Prepositions used with "asset"

"of asset" or "in asset"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases asset of is used

People sell all kinds of assets.

I mean jail and confiscation of assets.

There are lots of assets available for you.

Being able to completely own one's home immediately assures an easy transfer of assets.

The other pending issues are repatriation of stranded Pakistanis and sharing of assets.

As for inevitability of asset management you feel, but as for annual investment yield 0.

By having a vivid look at your net worth of assets, you are able to determine what you need to aspire for by saving.

However the loss of value of assets should not be as great as Japan in USA because population will continue to grow.

There are also specialist registration regimes for security over certain types of assets such as ships and aircraft.

In 18% of cases asset in is used

In your 500k in assets that grow to 1.

Lester, at $200-million in assets, is in the sweet spot.

Billions in assets are being stranded or sold at pennies on the dollar.

With US$575 million in assets, Crown is less than half the size of Union County Savings.

The priests came here with NOTHING and now they own huge tracts of Land and Billions in assets.

Add the $37,163 left over from the year before and you arrive at $59,513 in assets at the end of 2007.

The problem is economic and how do write off trillions in assets of fossil fuel base and pay for alternative energy.

The US Attorney, Preet Bharara, announced Rajaratnam's company Galleon Group had as much as US$ 7 billion in assets.

If one spouse brings in $500k in assets to a marriage and uses only those assets to grow the couple's net worth to $1.

In the case of the TBTFs, these banks only have $7 trillion in assets back-stopping over $200 trillion in derivative trades.

In 9% of cases asset on is used

Denmark? s overall return on assets of 1.

The farming sector's return on assets is dismal.

And taxes on assets are not as high as taxes on income from work.

That can only harm the race relations of this country as the debate on asset sales continues.

Tom Hickey, I don't get your assertion that a zero interest rate has no effect on asset bubbles.

The biggest contrast within the EU is with French banks, which have a return on assets of only 0.

Costs incurred for an action against the borrower or the guarantor or surety in order to realize on asset security or on the guarantee are eligible costs.

People got by, but by artificial means such as longer working hours, high rates of borrowing and debt, and reliance on asset inflation like the recent housing bubble.

The reason why you pay an active manager is because you hope that manager will generate higher returns and/or lower risk with careful selection and timing decisions on assets.

Dylan Ross: I have formed the opinion that charging a fee based on assets under management is only really appropriate for asset management services like portfolio management or mutual funds.

In 6% of cases asset with is used

They accounted for 91 percent of those with assets over 100 million, with assets totaling 2.

The latter, a sovereign wealth fund with assets in the $70 billion range, has investments in 54 countries.

However, this process is generally only suitable for businesses with assets valued at more than GBP 15,000.

Among those with assets in excess of 100 million yuan, 2,932 were the sons and daughters of senior officials.

New French president Francois Hollande is doubling taxes for those with assets valued above 4 million euros ($4.

But now it appears they are prepared to flood the market with assets, even if it means depressing the market further.

Over the longer term, Astral will equip Bell Media with assets to fend off foreign online threats now emerging, such as Netflix Inc.

Is there a huge family business/obligations that needs someone to look after?? Nope, my dad is an employee, with assets that can easily be liquidated.

The procedure requirements excellent optimization abilities as well as considerable dedication associated with assets as time passes as well as knowledge.

The number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals -- those with assets in excess of $30m, excluding their primary residences -- in the sector has risen by 12% since 2007.

In 5% of cases asset For is used

For asset allocation purposes, I feel I.

They were always insurance for asset protection.

In addition, appropriation requests are required for supplemental funding when original estimates have been exceeded, and for retirement requests for assets no longer required.

For assets that are not financially viable, regardless of their model, a decision about whether to exit will need to be made early on to prevent financial losses later in the decade.

The only cures for asset deflation (mainly in real estate assets) are a recovery in property demand via expectations of economic growth and improvement in asset operating profitability.

Dylan Ross: I have formed the opinion that charging a fee based on assets under management is only really appropriate for asset management services like portfolio management or mutual funds.

Vulnerable beneficiary trusts exist to give vulnerable people special tax advantages for assets held in trusts such as money, investments, land or buildings, and any income gained from them.

Its prudential regulations include, among others: minimum capital requirements, limits on loan concentration and insider borrowing and guidelines for asset classification and income recognition.

In 5% of cases asset to is used

This kind of Wilayat is confined to assets and is obviously quite limited in scope.

They usually have less access to assets, lower educational levels, and more limited work opportunities.

Iwi spokesman Gerrard Albert said those at the Wanganui meeting were resolute in their opposition to asset sales.

I downloaded a couple of fonts from Google web fonts, added it to assets folder, and specified them in a XML like below.

But is the pursuit of profit still worthwhile on home soil? According to asset managers Schroders, the patriotic bubble has well and truly popped - despite the Diamond Jubilee and Wimbledon.

In 4% of cases asset by is used

The research is supported by Asset Skills.

Bank loans secured by assets have historically returned more than 90%.

Our (I mean, banks?) revenues are generated not by assets at the balance, but by selling.

OCBC Bank, established in 1912, is the second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia by assets.

Mr Aid says the US and Australia share much of the highly sensitive signals intelligence gathered by assets such as Global Hawk.

In 2% of cases asset from is used

RBI approval is required to remit funds from asset liquidation.

Before Lewis died it was said he had buried large amounts of cash to hide from asset checks.

In the book The Only Three Questions That Count, Ken Fischer talks extensively about only 30% of portfolio performance as coming from asset selection.

In 1% of cases asset regarding is used

Regarding asset prices such as equities, commodities and property, my view is they will fall, despite the current spike in share prices.

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