Prepositions used with "agent"

"of agent" or "to agent"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases agent of is used

We set the number of agents to 30.

We talked to a lot of agents and a lot of teams.

At this point I don't think I'd heard of agents.

The majority of agents so designated are counsel employed by the Department of Justice.

I guess it's not fully their fault as that's how generations of agents have been taught.

Such is their influence on the clients that they are operating through a network of agents.

The FACS method presents a structural basis in the form of a cellular automata, to which a layer of agents exhibiting cognition is added.

Now, this is a situation that can not be taken easily because a lot of agents get their dander up when an irate caller goes off the limits.

He may not be exposed to blackmail over this, but the CIA will surely be concerned at the threat of blackmail of agents or operatives woring under him.

SAFARICOM In the telecoms sector Safaricom of course control 70 per cent of agents in Kenya and 68 per cent of the mobile money transfer market through Mpesa.

In 18% of cases agent to is used

Talk to agents and coaches about how best to maximize your chances.

First, we supposed that all Vietnam War veterans had been exposed to Agent Orange.

A funny thing happened after we launched Doorsteps, an online tool we explicitly designed and marketed to agents.

When does London mark 50 years of Bond More than 400 items from James Bond films are on display at a London exhibition dedicated to Agent 007.

Feed it back to agents Mats Rennstam By allowing them to see their own results and the reason behind them, you create a self-correcting solution.

In 13% of cases agent by is used

The penetration of such events by agent provocateurs is child's play but the damages are enormous.

Even long-standing customers could be put off your enterprise by agents rushing complaints to please their managers.

For example, in 1896, he was kidnapped from the streets of London by agents of the Qing dynasty and held as a prisoner in their legation.

His last memory is being in the interrogation room, trying but unable to scream, as he is held down by Agents while a spindly electronic insectoid burrows into his bellybutton.

Another popular international Western interventionist change of governments is the dictate through, amongst others, sanctions, then lobbied by agents of the neo-colonial expansionists.

In 10% of cases agent With is used

Tie up with agents for dry waste recycling.

In addition to being available for consultation with agents on tough cases, he is an advocate in working with home office underwriting departments.

Once a test run has been completed successfully, the Device/Controller with Agent capabilities changes the Status Attribute of the tested Node to Ready.

With agents in both hemispheres, INFORM gathered sensitive data on international revolutionary activity which often went undetected by government intelligence agencies.

In 7% of cases agent for is used

I am looking for agents in the following areas.

Agents have traditionally granted access to the top echelon, but on the Internet there is no need for agents.

Pre-course information: All registrants are encouraged to take time to read the New Zealand Information for Agents.

Ovum believes that enterprises should deploy RTD solutions to enable more accurate decision making for agents and easier access to information for customers.

In John Lambert's case, his rights were ultimately upheld but it is hard to escape the feeling that there is one rule for agents of the state and another for its subjects.

In 4% of cases agent between is used

This move to pragmatism -- from looking at experiences inside the head to looking at habitual behaviour between agents -- can be illustrated by a rudimentary example.

This commonality may arise through the sharing of profit or in some other manner but would generally involve more than mere transaction of purchase and sale between agent and principal.

In 4% of cases agent per is used

We recommend 20 surveys per agent and month.

The format here is (number of agents) times (updates per agent).

And even though maths was not my strongest subject at school that works out to about 6 players per agent.

In 3% of cases agent from is used

Rejections from agents were commonplace.

Due to these benefits, the expansion in the retail network of microfinance has arisen overwhelmingly from agents and mobile phone channels.

Mistake Number 5 Tolerating Poor Service from agents Before you find the right home, find the right agent - one who will listen to you and one who is prepared to help you find the right home.

In 3% of cases agent through is used

Mr Kiondo explained that the so-called aliens were operating through agents whom they pay to ensure they have a safe passage from the Horn of Africa to Southern Africa.

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