qualifications from Levels 1, 2 and 3.

In 3% of cases level from is used

Rising from level one to level two: $1,500.

From levels 30 -- 49, your active setup can contain 3 accessories ii.

Please also complete an application form (available from level 5 reception) and return this form to reception by 5pm 5 December 2012.

The third group, containing about 55 percent of the students each year, contains all of the students with Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications as well as partial qualifications from Levels 1, 2 and 3.

In 2% of cases level between is used

The other nice thing is that unlike Alawar's past Minis, the cinematics between levels have not been removed.

This ensures optimum balance between level of grain breakage and per cent of de-husked grain in the finished rice product.

Studies in the United States and Europe show a correlation between levels of particles and the number of people who die each year (the mortality rate).

In 2% of cases level through is used

Accessory slots Through level 29, you may have one or two accessories ii in your active setup at one time.

Players will be able to progress through levels and earn points, badges and game coins by strengthening their defences.

Very few players are travelling through level 30 to 50 zones right now, but those that do want to purchase their gear like everybody else.

These items can vary from extra farm money, to special resources only available through purchase, experience points to advance through levels faster, and much more.

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