Prepositions used with "assessment"

"of assessment" or "for assessment"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases assessment of is used

Sixty-seven per cent of assessments were found to be wrong.

The HKDSE makes use of Standards-referenced Reporting of assessments.

This is not exhaustive and should not be used for any form of assessment.

There is a need for a defined model of assessment that incorporates best practice.

You can find out more about the first year courses and types of assessment by clicking here.

This paper will discuss the occurrence of ill-health and the need for a bespoke model of assessment.

Principle 3: Providing high-quality assessment The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning.

Types and effectiveness of assessments: The importance of outcomes in online learning can not be over emphasized.

Delays in availing of assessment or therapy services may mean a delay in accessing additional services or resources.

Other forms of assessment include written examinations and assignments, presentations, debates, teaching sessions, etc.

In 20% of cases assessment for is used

Collect this written piece for assessment.

For assessment of this objective, the student must perform the sequence.

When all paperwork has been received your application will be sent for assessment.

It is the student's responsibility to submit transcripts and full course outlines for assessment.

For assessment of the quality of teaching, there is a separate system which is known as TQA (Teaching Quality Assessment.

Back to top What is a unit standard? Unit standards specify what a trainee needs to know, do, and understand for assessment.

To get a well-rounded picture of the student's understanding and progress, the strategies used for assessment must be comprehensive.

Should a student choose to repeat the module in a subsequent semester, none of the work done previously may be carried forward for assessment purposes.

It might be expected that doctors would have insight into the implications of physical illnesses with respect to their fitness for work and present for assessment.

As for assessments or scores, the research says you should not base teacher evaluations on tests that you give once a year, that that's not the proper use of them.

In 9% of cases assessment in is used

Assessment Written examinations, course work and projects are all used in assessment.

Evaluation The next step in assessment is comparing the gathered information of each student to the standard.

Responding to the challenge requires a full commitment to innovation in assessment tools, policies, technology and financing, and common visions.

In 6% of cases assessment to is used

From bariatric to help you products physical therapy los angeles with regard to assessment and examination, one must get wise in choosing what's right for practice.

But once your teacher is simply not there, a Shaolin instruction DVD will be the net finest factor that will assist you to assessment movements as being a lot as you would like.

In 2% of cases assessment on is used

Countries which have legislation in place focus primarily on assessment of risks for consumer health.

The selection is made based on assessments of the school, the candidate's statements, the results obtained, predictable results, research papers written by the candidate, written and oral tests.

In 1% of cases assessment pre is used

The pre assessments we did were math and english, they weren't hard but we had to do them to let the teachers know what we know.

Through out the first week we had pre assessments, an art activity about inquiry, got out process journals, got to know the 6E family, etc.

In 1% of cases assessment with is used

Standards should provide enough information to help with assessment of student mastery.

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