Prepositions used with "terrorism"

of, against, on, to or about terrorism?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases terrorism of is used

India is not a financier of terrorism.

It is nothing less than an act of terrorism.

There is no existence of terrorism in this world.

The government has no alternative sans liberating people from the hands of terrorism, he said.

Prior to this attack, several other Shias have been victims of this ongoing acts of terrorism.

This not only increases risk of crimes but also risk of terrorism in the capital, citizens say.

It's an interesting look at, among other things, the rise of the threat of terrorism and its effects on policing.

This brutal and heartless act of terrorism targeted the Shia community, killing numerous people and injuring many.

They pay little notice to other forms of terrorism in Africa, Sri Lanka or India: these pose no threat to the West.

In 12% of cases terrorism against is used

Livingstone, The War Against Terrorism, p.

A general war has been proclaimed against terrorism.

The President must not be limited in the fight against terrorism.

The struggle against terrorism provides a constantly renewed image of the enemy.

It is a race for rich people to mislead the world with the terms War against Terrorism.

In the last 11 years, Pakistan has paid a high price for its support against terrorism.

The USA perceived that the Iraq war was the greatest success in its foreign policy to fight against terrorism.

These wars are neither against terrorism not against dictators (how a dictator could fight against another dictator).

The United States of America blamed Muslims for the 9/11 incident which was made the reason for war against terrorism.

Furthermore, the war against terrorism stimulates Americas economy by the dimensional expenditure and cutdown of taxes.

In 12% of cases terrorism on is used

The war on terrorism is far from being over.

Talha was indicted earlier this week in New York on terrorism charges.

However, India, Israel, and the US are natural allies in the war on terrorism.

Conor Cruise O? Brien,? Reflections on Terrorism,? New York Review of Books 23, no.

The irony is not lost on Steve Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

A similar interpretation appears in a paper delivered at a joint Services symposium on terrorism in 1985.

Secretary of State Shultz alluded to the matter in his speech on terrorism on 29 October 1984, a month after the U.

What about the Glasgow bomber who was a doctor? Several of those arrested on terrorism charges hold post graduate degrees.

There is also a feeling to exclude certain risk classes from the legislation on Terrorism Insurance Pool (still to be decided).

Information Service,? US must be willing to use force against terrorism,? Text: Shultz remarks of 25 October 1984 on terrorism, pp.

In 10% of cases terrorism to is used


Most likely, Jews will resort to terrorism as part of their takeover.

This Thuggery encompasses Gansterism which is tantamount to Terrorism.

To connect multiculturalism to terrorism is a frighteningly simplistic and divisive act by Cameron.

For much of his rule he was shunned by the West, which accused him of links to terrorism and revolutionary movements.

I myself am not sure if incitement to terrorism should be illegal for native-born citizens (who can not be deported).

And it was a few minutes on Google, with plenty more horror news stories from Yemen related to terrorism to choose from.

Any two or more people engaged in criminal activity, should be classified as Gangsterism, which is a prelude to Terrorism.

Does he or does he not deserve this fate? Did he not thoughtlessly create the BJP link to terrorism? Recall recent history.

Linking multiculturalism in the UK to terrorism is absolutely correct, do some research you lazy good for nothing Sheppard, and learn the facts.

In 4% of cases terrorism about is used

First, there is nothing new about terrorism.

Something about terrorism and never being too careful.

The base isn't really worried about terrorism at all, to be frank.

I began to talk about terrorism and the need to better manage our time.

Polls suggest that public fears about terrorism have helped mute the debate.

When we talk about terrorism it is not only by a group of individuals but also the states.

Where once we worried about terrorism and war, now we worry about financial stability and our superannuation.

And what about terrorism? If there's one country on earth which knows how to deal with the spectre of the car bomb it's us.

Talking about terrorism, what direction should the Federal Government take? All these small groups can not terrorise the government.

Canada has been the biggest beneficiary, since the country hasn't inherited America's paranoia about terrorism, security and work permits.

In 4% of cases terrorism in is used

They are not interested in terrorism.

Government would have authoritygranted by Congress to Indefinitely Detain large numbers of Americans notinvolved in terrorism.

Having qualified as a expert in terrorism, he is unable to measure the state terrorism in equal length with the LTTE terrorism.

Government would have authority granted by Congress to Indefinitely Detain large numbers of Americans not involved in terrorism.

Information is continuously exchanged between the border control agencies of the four countries about persons involved in terrorism.

Intensive efforts are made in the context of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to prevent the entry of persons involved in terrorism.

Their numbers do not exceed half a million and those who have shifted to the hills and are actively involved in terrorism are about 3500.

There is clearly a risk that the grounding of a counter-extremist strategy even more explicitly in terrorism would produce an adverse reaction.

Advani's Frankenstein - The Jain Hawala Case by Rajinder Puri According to growing evidence sections of the Sangh Parivar are implicated in terrorism.

Two rapid assassination attacks on former President Pervez Musharraf had underlined the misuse of this technology in terrorism and needed sharper focus.

In 3% of cases terrorism for is used

There is no panacea for terrorism.

They are not notable for terrorism.

The inevitability of punishment for terrorism, separatism, and extremism.

Gaddafi came to this conclusion after his support for terrorism was met with economic sanctions and military retaliation.

Yet it certainly--like other such polls--indicates backing for terrorism, extremism, and anti-Westernism in regional terms.

Indeed, the most pressing challenge for Obama in his second term may be the dual task of thwarting Iran's push for nuclear weapons and combating its support for terrorism.

The United Nations Security Council passed two resolutions, UNSCR 1267 (1999) and 1333 (2000 ), demanding that the Taliban cease their support for terrorism and hand over bin Laden for trial.

I would do the same again today? Johan Persson They also believe the charge of moral support for terrorism, of which they were found guilty, has been misused against other journalists in Ethiopia.

In 3% of cases terrorism from is used

There is a high threat from terrorism.

Safety and Security threat from terrorism.

But paramilitaries have been switching from terrorism to gangsterism.

There are political tensions and unresolved issues between the two countries threat from terrorism.

We need to address all the common threats from terrorism and organised crime, to man-made and natural disasters.

At the conclusion of his article, Dershowitz writes: Nothing good ever comes from terrorism, so don't expect the Norwegians to learn any lessons from its own victimization.

But he's also got two selling points: He says he's going to be much more effective in protecting America from terrorism, and he promises lower taxes and says Barack Obama is going to raise taxes.

In 3% of cases terrorism with is used

Sri Lanka's experience with terrorism began in the 1970s.

There can be no compromise with terrorism and terrorists have to be dealt with firmly.

Adil and seventeen other young men are arrested in Ahmedabad, and charged with terrorism.

Yet that is exactly what first world nations are expected to do when confronted with terrorism.

The vast majority of Muslims or Arabs have no association with the violent events around the world yet Islam is invoked with terrorism.

He has rejected the identification of Islam with terrorism, called upon Christians to forgive Islamic radicals behind church bombings in 2000, and was an outspoken critic of the U.

In 1% of cases terrorism by is used

It shows how the artist views the general people's reluctance and ignorance about the ongoing turmoil brought by terrorism.

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