Prepositions used with "approach"

"of approach" or "in approach"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 58% of cases approach of is used
    We have to take the guess work out of approaches.
    His way of approach to me is somewhat different from others.
    They had no interest in the kind of approach Max was pushing for.
    Bigger wheels obviously have an advantage in angle of approach, so they are smoother.
    They can takeup their kind of approach in a home taught/in-house learning methodology.
    The AIDS epidemic is complex, and thus only a combination of approaches can succeed.
    There are no simple, one-size-fits-all solutions but rather a rich diversity of approaches used around the world.
    US military strategy has returned to the kind of approach it used in Latin America and in Afghanistan against the USSR.
    Next, we will discuss the various types of approaches available to course designers and the language assumptions they make.
    You will find dozens of approaches we could put it to proper use with the help of no effort with time and hard earned money.

    In 16% of cases approach in is used
    Extremely knowledgeable, responsive and innovative in approach.
    What I didn't get was instruction in approaches to information and its use.
    A regulatory system focused on results requires four basic changes in approach: 1.
    The difference in approach that has produced these different environments goes back a long time.
    This could have been a difference in approach, but it suggested a lack of rigor in the Romney camp.
    However, this change in law will result in further changes in approach by the courts, IRD, WINZ and others.
    The future of Professional Development in Education needs to see a radical overhaul in approach to how we, as educators, learn.
    In respect of the Contracts for Differences on futures in approach of the expiry date of the underlying asset the transactions are executed in the? close only? way.
    Sustained progress on judicial diversity requires a fundamental shift in approach from a focus on selection processes towards a judicial career that addresses diversity at every stage.

    In 11% of cases approach on is used
    Resurfacing on approach to the roundabout.
    On approach to the second transition all spectators were remarking on the professionalism of Cian's dismount.
    They are taking a very traditional hands on approach to their craft and you've got to admire their innovations.
    On approach, the official will advise you that filming policemen is illegal and will ask you to turn the camera off.
    On approach to this site you know your in for a treat littered with empty buildings and whats looks like a castle (unfortunately sealed).
    First it was Sata calling on him to retire and then came the news that Dos Santos was advocating SADC take a more hands on approach on Zimbabwe.
    I am writing a three-part series on approaches to bike infrastructure that the city could take: First off, I have eliminated on-Whyte painted bike lanes as a possibility.

    In 5% of cases approach down is used
    Where the top down approach fails is when the path is not well known.
    But in a centrally planned top down approach -- like the now defunct Soviet Union -- quick pivots result in no change or revolution.
    Aerial Promotions is a full turnkey marketing agent who works from a detailed top down approach to fulfill vision, creation, application to delivery.

    In 3% of cases approach to is used
    I will contain to get my occasion in addition to approach rear 100% healthy.
    I desire to approach reverse in addition to play designed for India, that's my objective.
    Populace is expectant me to approach back extremely rapidly, other than I don't desire to hurry.

    In 3% of cases approach with is used
    They are young, eager, riddled with approach Anxiety and just doing things wrong on so many levels it's actually quite embarrassing to witness.
    That there are problems with approach is self-evident: Bank Of America has 58 million customers, whereas the campaigns were cheering about the defection of hundreds of thousands.

    In 2% of cases approach up is used
    Compute this using bottom up approach.

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