Prepositions used with "architecture"

"of architecture" or "in architecture"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases architecture of is used

I am no student of architecture.

Babylon was a paradise of architecture.

A beautiful mix of architecture, old and new.

The Bachelor of Architecture programme is the second part of the Architect's training.

Former UCD students are now educators in schools of architecture in Ireland and abroad.

And, make no mistake: they will be representative of a period and style of architecture.

He chose to take up an Architecture degree after his National Service, because the school of Architecture has Darkroom.

The detailed art of architecture exhibited in Taj Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Shalamar Bagh, Tomb of Humayun, Deewan-e-Khaas, etc.

Pusateri currently teaches in the Department of Architecture at Unitec New Zealand while continuing to make his own artwork.

Benner looks at an integral and integrated element of a sophisticated work of architecture and sees it as merely unfinished.

In 20% of cases architecture in is used

In architecture I am a reactionary.

The big change in architecture is its obselescence.

But time proved them wrong; in architecture, only time will tell.

The greatest ornament in architecture depends upon an appreciation of its making.

It's no wonder we can not recognize beauty in architecture or anything else anymore.

The Golden Section is found much in architecture, an example is in the Athenian Parthenon.

Wren's greatest opportunity in architecture came with the rebuilding that followed the fire of London of 1666.

Learning art under her and immersing myself into it gave me an edge when I continued my studies in Architecture.

Jefferson at that time responded warmly to Latrobe's attempt to symbolize in architecture the values of the newly founded republic.

Stone Town can be a paradise for culture vultures, amateur historians, those interested in architecture, foodies and avid bargain hunters.

In 8% of cases architecture for is used

I like to say that the 1960s were the greatest decade ever for pop music, and the worst decade ever for architecture.

Shah Jahan- The Architect Shah Jahan was passionate for architecture and jewelery and both are reflected in Taj Mahal.

Yealands Estate won the award for sustainable wine tourism and Spy Valley won the award for architecture and landscapes.

How To Talk To Buildings was commissioned by Gillian Dyson for Architecture Week and the official opening of the ARC building.

Parfit's main hobby is architectural photography, and he says he is still puzzled by the intensity of feeling he has for architecture.

La Femme Architecte is a New York based architect, writer, blogger, tweeter and all round wicked person, with a love for architecture that puts most architects to shame.

In 6% of cases architecture on is used

Anyway, I think you'll enjoy his writing on architecture.

It is good to read my favourite film critic's views on architecture.

Similar feats would have more lasting influences on architecture culture.

And each of these have had a significant effect on architecture's evolution beyond modernism.

Certainly he read On Architecture by Vitruvius, written in the first century BC, while he was a student in Oxford.

The author, Andrew Blum, is a former editor of Wired magazine and was previously better known for his writing on architecture.

He has contributed to numerous publications on Italian art, particularly on architecture and architectural theory of the 15th to 18th centuries.

Luxury Guide To London (10) There are collections centered on architecture, jewelry, artwork of Asia, the Middle East, and Britain just to name a few.

During a visit to Neuilly? a suburb near Paris? photographer Manuel Bougot came across a building that changed his perspective on architecture forever.

The Green Tradition instructor you mention surveyed many of the humanities, centered his class on architecture perhaps, but included literature, art, and music.

In 6% of cases architecture to is used

Peter's unique approach to architecture considers the buildings and public spaces together as a complete design.

A society that places private values public spaces will lead to architecture of the descriptive not non-descriptive.

Although its commercial downtown is a bit bland, some of Sydney's residential areas might appeal to architecture and history buffs.

The branding of buildings as marketing and lowest common denominator products is a pure shame and not only limited to architecture of course.

In 4% of cases architecture about is used

As I've learned more about architecture, Sullivan has become a favorite.

But, all of that aside, he writes amusingly about architecture and urban design, and shares many of your opinions.

They were coming up with new ways of thinking about architecture, trying to figure out how one should approach design given the context.

This was true for me even as a kid before I knew anything about architecture - even though I didn't know the names of any of the architects, I was in awe of their work.

Well what about architecture criticism? How many of our newspapers even have architecture critics anymore? Like five? Maybe some people actually don't realize how ugly Home Depots and banks are.

In 3% of cases architecture from is used

Ornate details, so pleasing to the eye, are all but gone from architecture.

Finally, we believe that people have always derived the greatest pleasure from architecture by recognizing the way in which real materials come together to create a building.

In 2% of cases architecture with is used

The city is brimming with a rich cultural heritage brimming with architecture and amazing arts and crafts.

We believe that the qualities of rich and textured detail which we associate with architecture of the past can develop today from careful, innovative and expressive methods of construction.

In 1% of cases architecture including is used

Cad technicians are in high demands in many industries including architecture, manufacturing and planning; with huge remuneration per annum.

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