Prepositions used with "agriculture"

"of agriculture" or "in agriculture"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases agriculture of is used

Department of Agriculture to States.

Department of Agriculture reports that 48.

We've written to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The contract was signed on November 16 by Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon.

Thus, there is not one branch of agriculture that would not undergo a great expansion.

Maghembe, Tanzania's Minister of Agriculture to a crowded room at the Africa Pavilion.

Department of Agriculture, to see whether the agency lowers its estimate on world 2012-13 cotton ending stocks.

A Green Economy can not function without water; water is a fundamental part of agriculture and energy production.

Department of Agriculture's food-safety inspectors, you don't want a mist of turkey juice on your relish platter.

The Department of Agriculture initially predicted national average corn yields of 166 bushels per acre this year.

In 25% of cases agriculture in is used

They laid more emphasis in agriculture.

Interest cover ratios are abysmal in agriculture.

So most in agriculture where getting 10 million naira.

There is no dearth of money to be invested in agriculture warehousing and distribution.

The Ghanaian workforce is divided as 28% in services, 20% in industry and 52% in agriculture.

He left his mark in agriculture, engineering design, renewable energy, transport and aviation.

The Family has invested in Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Banking, Insurance, Air Transport and Real Estate.

Storage of Food Grains - Warehousing Facilties, Logistics, Food Procesing, R &D; in Agriculture - Automation etc.

He comes to the ICA with more than 30 years co-operative experience and strong academic background in agriculture.

If the companies have such evidence, the drugs can continue to be used as they are in agriculture, the judge wrote.

In 10% of cases agriculture on is used

So they laid much emphasis on Agriculture.

Now, it has shifted the blame on Agriculture Ministry.

The Jamaican economy is very dependent on agriculture.

It is high time we draw the linkages, and then evaluate the impact on agriculture.

Back then, the Jamaican economy was based on agriculture, bauxite mining and tourism.

Theoretically independent Texas would thrive on agriculture, tourism and oil production.

With over 15 years of work on agriculture and food policy, he has been leading Focus ' research on food sovereignty.

Government focuses more on agriculture, and believes that with agriculture they can create employment for a lot of people.

This free event combines family fun and education, focusing on agriculture and food production in and around Ottawa County.

Nonetheless, it has evolved from the early on agriculture economy, to an industrialized and now more so knowledge-based and service-oriented economy.

In 9% of cases agriculture for is used

IVAN YATES, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Large areas of fertile land were inaccessible for agriculture.

She will urge them to set up a Work Programme for Agriculture within the.

The text would also be in the form of a framework paper, like that for agriculture.

Responding to requests from Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney T.

From a historical perspective, the one thing worse for agriculture than global warming is global cooling.

Todd Drennen, representative from USDA, said that 90 percent of total water in Pakistan is used for agriculture.

The southern half (Lower Galilee) was comparatively prosperous and populous, with a good climate for agriculture.

These emissions represent an opportunity for agriculture to play an important role in mitigating the impact of climate change.

As much as 80 per cent of Libya? s water is used for agriculture, including wheat, alfalfa, vegetables and fruits (Alghariani 2007).

In 7% of cases agriculture to is used

A key question was the relation of industry to agriculture.

The only clue given is that? to of the cost is to agriculture.

Cansino believes technology is a key to agriculture development.

The World Bank in 2007 dedicated its annual world development report to Agriculture.

Most people might not look to agriculture to provide them with this type of information.

Canna edulis, native to Central and South America, is the one species important to agriculture.

In addition to agriculture, Corinth was known for manufacturing and trade, especially of bronze, and the Isthmian games.

Devinder Ji, I am the great admirer for your insightful thoughts on the issue realted to agriculture, food policy and all.

IFSN must work to create affordable access to agriculture finance and work to eliminate high interest informal local finances.

Two-thirds of parks have human settlements, and one-quarter of their lands have already been disturbed or converted to agriculture.

In 3% of cases agriculture from is used

From agriculture to mining to tourism to energy, investment opportunities abound.

More than 65 percent of the rural families secure their livelihood from Agriculture.

The Aquino (Part II) administration happens to enjoy the cyclical boost from agriculture.

Direct emissions from agriculture are excluded indefinitely from liability under the carbon price mechanism.

Apart from agriculture, the villagers of Chhattisgarh are also engaged in the steel and cement production industries.

They have crude oil but that contributes only about 30 per cent of the revenue, other things come from agriculture, tourism etc.

With a huge raw material base from agriculture, mining, fishing and forestry investments in manufacturing present huge potential.

Apart from agriculture, industry and power production, the people in the villages of Chhattisgarh are involved in mining industry as well.

With the advent of the industrial age, focus shifted from agriculture and small businesses to big factories which created jobs and new economies.

In 2% of cases agriculture with is used

The Commission also misses a key point -- all land-based biofuels compete with agriculture for land.

With agriculture came the gross social and sexual inequality, the disease and despotism, that curse our existence.

Government focuses more on agriculture, and believes that with agriculture they can create employment for a lot of people.

In addition, they can utilize marginal land and brackish and waste water thus do not compete with agriculture for land and water resources.

Katalyst is also planning to work with Agriculture Information Service (AIS ), Upazila Business Membership Organizations, and Community Information Centres (.

Newt will replace the Washington-centric job killing EPA with a new Environmental Solutions Agency that will work with agriculture more closely and constructively.

In 1% of cases agriculture about is used

The only time I have heard Chris Tufton speaking he has been talking about agriculture.

It's important that writing about agriculture and the food sector has a strong place online.

When she was asked about agriculture, the host, Rachel Smalley, appeared surprised by the response.

In addition to learning about English and math, the students are also learning about agriculture and gardening.

The main purpose of my stay in Bipoa was to spend some time learning more about agriculture and rural livelihoods, trying to understand the extension system better.

In 1% of cases agriculture as is used

They also depend on the environment to earn incomes in sectors such as agriculture, fishing, forestry and tourism, both in formal and informal markets.

Climate change is, therefore, expected to have significant impact on key resource-dependant sectors, such as agriculture and food production, and consequently on food security.

Deliberative activities should identify citizen views on the future balance of EU spending between areas such as agriculture, cohesion, external policy, environment and innovation.

In 1% of cases agriculture by is used

A key threat now is the over exploitation of ADE sites by agriculture and the lack of knowledge to maintain the fertility of the sites.

The hinterland of Dublin which stretched down from the mountains in the south of the county and across west Dublin to Rathcoole was also dominated by agriculture.

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