Prepositions used with "apartment"

"of apartment" or "in apartment"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 38% of cases apartment of is used
    There are a wide range of apartments available in the city.
    Yellow Bird Hotel has a variety of apartment suites in Barbados.
    Noble Sallust, they have not, I am told, this sort of apartment in Rome.
    People earning 50,000 Euros a year are now the co-owners of apartments with Dublin City Council.
    Reuters reports rebels are besieging a cluster of apartment buildings near the compound of Muammar Gaddafi.
    There are a wide range of different types of apartments in the major urban and commercial regions in the Dominican Republic.
    Inspections are tax on sellers of apartments on a continuing basis and is not intended buyers of apartments, officials say NAFA.
    In time, the factories were surrounded by proliferating mill towns of apartments and row houses that abutted the older, main cities.
    Police said they could hear those inside talking in a loud voice interspersed with shrieks when they knocked the door of apartment no 12.

    In 26% of cases apartment in is used
    Don't Trust The B----- in apartment 23: Doing well.
    The number of households living in apartments amounted to 2,290 or 7.
    People staying in apartment have limited number of options to choose from.
    Hang them in apartment complexes, laundry mats, colleges, supermarkets, etc (any high foot traffic pubic place).
    If your product or service would best suit homeowners, don't spend your time marketing to those who live in apartment buildings.
    Having lived mostly in apartments or small semi detached houses; I have always found it easy to setup a water fountain on the patio or in the back yard.
    The Irish Independent has previously revealed that some 300,000 homeowners, most living in apartments and terraced houses, would be forced to pay flat-rate charges as it wo.
    According to the A K Mishra, there has been a constant demand for the new as well ready to move in apartments that are fully furnished and well equipped with all kinds of necessary amenities.

    In 14% of cases apartment for is used
    Now, the gap is about $100,000 - and less for apartments.
    That is why I tend to look for apartments without any elevators.
    Blindly look on Craigslist for apartments listings in neighborhoods you've never heard of.
    I was adamant about finding a building with a pool when we were looking for apartments to rent.
    The statutory maximum period for completion of properties is 24 months from the date of the SPA for landed residential properties and 36 months from the date of SPA for apartments and condominiums.
    The statutory maximum period for completion of properties is 24 months from the date of the SPA for landed residential properties and 36 months from the date of SPA for apartments and condominiums.

    In 4% of cases apartment with is used
    A row of about 25 businesses, including a shoe repair store, burned with apartments above many of them.

    In 3% of cases apartment as is used
    They make a great choice for the elderly or disabled person, or those with limited space, such as apartment dwellers.

    In 3% of cases apartment from is used
    I located you from apartment 34.

    In 3% of cases apartment on is used
    I especially liked the author's emphasis on storage solutions, which anyone on any budget can take advantage of (though this book tends to focus on apartments that were designed from scratch).

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