Prepositions used with "frame"

of, as, by, on or to frame?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases frame of is used
    It was okay but the decrese of frames was there.
    Discuss the reasons for different types of frames.
    His slightness of frame belied his ability to take on any job.
    Create the frame or group of frames that you are going to use as the Hotspot Close button.
    The home is a well preserved example of frame construction in a restrained Queen Anne style.
    The frame is treated as a grouped set of frames, even when you started off with only one frame.
    Quicker downloads With the use of frames, different site contents need not be downloaded every time a click is made.
    frames and website usability One of the ways which can increase the usability of a website is the proper use of frames.
    Looking at eyeglasses are the ideal accessory to any style model and task personality primarily based your decision of frames and lenses.
    The ultimate aim of website development is to make it easier for more people to use the website, whether with the use of frames or without them.

    In 11% of cases frame as is used
    The source of a WindowEvent shall be a top-level window-container such as frame.
    Panel s are secondary containers, which shall be added into a top-level container (such as frame ), or another Panel.
    There are three different opening sizes, each of them related to the interior space and acting as frame for the exiting situation.
    Containers and Components Container: Containers (such as frame, Panel and Applet) are used to hold components in a specific layout.

    In 5% of cases frame on is used
    I had to removed fenders, rack and fork leg bottle cages for the next part but depending on frame size and the kind of bike you have it may be less time consuming.

    In 2% of cases frame past is used
    I can recall now being so excited that I hadn't even wound the film on properly at the start -- past frame ' 00A ' -- so the first half-shot is wasted.

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