Prepositions used with "aid"

"of aid", "for aid" or "in aid"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases aid of is used

Duplication of aid was commonly reported.

The dispatch of aid to Madrid is proceeding with difficulty.

Rose, FEMA's job is the coordination of aid at the Federal level.

The problem isn't really the NGO's as they add up to less than 5 percent of Aid in the world.

Vast amounts of aid may make our politicians feel good but they don't have to finance it, we do.

For many years Malaysia has been a recipient of aid and assistance from many developed countries.

Most notable was his passionate defence of the UK's role as a generous provider of aid despite difficult economic times.

However, the model can ensure equitable distribution of aid generated by the local donors, through an effective coordinating agency.

Meindersma was careful to criticize what she called an insufficient provision of aid and slow pace of reconstruction by coalition countries.

With sanctions, Fiji has been hampered by persistent trade and budget deficits, making it one of the world's largest per capita recipients of aid.

In 15% of cases aid for is used

That's what we need to be doing in Africa, instead of looking for aid.

The more sweets they carry the slower they get, and the more desperate the pleas for aid become.

Some people look for aid to resolve difficult scenarios which have occurred with your daily life.

The school forged the signature on your promissory note or falsely certified that you were eligible for aid.

The Boii and Insubri appealed to transalpine Gauls for aid by reminding them of the deeds of their ancestors.

Players can ask for help with a local zombie pod simply by clicking on the pod, which causes a call for aid to appear in chat.

Market players are also waiting to see if Spain will eventually apply for aid and trigger the European Central Bank's bond-buying programme.

Helping folks could make you feel happier about oneself and others men and women be probable to assist you if you're actually looking for aid.

In the last 20 years aid work has become more dangerous, and security restrictions have made it harder for aid workers to meet their significant other.

Twelve dioceses whose people together contributed more than $184,000 for aid to churches in Eastern and Central Europe back in 2005 gave nothing in 2011.

In 14% of cases aid in is used

There are to be no grants in aid from the state.

Our grant in aid received from the Department for Culture,.

Washington has warned Abbas he risks losing around $200 million in aid, which is currently blocked in the US Congress.

Liner Services are not available, shipments can be made on Pakistan flag vessels or vessels of other countries included in AID Geographic Code No.

Turkey, which has assisted Somalia with close to 400 million USD in aid over the past year, has maintained that it does not have any hidden purposes in assisting the war-torn country.

In 8% of cases aid on is used

In 2011 China released its first ever White Paper on aid.

But even more striking is that overall, Africa is far less dependent on aid.

Calls for improved transparency and an increased focus on aid effectiveness have been a major goal of U.

Families have resorted to coping mechanisms including borrowing money and relying on aid from humanitarian agencies operating in Gaza, said Leppert.

So that makes them a tempting target for graft -- especially when you consider how much of the money spent on aid projects in the past has been lost to corruption.

Over the fold are two charts that show that Bangladesh is not dependent on aid, and anyone who says that without qualifying it with something else has no idea what they are talking about.

In 6% of cases aid with is used

Many have alot of experience, but not with AID.

You see that with diplomats as with aid workers.

I have two questions, from years of working for Implementing Partners and a year now with AID.

Security, too, is a major issue with aid workers in conflict areas sometimes targeted by violence.

If need be, bolster those stronger companies with aid so that the entire system doesn't come crashing down.

It is no longer a question of rich countries and poor countries, with aid and charity providing a solution to the imbalance.

Ask any Kibera resident about jobs they've held in the past and most will mention some volunteering with aid agencies or small NGOs in the community.

Via Facebook and twitter, convoys are being organized in swift time to mobilize people with aid and transportation to areas that have been hit the hardest.

Regional political parties, religious groups, spirited individuals and neighboring villagers were amongst the first responders who came with aid to the people at Rampur Lahi.

In 3% of cases aid by is used

The planning and partnership has gone well but the scale of the situation faced by aid agencies in North Kivu is enormous.

In 3% of cases aid from is used

From Aid Thoughts: How do they do it? Quite simple, really: mobile phones.

In 3% of cases aid to is used

My intent is only to aid those whose inner being responds to the tablet's song.

How is this disaster different than those in the past, according to aid officials? b.

Health risks Goods coming through the tunnels from Egypt, sold at inflated prices and inaccessible to most Gazans, are not a viable solution, according to aid agencies in Gaza.

In 2% of cases aid through is used

Funding either is paid through the UN system or through aid groups working directly with the victims.

They are always receiving money from the State and the Feds indirectly through the banking cartel and directly through aid.

In 1% of cases aid as is used

There is also an unprecedented amount of auxilliary information being released including off-budget information such as aid revenues, geo-data and data on contracts and companies.

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