Prepositions used with "album"

"of album", "on album" or "with album"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases album of is used

Bands like Britain's Cradle of Filth sell hundreds of thousand of albums.

We just felt it was that sort of album - one that could stand up to a Royal Albert Hall show.

It's interesting to wonder what kind of album we would have made, given the chance, back then.

After their success with Gibbs, the group went on to make a string of albums for producer Sonia Pottinger.

Present the Pre-Sale voucher together with the official receipt from the retail store for redemption of album.

They changed the face of music and some of them are still selling millions of albums and playing to packed audiences.

I am grateful to Michael Newcomb and Jose Sanches Perez for their contribution of album covers &; sheet music book scans.

I normally don't care for instrumental tracks at the end of albums, but the instrumental track for ' Nillili Mambo ' is unbelievable.

If people download, pirates will take over, so I am not an artiste that relies on the sales of albums since the beginning of my career.

In 14% of cases album on is used

There will be some exciting news on album no.

It wasn't until the Beatles arrived that the idea of rock music on album began to spread.

In the midst of this activity we also recorded an EP and a twelve inch single (these being all the rage at the time) and shortly thereafter began work on album # two.

In 11% of cases album with is used

No discography is created with albums one person alone owns.

If the song came bundled with album art, this will be displayed in the background.

Maybe the L800 just sucks cause it's a compal rather than a Nokia device I have never understand what's the big issue with Album art and Music Player visuals.

Dia Psalma got their big breakthrough in 1994 with album ' Gryningstid ' which has quite a lot of nostalgic value to those of us who grew up in Sweden in the 90s.

In 8% of cases album like is used

Also can (More) A great AC/DC like album from Krokus.

They were used to sell (and increase the value of) scarce, physical products like albums.

In 5% of cases album for is used

Downhere was nominated in eight categories and walked away with trophies for Album of the Year (On The Altar Of Love ), Group Of The Year and Male Vocalist Of The Year (Marc Martel).

In 5% of cases album from is used

Her love for the blues comes striding forth in every project -- from albums Blue Horse and Chinatown (not the town of the movie or the famous location, but a small spot near Tanyaland).

In 5% of cases album to is used

I don't follow links to album sharing sites anymore.

In 3% of cases album between is used

As was his wont, Cohen spent years between albums, and in 1973 he seemed to take stock of himself as a performer by issuing Leonard Cohen: Live Songs.

In 3% of cases album including is used

I just counted that I wrote 1,000 articles in 5 years, and have more than 340,000 clicks including albums.

John has full control over all creative components of his latest album including album art, videos, fashion, and more.

In 3% of cases album through is used

Cover Flow Using Cover Flow, you can flip through websites as easily as you flip through album art in iTunes.

Safari displays the results using Cover Flow, so you can flip through your search results as easily as you flip through album art in iTunes.

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