Prepositions used with "arm"

"of arm", "in arm" or "to arm"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases arm of is used

Recently, a cache of arms was seized in Punjab.

Collectively, they hold the Hungarian coat of arms.

One more sol of arm checkouts remains, Trosper said.

Spanish control, wielded through the force of arms and proselytization, eventually set in.

He abandoned the emblem on his coat of arms and adopted the yellow irises as his new emblem.

The aggressive bull on the corporate coat of arms already decorated the first Lamborghini sports cars.

It has a two-tone, rhodium-treated, 18KT solid gold nib and is personalized with a coat of arms, signature or portrait.

New South Wales has its own distinctive flag as well as its own coat of arms, crest, state flower, animal, bird and fish.

Russia is the biggest supplier of arms to Syria, and maintains its only military base outside the former Soviet Union there.

The western pediment contains the date 1792, and the Cunninghame coat of arms, framed in sprays of oak leaves with oak apples.

In 21% of cases arm in is used

She took last breathe in arms of her husband.

This world in arms is not spending money alone.

The homeowners went up in arms and complained to Rep.

The people would be horrified and up in arms if they knew so it's kept secret by the media.

A nomadic horde of the barbarous ages was ' a nation in arms ' in the full sense of the word.

Pakistan and Gulf States would mutually benefit, if they were to invest in arms industry also.

I am sure that you would be amongst the first to be up in arms if local people were to refuse to sell to non local buyers.

Summer is full of what I call ' my summer work ', a very busy time down here in southwest france playing with my comrades in arms.

If Slater had done the same thing you would all be up in arms whinging! Both coaches have said it was a try and so does the rule book.

Everyone is up in arms about retailers opening on Thanksgiving but many restaurants have always opened on Thanksgiving with no uproar.

In 20% of cases arm to is used

Bold, brutal, unforgiving call to arms.

Now, suddenly, they trumpeted a call to arms.

Personal responsibility should be called to arms.

The Prophet's army in consultation with the companions flew to arms and came out of Medina.

It is not the **27;4596;TOOLONG that people view it as a a farewell to arms pdf download plan.

With a prodigious effort he pulled the weight to his shoulders and then jerked it to arms ' length.

There was defiance and a call to arms, but more so, there was a grasping of dignity: an affirmation of our divine nature.

June 6: Rebellion breaks out in Ulster: Henry Joy McCracken issues proclamation calling United Irishmen in Ulster to arms.

I've seen it applied to arms, tobacco, alcohol, oil companies, forestry, gambling, and probably any number of other things.

His famous lecture in the year 1900 is a call to arms to mathematicians to solve a list of twenty-three difficult problems.

In 9% of cases arm with is used

I agree with ARM on that point.

God is eagerly waiting for us with arms wide open.

The bride sits on the partri with arms and legs exposed.

Drell stood in a hallway, leaning against the wall with arms folded.

A big man is supposed to go up and fight for rebounds with arms extended.

They did not fight the system with arms but they used demonstrations as stools to change the system.

Two of the attackers have been arrested with arms and ammunition, while one of them managed to escape, police said.

The new Congress will serve to develop the building of the conquest of power in the whole country with arms in hand.

If the angle of inclination of the body increases as speed increases, something interesting happens with arm movement.

For now, she's happy with arm &; hand swatches, but I know it's just a matter of time before she wants to start wearing it on her face.

In 8% of cases arm at is used

Bina married Jyotish Chandra Bhaumik, her comrade at arms and a college teacher.

The deposit insurance has to be credible and at arms length from Gov't and banks.

Mars is one fist held upright and at arm's length above the southwest horizon at 7 p.

Capitalism can not be regulated at arms length -- it needs to be domesticated at source.

It is about a fist held upright and at arm's length above the east-southeast horizon at 9 p.

The lack of an independent board means these salaries are not being determined at arms length.

Sadly you can't do that, they have be sold at arms length pricing, which with a newly completed car will be nearly full price.

In fact, she holds Feminism out at arm's length, as though its seeping discontent might color the environment she's managed to navigate for herself.

The other interesting exception is Google/YouTube, where YouTube is still run at arms ' length, maintaining a separate brand name, office, and ethos.

What is more, throughout the 140 meters of the gallery's length, the paintings will create a virtually magnetic force that -- far from keeping the viewer at arm 's.

In 3% of cases arm for is used

The IRA's hunger for arms was an important dynamic in the escalation of conflict.

For arms you need a valid End-User Certificate to obtain an export license from the U.

Catholics had to hand in their arms, and magistrates could forcibly enter homes to search for arms.

Meanwhile, the ARABS, who were LAZY even to FEED their slaves who were able to walk were searched for ARMS and MONEY.

Most Volunteers confined themselves to boycotting the RIC (a highly effective strategy ), occasional assaults and raiding local enemies for arms.

Reddaway has said that the removal of Sukarno was considered a huge success, with Indonesia becoming one of Britain's biggest customers for arms.

For any new ones, this group is totally FREE and has been going for years and years, bring along a 1 Ltr of water for arm, shoulder and back toning.

This is great news -- really great -- and it means that we can have a truly open source driver for ARM devices (at least on the ARM side) based on VideoCore.

Being distracted when customers come by download the girl she used to be pdf request for arm tattoos you could very easily download any movie that anyone with a girl.

It's why the Padres saw fit to trade Anthony Rizzo for Andrew Cashner, and why after years of searching frantically for bats, we could see an offseason hunt for arms this time around.

In 3% of cases arm on is used

Windows on ARM PCs are still in development, but it is.

Get a 10% discount on ARM TechCon 2012 conference passes by using promo code EDIT.

While governments struggle to feed their poor, they can afford billions on arms purchases.

Chips based on ARM Holdings Plc (ARM) technology are at the heart of almost all phones and tablets.

The rings could be worn on arms or fingers and could be carried in strings, bound together by strips of papyrus.

Dubbed Windows on ARM (WOA ), the software could become a new standard for any low-power PC, smartphone or tablet.

Windows RT Windows RT, the cut-down version of Windows 8 that runs on ARM rather than x86, is another matter entirely.

The bulk of the expenditures will be on arms, ammunition, transport, communication equipment, bullet proof jackets, and explosive handling devices.

While the UK government is one of the largest procurers of arms in the world it would seem we need to change our national outlook on arms to achieve anything meaningful.

The tablet will be coming with 32GB onboard storage and will be able to run for 13hours on a single charge (which seems to indicate an ARM processor but then it won't run full Windows 8 on ARM).

In 2% of cases arm without is used

And if being born without arms and legs helps bring one more soul to heaven, then it's all worth it.

Directly in front of the corpse Chingachgook was placed, without arms, paint or adornment of any sort, except the bright blue blazonry of his race, that was indelibly impressed on his naked bosom.

In 1% of cases arm like is used

Like arm flapping and leg kicking.

Other companies like ARM Holdings have since followed suit.

MEthinks it's more like arms smuggling to islamist radicals in Syria.

So there is no doubt that the octopus ' feet work more like arms and hands than legs and feet.

In 1% of cases arm under is used

France has 240,000 men under arms, while Britain has 180,000.

From September 1840 Westwood ' was out 7 Months in the bush under Arms '.

There is a demographic limit to the number of people most nation-states can put under arms.

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