Prepositions used with "corruption"

of, against, for, to or on corruption?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases corruption of is used

To me this is indeed an act of corruption.

This kind of corruption is common nowadays.

This is the most common form of corruption.

In May 1971, the PCO was repealed and replaced by the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The job is to bring all alleged party to trial in case of corruptions within 1 year.

Though, in news just to hand, ICAC - reports of corruption on an unprecedented scale.

Bribery, a form of corruption, is an act implying money or gift giving that alters the behavior of the recipient.

A In the middle of all this he also promised to tackle the scourge of corruption as it had got entrenched by then.

Well, at least the BJP President has offered himself for any scrutiny, investigation on being alleged of corruption.

The situation is turning from bad to worse with no serious attempt taken to weed out the growing cancer of corruption.

In 14% of cases corruption against is used

Like Indians in Sydney against corruption.

Yes, there was a battle against corruption.

The fight against corruption is now a joke.

The PM and Mrs Gandhi are not angels that they can not fight against corruption.

Same time no youth has patience to fight against corruption for long time till it ends.

The story was immediately picked up by India Against Corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal.

I have said that I will carry on my fight against corruption and I am talking about the Congress corruption.

This experiment adds more evidence to existing evidence that the RTI Act is a useful tool against corruption.

Certainly, India Against Corruption movement, plus Right to Information by citizens, plus media breaking news.

I like Swamy he is single effective against Corruption I'd afraid you have lost all objectivity with this post.

In 7% of cases corruption for is used

So the lawyers have the opportunity to use is for corruption.

And when someone goes down for corruption, they go down to death.

Each of them is a byword for corruption and governmental incompetence.

Faced with a court-martial for corruption, he resigned his post on March 19, 1779.

Since her own father was jailed for corruption, Darma fills the father figure vacuum.

Our battle for corruption begins in this cultural milieu, which in our hypocrisy we overlook.

Whoever enters into politics is bound to be corrupt or no one can enter politics unless he is ready for corruption.

Every other politician is an ex-criminal or is awaiting some sort of court-trial for corruption, murder or even worst.

Like I said, no better way for corruption in high places to stay in power than to recruit reinforcements from low places.

Leakages and inefficiencies in executing the budget usually are flashpoints for corruption and plunder of public resources.

In 7% of cases corruption to is used

On the other hand, these have led to corruption.

This level of collusion amounts to corruption surely.

There are plenty of names in Umno linked to corruption.

Opponents had complained that such a commission would open the door to corruption.

Bells and whistles added on to open auctions are nothing but an invitation to corruption.

When I spoke the Judge about the UKBA he said - ' ' they are an open door to corruption ' '.

Are you not ok if he delivers a solution to corruption (even if a partial one) even if he has personal ambition.

So yes, long term one-party rule leads to corruption, but changing the guard will not solve the corruption problem.

Rate this: +5 -3 Vanathi said: (Sat, May 7, 2011 06:23:08 AM) Indian are don't like to work in India due to corruption which plays more in India.

Sending corrupt leaders to jail or bringing back the black money in India will, by no means, bring an end to corruption if the system continues to be unchecked.

In 5% of cases corruption on is used

He was giving lecture on Corruption.

Join us as we report on corruption worldwide.

Focus on corruption within the programme is a smokescreen.

As far as BJP is concerned, they are hand-in-glove with the Congress on corruption.

And what has this PM or his Govt done to the perpetrators? Nothing! Just like on corruption.

Mwanawasa won the respect of Zambians and foreign governments for taking a tough stance on corruption.

In this case the war on corruption by Pnoy is just a paper tiger if those bills you mentioned are still in place.

Because the entire political establishment is based on corruption and mafia type politics, Murdoch type practices.

He has written two novels, Because of Honor (a novel on Islam in Africa) and These Good People (a novel on corruption in Africa).

He said news items on corruption were widespread, both locally and internationally, creating various setbacks to development processes.

In 4% of cases corruption about is used

In 2011, there was much ado about corruption.

PM is honest but can't do a thing about corruption.

Yet, our President will come and be talking about corruption.

Back then the average Joe knew enough about politics to raise a fuss about corruption.

And Ford answer about corruption in in camera meetings, about how Tuggs deal -- Tuggs Inc.

Also, do you really want to trust uneducated and uninformed citizens to rule on laws? Talk about corruption.

Yuri Bezmenov spoke extensively about corruption and demoralization and he should know -- he was involved in it for quite some time.

If this is the kind of media advisor that Manmohan Singh could select, I don't know about corruption but he is definitely guilty of extremely poor judgment.

But if you are going to do something about corruption, we have to do it in a much more broad-based manner in which this Lokpal Bill becomes one of many things.

In 4% of cases corruption in is used

In effect, the savings in corruption would finance campaigns.

I refuse to believe that he can ever be involved in corruption.

No official is saint in Pakistan including media all are responsible and involved in corruption.

Conclusion The rule of law is nearly non-existent in Bangladesh due to the growing tendency in corruption.

If, however, you were knee deep in corruption but an ally of the President, you were not even investigated.

The frequent changes in courts allow personnel to indulge in corruption and also serve dark political interests.

It seems as if the entire machinery is neck deep in corruption and surviving on a parallel economy of loot and plunder.

Enmeshing the widest possible network in corruption became a survival strategy to prevent being singled out for what everyone was doing.

Addressing a ceremony in Multan, Kazmi said action will be taken against those involved in corruption relating to annual Hajj arrangements.

The PPP couldn't defend its top leaders, allies in the government and bureaucrats that had allegedly aided them in corruption when in power.

In 4% of cases corruption with is used

Their government is ridden with corruption.

It is infested with corruption and waywardness.

It had alleged that Mashiur was involved with corruption.

From top to bottom, Umno is sodden with corruption at every layer of its leadership.

The Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has charged the trio with corruption offences.

Reject bribery and corruption The best employees are aware of the risks associated with corruption.

They are using the fact that they eradicated terrorism in the country, to get away with corruption and crimes.

As I said I live in China now and east Asia is also nothing like the media in the west have you believed with corruption, oppression etc.

Few other states are as closely identified with corruption in political life and the deliberate confusion of public good with private profit.

The campaign of 1828, in which his Jacksonian opponents charged him with corruption and public plunder, was an ordeal Adams did not easily bear.

In 3% of cases corruption by is used

But progress has been undermined by corruption and mismanagement.

I percieve him to be clean and untainted by corruption or political shenanigans.

Our country is rich, but we endemic poverty caused by corruption and poor leadership among.

The court system continued to be hampered by corruption and lack of resources after Abacha's death.

Efforts have been made to tackle these networks, but these attempts have been compromised by corruption.

Khanduri, who resurrected a party killed by corruption and complacence, was sabotaged by his BJP predecessor Romesh Pokhriyal.

Russia's military establishment has been haunted by corruption accusations for years and several top military officials have been convicted of embezzlement.

The bloc's current head, Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua, was himself brought to power in a 2007 election widely criticized as marred by corruption and fraud.

Although investment is set to increase significantly with the discovery of commercially viable oil and gas deposits in the region, the progress is threatened by corruption.

Marred by corruption, many argued that this election was rigged by Obasanjo as well, as he wanted his successor to have the same basic ideals that he possessed as President.

In 2% of cases corruption from is used

I live in a country where democracy is bleeding from corruption and manipulation of the people.

We've been ruled by people who are not that far removed from criminal goings on, from corruption and bribery.

Power generation in Nigeria over the past few decades has suffered from corruption and mismanagement, leading to a near-stagnated energy supply.

Why does he get to say anything at all? I am surprised that in this day and age we can not make laws to protect the people from corruption in our government.

However, what they were ignorant of was God's plan to appoint spiritual leaders and guides to save human society from corruption and chaos and to establish justice.

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