Prepositions used with "app"

"of app", "in app" or "for app"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases app of is used

It's the kinds of apps you'll find.

Both Apple and Google keeps 30% of app revenue.

I have a bunch of apps and emulators working fine.

Iv tried with a couple of apps, But they all disable the pattern lock AND the screen lock.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps, but the overall quality of the apps are extremely low.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps, but the overall quality of the apps are extremely low.

I'd rather do that then have to both installing a bunch of apps yet again, looking for that consistent user experience.

Levie sees Box's future particularly centralized around creating an ecosystem of apps both on mobile and web platforms.

It was there earlier? Thanks I understand what you are saying about the apps, but the problem in more the quality of apps.

It was there earlier? Thanks I understand what you are saying about the apps, but the problem in more the quality of apps.

In 12% of cases app in is used

The apps felt like Web sites in app form.

Can not figure out how to shut down in app.

In app purchases give you the ability to fax for $1.

You can disable it there or just hit the Screen Filter Icon in apps and that will turn it off too.

You can disable it there or just hit the Screen Filter Icon in apps and that will turn it off too.

It works in apps like Skype and Tango Video Calls but the quality is best described as lacklustre.

Infact, the young Turks of Imo politics were found in APP even after the party changed name to All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP).

Horizontal Scrolling in App Drawer - On previous looks at the BlackBerry 10 home screen, the main app drawer of application shortcuts scrolled vertically.

In 11% of cases app for is used

You have the same option for apps and photos.

People are used to paying for apps now (BIG insight).

Of the 512mb, only 172mb is available for apps and data.

Below are the 5 benefits I have found for app use for kids ages 3-8.

You can pay for a data pass, but that will do you no good for apps like twitter and facebook.

If you use the paid for app (a couple of quid) you can download the maps for a route in advance to your phone.

OscuridadBonita 11-20-2011, 03:57 PM I was looking for apps and got a few cool ones installed, thanks to this thread.

What many users have realised, you are better off setting up a US app store account and then funding that account for app purchases.

This will allow the iPod to use your current location for apps requiring that information, as well as for geotagging photos and videos.

They aren't accustomed to paying for apps, using credit card to buy online or concerned about which version of Android they are running.

In 7% of cases app with is used

We don't want our users to have crappy experiences with apps.

App Match is a memory game where you play memory with App icons.

Combined with apps like Air Display, your iPad on Table Stand becomes a cool looking second monitor.

It's based on the same home screens you fill with apps, downloaded over Wi-Fi from the Google Play app store.

For some of the Android app development companies, they even offer graphic designing along with app development.

By working with app -savvy parents, the Apps For Girls team identifies parent-approved apps that are perfect for girls.

I think most people want it to work with apps even although they don't need it, just that they can't is the part thats annoying them.

These may well arrive with apps - the Apple TV SDK will pull on the iTV ecosystem and we're expecting apps to be available for Apple TV too.

She is a Social Media goddess who enjoys communicating and engaging with app users, potential app users, well, anyone really, as long as they are interesting, Debi will talk to them.

In 5% of cases app to is used

Enhancements continue to be becoming designed to App Development Software mobile.

Other widgets provide quick access to apps for example, music controls, radio and stocks.

The app wasn't doing what he wanted, so in the end, I suggested he apply to Apple for a refund of the 3 it cost.

Indeed, while you have one main home screen, you have 5 other pages to flood with more widgets and quick links to apps.

I think it was the best time to do it and leave the chance to App Store developers to develop third party apps they had already been performing as an alternative to Google Maps and iOS 5 routing.

In 3% of cases app on is used

Notify on App close: If you enable this option, you will be notified when your timer reaches zero seconds.

It's good to save as much space as you can, especially if you have a 16GB model; you'll find that you fill up on apps pretty quickly.

And they still get a thumbs-up from me for the quality and content restrictions they place on apps in the app store, the free iOS upgrades and the build quality of the device.

In this section you will find everything from concrete coding tutorials, to tips on app promotion and legal advices -- here you can tips and tutorials for all the angles of being a developer.

In 2% of cases app about is used

Is that an iPad mini? Too funny the tech-heads who think its all about apps.

In regards to your comments about App World, are you aware that apps increased by in excess of 20% in the 4th quarter last year.

In 2% of cases app between is used

Alternatively, hold Alt on the keyboard and press Tab to switch between apps.

BB10 will not require users to repeatedly switch between apps, but allow them to hide and reveal the programs with the flick of a thumb.

I have been a tablet user for a long time so I got used the single application interface and with the touchpad I can switch between apps quickly.

I'd love to see someone get really creative and do a single person play using all of them and switching back and forth between apps for each character.

In 2% of cases app from is used

Choose from App Directory: Use a pre-defined image from the app directory.

With these new tips from App Promo, I expect to have better results with promoting my apps.

However, being able to research properties on the go and call to arrange viewings direct from app made the house-hunting experience stress-free.

While the larger news organizations may benefit from apps in terms of maintaining news authority and mindshare, few of them are making revenues off of them.

In 2% of cases app Pro is used

I did buy the WiFi file explorer pro app.

The Countdown Timer Pro app syncs to timeanddate.

Note It is important to note that when synchronizing your clock, it will only synchronize the clock used within the Countdown Timer Pro application.

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