Prepositions used with "agenda"

"of agenda" or "with agenda"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases agenda of is used
    They've never heard of agenda 21.
    We send and use e-copies of agenda and minutes for our meetings, whenever possible/appropriate.
    Obama's second term ensures that printed money will continue to flow to continue the implementation of agenda 21 in the US.
    The green inspired socialist mantra has it's UN template in the form of agenda 21 and Aust leads the charge in UN brown nosing.
    In the follow-up of the implementation of agenda 21 the review of progress made in achieving sustainable consumption patterns should be given high priority.
    They go on to justify this combination of agenda with biblical material by saying that the many religious elements help strengthen the vitality of the treatment.
    In the review of the implementation of agenda 21, an assessment of the progress achieved in developing these national policies and strategies should be given due consideration.
    The meeting produced a series of recommendations to the governments of the world on how funding for sustainable development might be increased to finance implementation of agenda 21.

    In 18% of cases agenda with is used
    So progressive! This debacle we find ourselves in was caused by government with agendas instead of equality.
    But he is already blaming the Punjab and courting disaster with agenda is perpetual strife and eventual disintegration.
    The hospital network now offers assignments for each of the one- to two-hour monthly mentor meetings, complete with agendas and questions for both participants.

    In 8% of cases agenda for is used
    More interestingly, if you google for agenda 21 these days, you're likely to find a whole bunch of nutball right-wing conspiracy theories about it being an agenda to destroy American freedom.

    In 5% of cases agenda in is used
    As a result, we have no hesitation in quashing and setting aside the impugned resolution to the extent it purports to deal with other matters- other than in agenda No.

    In 3% of cases agenda from is used
    They seem to be spewing the crap they learned in school from agenda driven teachers (read anti capitalism) and they think that slogans will define the problem and solve it as well.

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