Prepositions used with "assumption"

"of assumption" or "on assumption"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 45% of cases assumption of is used
    Everyone starts from their own set of assumptions.
    But there are a lot of assumptions in this comment.
    Time of assumption and term of office of President 42.
    This type of assumption is useful for making calculations very simple and easy to do.
    Well, even under the rosiest of assumptions, this argument does not support investment in bonds.
    You made a host of assumptions while ignoring information that did not fit with your assumptions.
    But you make all sorts of assumptions about me (maths illiterate etc) which are not borne out by facts in the real world.
    Therefore, a number of much more accurate equations of state have been developed for gases under a given set of assumptions.
    Forgive me if this comes across as harsh but you've made quite a number of assumptions which aren't really there to be made.
    Therefore, a number of much more accurate equations of state have been developed for gases under a given set of assumptions.

    In 24% of cases assumption on is used
    On assumption of office in 2009, the same Prof.
    They are sometimes based on assumptions or incorrect information.
    Their paradigms for development are based on assumptions of inherent morality.
    A lot of people even ask what I am doing about it? Those are fair criticisms but sadly still based on assumption.
    But like any counterfactual, it's predicated on assumptions about what the world would have looked like without these comments.
    If we look at the models we use, whether we are trying to predict the behavior of weather, markets, consumers or some engineering system, they are based on assumptions.
    Whilst tolerance is highly desirable, treating all cultures as equally desirable encounters several problems: tend to be built on assumptions of social hierarchy rather than individual equality.

    In 7% of cases assumption in is used
    For those with a working knowledge of XPath, we highlight differences in assumptions to make the transition smoother.

    In 6% of cases assumption to is used
    But when a nun tore the hem of Maita's skirt because it showed half her knee, Maita didn't want to go back to assumption.
    It now appears that Department for Transport officials got their modelling badly wrong, notably in relation to assumptions about inflation.
    Eddy -- I agree that women are at a disadvantage in our society, from pay grades to assumptions about roles and status, beyond through to sexual violence.
    Emission prices may climb to 15 euros a ton in the three years starting in 2013, according to assumptions used by the commission to assess costs to industry.

    In 6% of cases assumption with is used
    I'll start with assumption that every deck was well enough shuffled that they were all independent.
    Programmer often have to think about things, because the are presented with assumptions that are untrue.

    In 2% of cases assumption about is used
    For a similar lesson see the wonderful air traffic control story about assumptions.

    In 2% of cases assumption at is used
    At assumption High in San Lorenzo, Maita had an average grade of 97-98.
    The annual Assembly of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey will convene at assumption of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church in Clifton NJ on December 11, 2012.

    In 2% of cases assumption for is used
    When you nail it down to this detail, you get a better sense of the whole picture, there is less room for assumptions and surprises, you can make a better call.

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