Prepositions used with "assault"

"of assault" or "for assault"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases assault of is used

Are they really that bad (understanding that the laws of assault still stand.

The incidences of assaults and rapes and robberies have shown a downward slope since 1993.

Sheen into the news has resulted in a felony conviction, though the charge of assault on Ms.

Butler, in turn, was arrested and convicted of assault and served prison time for the attack.

Joseph Hanlon, 23 years old, is wanted for aggravated assault and two counts of assault with a.

McDonald was also found guilty of assault causing harm to John Lawlor (44) -- Breda's new partner.

It's victims can get stuffed and if they dare complain they'll be looking at an accusation of assault.

Alexandra police spokesman, Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela said there was no case of assault on record.

A case of assault, outraging the modesty of woman and criminal intimidation has been registered against him.

Louise McStay, of Pallas, Ballyfin Road, Portlaoise, and Shelly Delaney, of Carlow Road, Stradbally, were convicted of assault at Egans.

In 18% of cases assault for is used

White complained to the police and Dorrington was arrested for assault.

Carry mace but be judicious in its use or you could end up in trouble for assault if you err.

The REME was involved with large-scale waterproofing of vehicles for assault landings from the sea - e.

He was finally sacked from the Police Force by the no less than the Commissioner of Police for assault.

If the help hits me, she is most certainly fired, If I hit her for using too much omo, I will be in jail for assault and called a rascist.

He was found guilty and jailed but spent less than a week in prison before being released pending an appeal which eventually saw his conviction for assault quashed.

The girl's father, Mohammed Altameemi, 46, also received two years ' probation for disorderly conduct, and her 18-year-old sister, Tabarak Altameemi, received the same sentence for assault.

In 10% of cases assault with is used

Protesters camped in Zuccotti Park have been grappling with assault, rape and other criminal behaviors.

The women charged with assault was herself assaulted and was left bleeding as a result of the way she was treated.

I had been charged by Police with Assault and there was an Apprehended Violence Order also being applied for against me.

Victoria has the lowest personal crime rate in Australia, with assaults falling due to targetted action by police of identified hotspots.

The use of large numbers of attackers well-armed with assault weapons and RPGs engaging in coordinated attacks at multiple locations reveals this.

Sources told Weekend Argus that both women were injured, knowning that Carroll laid a countercharge after Mordvinova had charged her with assault.

The Sticky Detonator, found in both the office area and on a rack with Assault Rifles in the far corner, is the perfect device to take out the Hunters.

In 8% of cases assault under is used

And that smallish role is going to get even smaller, because cash is under assault on multiple fronts.

This country is under assault from the treasonous chubby nerd -- hateful of all that is Canada and decent.

In Sudan women are lashed for wearing trousers, but ethnic minorities are also marginalised and under assault.

In 3% of cases assault by is used

He next traversed the rest of the country, winning over some towns and taking others by assault.

Hamilcar, successful in this fashion, followed closely on the retreating enemy and took by assault the town by the bridge, the enemy in it deserting it and flying to Tunis.

In 3% of cases assault to is used

It is now common knowledge that people exposed to assaults, military combat, natural disasters and car accidents are at risk for lingering emotional distress.

Rituals and taboos that force young men to enter into marriage contracts with women who are not of their choice have resulted in conflicts leading to assaults and killings of innocent women.

In 2% of cases assault after is used

Assault after assault would be made upon the English-speaking peoples? primacy, each of which would be beaten off successfully, albeit sometimes at huge and tragic cost.

In 2% of cases assault in is used

In the approach channels the Transport and Tractor Groups were moving in, bearing the forces for the main assault.

At Inchon the Marines embarked in assault shipping, APA and AKA types, LSTs and LSDs, filled out with six time-charter vessels.

For example, speed may be measured in average kilometers-per-hour, crowding in people per square meter, and security in assaults per million passenger trips.

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