Prepositions used with "appreciation"

"of appreciation" or "in appreciation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 67% of cases appreciation of is used
    It is a final token of appreciation.
    Awrite! Just a note of appreciation for a word of support.
    Nay, they may even by the worthy recipients of a nod of appreciation.
    On the other hand, a few honest words of appreciation can put a marriage back on track.
    Witch is unprofessional and show a real lack of appreciation for large number of customers.
    So here's hoping they turn up, and I can plant the seed of appreciation for Yoga deep within them as it is in me.
    As a sign of appreciation for her long drive to spend time with us, she was promised a customized t-shirt together.
    But familiarity is the enemy of appreciation: even that ' Smell The Glove ' -like sleeve is just part of the wallpaper.
    Her creativity and commitment in setting up Tedz 4 the Kids saw her awarded a District Commander's certificate of appreciation yesterday.

    In 23% of cases appreciation in is used
    In appreciation and money, both.
    History is? or should be? a lesson in appreciation.
    The crowd of 39,411 roared as he raised his glove in appreciation.
    I waited for the customary presents in appreciation of my bravery.
    I didn't mind giving something in appreciation for their works of art.
    The remaining residents of Atticus cheered and whooped in appreciation.
    It was also given away not only to family members, but also as gifts and awards in appreciation of excelling in arts.
    To give more to the press in appreciation of what it has achieved for our society with all its constraints is to ask.
    He received the Tree of Learning Award from The World Conservation Union in 1998 in appreciation of his contributions to the field of environmental education and communication.
    In appreciation of Mr Hu's significant contributions to sports development and his support for the University, CityU named its sports centre as the Hu Fa Kuang Sports Centre in 2010.

    In 3% of cases appreciation for is used
    It also provides opportunity for appreciation, participation and creative experience in leisure, music, art, dance, drama crafts, novelty events service and cultural activities.
    This aspect calls for appreciation of the relationship between international law rules vis--vis the municipal or domestic law rules as explained by two theories: 6 Doctrine of transformation.

    In 1% of cases appreciation between is used
    As the album progressed, I shifted between appreciation and slight disappointment.

    In 1% of cases appreciation into is used
    It wasn't long before his apprehension turned into appreciation.

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