Prepositions used with "assistance"

"of assistance" or "For assistance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases assistance of is used

Every member of the staff tried to be of assistance.

What kind of assistance will be needed in coming weeks? l.

Don't be offended if someone declines your offer of assistance.

The economy took years of neglect to fall, it will take years of assistance to recover.

There are ceiling levels on the amount of assistance that can be provided for some equipment.

These are issues that can affect any one of us unexpectedly and leave us in need of assistance.

A much-loved, 24/7 Helpdesk -- The standard of assistance offered by our dedicated Helpdesk is currently rated 4.

On their part, foreign drivers should see the benefit of joining the union so that the union can be of assistance to them.

Indigenous leaders also remained disappointed with the lack of assistance to those who left the area during the insurgency.

However, if you insist on putting yourself in harms way by going out, then the advice below should prove to be of assistance.

In 38% of cases assistance For is used

Please ask staff for assistance.

I asked folks on the road for assistance.

Contact a board administrator for assistance.

For assistance in using electronic mail, please contact your system administrator.

If the updated amount is still incorrect, please contact Steam Support for assistance.

Acknowledgements The authors thank Ray Cooke for assistance with manuscript preparation.

In order to remedy their lack of expertise in marketing, they turn to external marketing managers for assistance.

Acknowledgments We thank Lisa Giarratano and Richard Minott for assistance in the preparation of this manuscript.

And, we know that the people in Benghazi asked for assistance, and someone, probably in the White House, denied it.

So the decision by a Kashmiri (Nehru) to go to the UN for assistance was based on good intentions, but ill advised.

In 9% of cases assistance With is used

She researched the article with assistance from Seattle's 1680 AM Radio Luz.

Zhang's father says he is recovering slowly and can now walk up and down stairs slowly with assistance.

The period in which your thoughts revolve around the shot will provide you with assistance in your form and accuracy.

Some came under their own resources, others with assistance from one of the public or private schemes then available.

This is a one-off dive where you are taught in a short lesson the minimum required to do a shallow dive with assistance of the dive master.

Network Christian Matthiessen is interested in continuing Network as a web-based newsletter linked to ISFLA, with assistance from Annabelle Lukin.

I see couples forgetting that this is an act whether natural or with assistance from science where people come together to create the gift of life.

The Corps of Engineers of the Sri Lanka Army did the bulk of the work, with assistance from several foreign governments and international organisations.

For a blind staff member, some tasks require assistance, and/or can be undertaken with greater speed, efficiency and safety with assistance from a sighted person.

At ERMS, we've provided organizations with assistance to develop their business continuity plans and when needed quickly execute a stand-alone emergency notification.

In 4% of cases assistance to is used

A formal process of negotiation will commence that will lead to assistance.

Assistance Support the approach to assistance proposed in the Biden -- Lugar legislation, S.

Even those who move on to assistance could easily have paid more than enough PRSI while working to fund that for several years.

Access to assistance Mines cause the severest of injuries and it is important for a victim to receive immediate and appropriate attention.

In 3% of cases assistance as is used

Your windows program Landscape works with Glass windows 7 truthfulness are working program group 1 as well as assistance store a couple of.

They said that the film shows a beautiful love story as well as assistance offered to each other when facing disasters, which is moving and encouraging.

In 2% of cases assistance on is used

Inside the venues disabled spectators can call on assistance from the free Games Mobility service, which provides help for people who aren't able to walk long distances.

It's time we changed these outdated rules which have caused hardship to generations of pets and pet owners, and those who rely on assistance dogs, with too many animals cooped up unnecessarily.

In 2% of cases assistance without is used

She lives alone and struggles to get out of bed, get dressed, or cook, without assistance.

Such women end up suffering with kids without assistance whatsoever from their ex, not human at all.

For example, vampirism has a biological cause, but the infected are unable to cross running water without assistance from living humans.

Farima had given up on the prospect of another suicide attempt; she could not walk without assistance and was too weak to inflict much damage on herself.

I suggest that you stop texting and start focusing on learning how to spell without assistance, use words in their proper context and how to construct a proper sentence.

In 1% of cases assistance by is used

This was enough to help smaller countries but would have been stretched by assistance to Spain and Italy.

However, VET centres are organized using VDAB and FOREM own resources, or by assistance of third party organizations, therefore acting with distinct realities.

In 1% of cases assistance from is used

The project was underwritten by the Canterbury Business Recovery Trust and benefited from assistance from BNZ, NZTE and MSI and land donated by Christchurch City Council.

In 1% of cases assistance in is used

As of 2011, the Philippines has received more than US$12 billion in assistance from the ADB in such sectors as agriculture, energy, transport and water supply.

Washington says it can not deal with a so-called partner and a designated non NATO major ally who pockets billions of dollars in assistance while giving sanctuary to militants attacking U.

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