Prepositions used with "application"

"of application", "for application" or "on application"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases application of is used


Dismissal of application to cancel, etc.

Review of applications will begin immediately.

In many cases, a patent application claims priority to a series of applications.

I work with stable isotopes and the range of applications never ceases to amaze.

Pay a non-refundable evaluation fee of $50 per module at the point of application.

A significant number of applications use C and FORTRAN together -- either calling each other or sharing files.

You should read the requirements for each type of application that is relevant and decide which is best for you.

Now, you can install all kinds of application that ask for Super user permission to access certain system files.

However, you brother should be financially dependent on your parents at the time of finalization of application.

In 13% of cases application for is used

A call for applications for the.

The deadline for applications is 3 May 2013.

The deadline for applications has now passed.

That's the time when personal appearance is not yet a requirement for application.

Closing date for applications is 8th January 2010, with interviews planned for 21st January.

The value is outside both the range defined for system feedback codes and that defined for application feedback codes.

Using the elevated requirement for applications offers arrive the growth within the App Development Software mobile business.

We track requests for applications our users would like to see integrated with Xero and the number of apps stands at well over 200.

This possibility is useful in particular for applications concerning with limited capacity memory, or, for example, for the codification.

In 11% of cases application on is used

Terms and conditions are available on application.

One-fifth of each share was paid in on application and the balance on demand.

But now, after reading the article on application bundling and seeling it makes sense.

The database is available for consultation by researchers on application to the office.

Copy of judgment, etc, to be given to accused on application Case of person sentenced to death 371.

The students should always provide their valid postal address &; contact numbers on Application form.

Either court on its own motion or on application of a party can transfer a matter to the other court.

Everything that you use on your upper body should not come in contact with your jewellery on application.

Examination can be phased in, focusing initially on applications that have an impact on public interest.

Pricing Prices on application, are based on a party of 10 guns with 10 non-shooters sharing accommodation.

In 7% of cases application In is used

Filled in Application Forms - download 2.

We also avoid 4sq or anything other checking in applications.

GetGlue also comes in application for smartphones that allows you to check-in according to your occupation.

In the vocational field, knowledge is also contextual and needs to be created in application -- learning by doing.

Candidates need to submit the filled in application form in the same branch from which they have collected the form.

A national law allows for greater consistency in application and gives all Australians equal protection under the law.

Telemetry and M2M solutions can be found in applications such as monitoring and controlling of drills, wells and pipelines.

In 7% of cases application to is used

When downloaded to Applications, www.

When downloaded to Applications, www.

Then we come to application, and things become messy for the reasons given.

Most people lost their job, but I was kept and upgraded to application support.

It extends the benefits of transactions to applications that must update distributed data.

Prior to application, you should contact the Consulate to determine the current cost and related fees in your local currency.

The spray foam nozzle enables the foam mixture and the chemical responsible for its development capabilities to be separated until just prior to application.

We are going to go to applications, we are going to go to utilities, Airport utility, and we would see in the panels off to the side here the base station showing up.

The company plans to take a 20 per cent cut from Kakao Page sales after giving 30 per cent to application store operators like Google or Apple and 50 per cent to the content creator.

The new rules already apply to applications made under the family migration route and will now apply to applications under the remaining routes which were made on or after 09 July 2012.

In 6% of cases application with is used

At first glance, with application.

They were that inundated with applications.

With applications to university only down 7.

None of these Governments were flooded with applications.

Fungal plant diseases are usually managed with applications of chemical fungicides or heavy metals.

Selecting in between off-the-shelf as well as customized improvement associated with applications completely.

With applications open (and closing soon) for it's third intake I'd super excited to be involved as a mentor.

For example, we may share geographic location with application providers when you opt in to their location services.

In 4% of cases application by is used

To secure (a license, for example) by application to an authority.

This is an example of unsteady-state cooling and can be solved by application of Fig.

THREE CONFERENCES EACH YEAR AND TED LIVE Attending a TED conference is by application.

Living frugaccessory by application all your mily inappear yields somewhat peranatomy.

When the agreement is signed, it can be made into a rule of court by application to the court.

Candidates should apply by Application Deadline 2 (6 January 2012 for Medical Sciences and Philosophy; 20 January 2012 for all other subjects).

The Register of Arms and other Office collections can be viewed by application through the Manuscripts Reading Room of the National Library of Ireland.

Arts Council annual funding for studios is available by application, however applications from individuals or unincorporated bodies are not normally eligible.

Thats Good news, You can prevent yourself and loved ones by application of very simple knowledge or Program, Call now for Program or Knowledge +255784475576, or email.

In 3% of cases application Upon is used

The transcript will be issued upon application and the payment of a prescribed fee.

Upon application, a Visit Pass (Social) will be issued for a maximum period of five years on yearly basis.

They may apply to stay and work in the HKSAR without having secured an offer of employment upon application.

Upon application by one party, the service recalculates child support using most recent income tax information for each parent.

Returning non-local graduates who wish to return to work in the HKSAR are required to secure an offer of employment upon application.

All other direct expenses incurred by advisory group members may be reimbursed upon application to the Biosecurity Council secretariat.

In 2% of cases application From is used

From Applications to Implications.

The process, from application and training to approval by a fostering panel takes about eight months, and applicants are supported by a social worker throughout.

The largest part of the Tribunal's workload arises from applications about decisions in the areas of family assistance and social security, taxation, veterans ' affairs and workers ' compensation.

In 1% of cases application per is used

Only one call per application connection can be processed at a time.

And, let's add another $1,500 per application for the ARC administrative overhead.

Any sunburn that does turn up can be treated with a cool soft cloth a few times a day for ten to fifteen minutes per application.

Unfortunately, in spite of charging a straight Tk 16,500 for 40 workers per application, neither BGMEA nor Fire Service has adequate manpower to train our factory workers.

There will be a non-refundable administrative fee of $50 per application (inclusive of GST) regardless of the number of modules/certificates submitted for each application.

With clients willing to pay up to $250k per application, we find our selves developing micro sites to live within the FB framework while they avoid standalone sites all together.

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