Prepositions used with "appointment"

"of appointment" or "for appointment"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases appointment of is used

It comes into play only at the time of appointment as corps and army commanders.

Mr N contacted Housing Rights Service after receiving a Notice of Appointment from his lenders solicitors firm.

For many patients this includes online booking of appointments, as set out in our recent Information Strategy.

Staggering the timing of appointments would mean not all members of a board could be replaced at the same time.

The notice of appointment of the liquidator must be sent to the Hong Kong Registrar of Companies within 21 days.

The Defendant appointed the Plaintiff as the publisher of the K2 magazine through a Letter of Appointment in 2008.

The government is undermining the very bedrock of british policing with its attacks upon police officers conditions of appointment.

This is such a subtle and spiritual system of appointment of a Khalifah that it might be difficult for worldly people to understand.

The lender was unwilling to halt proceedings pending the outcome of Mr N's benefit application and had issued a Notice of Appointment.

The AAAF is a condition of appointment: it must be completed and signed by the candidate before or at the same time as the Letter of Offer.

In 28% of cases appointment for is used

Allow up to 2 hours for appointment.

Wanjala, paving way for appointment of Prof.

The role is for appointment setting campaign.

The Advisory Board made recommendations for appointment of a Director and Assistant Directors.

Eligibility 156(2) An auditor appointed under section 99 is eligible for appointment under subsection (1).

The Attorney General may propose a nominee for appointment where this is felt necessary in appropriate cases.

Consultation with referees and stakeholders will still take place regarding persons being considered for appointment.

Nominations Eligible persons may also be nominated for appointment to the Magistracy and to other vacancies for judicial office.

As you will have seen in the Notice of Meeting, both Claire and myself are the only nominations for appointment as Independent Directors of the Manager.

In 10% of cases appointment by is used

Other trips can be arranged by appointment for groups.

Appliances and large metal items are collected separately, on a monthly basis, by appointment only.

Personal Callers We will be available to meet by appointment with our customers during normal office hours.

These positions can be gained by appointment by an elected official or they are elected positions themselves.

Viewing: By appointment through this office Property Images Any negotiations concerning the property herein must be conducted through this office.

I am not insinuating that he may have written his piece urging Jonathan not to re-contest in 2015 on account of not being favoured by appointments.

CIC offices across Canada that remain open will no longer provide walk-in service and applicants will only have access to these offices by appointment.

They have late nights by appointment on Thursdays and Fridays, and there is ample parking outside, allowing you to relax and enjoy your experience on your own schedule.

Old Kelsey School Museum 6440 Garden Valley Road, off Highway 193 in the Georgetown Divide area (530) 622-7590 Built in 1903, this country school is open only by appointment.

In 6% of cases appointment in is used

Moreover, there is practically no political interference in appointments, posting, transfers and evaluation of teachers.

In India, the church hierarchy continues to be made up of high caste converts, and discriminates against Dalit Christians in appointments.

In the State government schools, on the other hand, political interference in appointments and transfers have gained epidemic proportions in several States.

Though Hansonic is modest in appointment, it is comfortable, clean, affordable and located only 15 minute drive from Kotoka international Airport in the center of Accra.

In 6% of cases appointment on is used

The Cabinet is composed of Secretaries who are appointed by the President with the consent of the Commission on Appointments.

And until he suddenly disappeared from public glare as a result of a protracted illness, he kept faith with the people on appointments.

In 5% of cases appointment to is used

It also applies to appointments of individuals as statutory bodies or to other advisory posts, including tribunals and lay members of courts.

Next there is the strange fact that Wagner's life from birth to appointment at Dresden is covered in only 26, well illustrated pages - in a book of 300 plus pages.

In addition, an associated undertaking (which is specific to the employing school) must be signed by all persons prior to appointment to any teaching or non-teaching position of any duration.

In 2% of cases appointment after is used

The banker, who had flown in from Pakistan missed appointment after appointment till the meeting finally took place in a pub.

Judges shall serve for one year after appointment and until the first day of January following the next judicial election after the expiration of such year.

In 2% of cases appointment between is used

You may be given additional activities to carry out between appointments.

I did not come into my leadership position with a clear sense of anointing but in these past five years I have come to better understand and value the distinction between appointment and anointment.

In 2% of cases appointment with is used

The positive way with appointment: That is he (s.

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