Prepositions used with "club"

of, at, for, to or in club?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases club of is used

But he called for the Master of Clubs and gave the order.

It really is utilized by a lot of clubs within this league.

I would've recommended a nicer set of clubs to get started.

Anyone who wants to develop mastery at golf needs to learn how the types of clubs differ.

As a supporter of a well run club I'd sick of clubs profiting from living beyond their means.

The Pro40 will be scrapped after 2009, allowing for a total revamp of club cricket in England.

CLUB PAYROLLS What will be the range of Club payrolls? The payroll range in Year One (2005-06) of the CBA will be $21.

Regarding the time of year, it seems, from what I'd hearing, the majority of clubs favour a return to winter football.

Clubs had insisted that the contract should also be signed by at least three members of club owners, this did not occur.

The next morning, the Master of Clubs rode out till he came to the giant, who was now dressed up like a Master of Clubs.

In 13% of cases club at is used

Talking to a friend at club last night.

At club level, I've managed to do that and,.

By the time I arrived back at Club Med, I had completed 10k.

Almost overnight, players were being paid, even at club level.

Kids will always be graded at clubs and it happens in all sports.

Some people like to learn dances they can do at clubs or parties like salsa or swing.

In Europe, many countries have a style of football generic to their nation followed at club level.

At club level it is likely that Wilfried Zaha will move on in January, but where he goes, remains up in the air.

The aim of the Board is to promote athletics at club and county level for juvenile, junior, senior and master athletes.

Consistently produced goals and assists at club level and looks destined for a move away from the Eredivisie eventually.

In 13% of cases club for is used

Also both played for clubs that weren't in themselves dominant.

The fixtures are super-fast and sometimes almost too bright for clubs.

But I'd too old for clubs, look like a narc, or simply an ageing pervert.

These soy milk recipe cards are now available in Hong Kong Nespresso boutiques for Club Members.

Membership numbers for clubs and societies are significantly dropping year after year since 2008.

There should be some clubs in your area; you can check with your local library for clubs near you.

If you're looking for clubs and classes or family-friendly places to visit, you can check it out all under the one roof.

It's unsustainable for clubs to spend 50 million on new players if they're not getting 50 million back from the Champions League.

As his career has moved on at various clubs, clumsy touches and an inability to link have been his hallmarks, for club and country.

If he leaves Chelsea, it will be for clubs like those in the USA, Russia and Asia who will gladly give him a huge retirement salary.

In 12% of cases club to is used

Entry to Club Eras is free for men and women until 8 p.

One Agatha Oduro from Denmark claims that she went to Rockstone's Office in Accra to club.

TheUP government has also decided to club men and women cadres of provincial health services.

I am sad K'Ogalo have had an on and off relationship with the station due to club hooliganism.

However, as turncoat has said, the Dubs in Croke Park generate massive money which filters back down to clubs.

There was no queue and it was a nice surprise to find we were upgraded from World Traveller Plus to Club World.

He also offers evening classes in Kiswahili to Club guests and has trained many Club drivers to be naturalists.

Dress code is better than you would wear to a PITL event Please rsvp to club at Email address protected by JavaScript.

There were the people who went out to clubs to dance, and the people who went to pubs to sit and drink and talk loudly.

These ability to compete to clubs with bigger spending power, most of you sing about all the time- is becoming very a broken record.

In 11% of cases club in is used

Wind is often a major factor in club selection.

I know this is the case in clubs across the country.

I was successful in clubs because I had the time to work with the players.

Over the weekend, he struck again in club colours, giving Lazio a 3-2 win over AC Milan.

He continued to sing in clubs and recorded some unsuccessful material for Decca in 1958.

They're invested in promoting tennis, even just at the level of getting people playing in clubs.

It did not include the flirting that happens in clubs or when a guy is chatting up a girl in a public transport vehicle.

Ahmet had signed the group to the Atlantic label in 1968, at a time when they were playing to audiences of 300 people in clubs.

I would support any moves to ban any footy team members - and their supporters - who cause trouble in clubs in Brisbane from future entry.

In 8% of cases club with is used

The warriors would fight with clubs and shields.

Any contact members have with clubs to gain support would be helpful.

So the praefectus was enraged and ordered him to be beaten with clubs.

He would jog round the fit in the mornings and at times he would train with clubs on the field.

Bang's battle is a losing one, as the factory workers are swiftly overtaken by the gangsters with clubs.

There is definitely a demand for over 30's/40's clubs - we grew up with clubs more than previous generations.

Only the childishly naive would assume ' fandom ' has anything to do with club ownership now football has become so incredibly lucrative.

They were met by a mob of 30+ people armed with clubs, pangas (machetes) and stones who attacked them and damaged the car and injured two people.

No direct comparison exists in either rugby or football; contracts are with clubs, not country, and they don't prevent you from playing for England etc.

Can you imagine if a white AG said such a thing? If it had been White Skinheads out there with clubs, insulting black voters they would be in jail by now.

In 4% of cases club from is used

I would listen to and learn from clubs with successful youth systems.

If it a committee made up of real people, acting on complaints from clubs, then ok.

Rose hops from club members gardens are being combined with locally grown holly, sumac, curly willow and yarrow.

The research took into account the reports of divers from clubs around the UK, and included practical tests carried out at sea in various conditions.

Both fall squarely into the up and coming category and both have joined from clubs generally considered to be smaller than the Wiltshire team in Shrewsbury and Exeter.

In 3% of cases club by is used

The villas are privately owned (got a cool 1 million?) and managed by Club Med.

I wont allow Liverpool FC to follow in the revolting footsteps left by clubs like Chelsea.

Not one club knows the entire context of the contract, of which TFF claims has been signed and endorsed by club owners.

There's a little more information here but it just shows that most of the gyms in the Gangnam area are in schools and are rented by clubs.

Something clearly needs to be done to revitalize the greatest show on earth before it becomes a footnote in a footballing reality dominated by club football.

It would be great to see participation by club members and to make this even more fun once again like last year there will be races within the races for YOGi members.

In 2% of cases club about is used

For years I didn't have a clue about club finances or board members etc and that was happier time.

TTOTD: What do you miss most about club hockey? EM: I love being part of a club and the whole club experience.

I am going to assume you are talking about club Crave, given that's the only place that does have problems all the time.

Fast facts about club drug use in BC 7% of the general population have used ecstasy or other club drugs at least once in their lives.

In 2% of cases club on is used

Please download the brochure which will give you more details on Clubs Australia's initiative.

Some people come to rely on club drugs as a way of coping with stress, depression, boredom or a difficult situation.

I would rather have the problem people down there away from everyone else than on clubs on Beale pulling the same mess.

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