Prepositions used with "advice"

"of advice" or "for advice"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases advice of is used

One should take heed of advice.

She wanted a bit of advice on IHT.

I have one word of advice for David.

Yet, every single suggestion, thought and scrap of advice seems to be attached to a FPS.

I do read about blogging and go to conferences but I don't follow every piece of advice.

Get Smarter My single piece of advice to anyone who wants to be a professional bloggers.

Below are 5 pieces of advice on how you can plan and prepare your eCommerce business for the 2013 Holiday Season: 1.

What piece of advice or message would you want to give to New Zealanders when it comes to conservation? Look it you.

Prospects trust you prior to them coming to your site because of advice and support they had outside your company site.

My word of advice when you do decide to get started is to not use pull ups, go straight to the gerber padded underwear.

In 35% of cases advice for is used

Consult your doctor for advice.

I might even ring her for advice.

Avoid giving unsought for advice.

You may select more than one option * Arrange an appointment for advice on hair loss.

Penny's door was always open for advice, constructive criticism or just a casual chat.

He told his mum and dad and asked for advice from fellow sceptics and sympathetic lawyers.

Obviously the Catholic Church doesn't go to outside consultants for advice, but it has reasons for not wanting any.

In my blogging, I tend to write as if a good friend or family member has asked me for advice on a topic I know well.

I called a psychiatrist for advice and made a tentative arrangement for Mr Wong and his son to see him the next day.

They looked for advice from their solicitor, their accountant and the government - and received the help they needed.

In 7% of cases advice with is used

Very enthusiastic folk who are very helpful with advice.

Ms Wood provided me with advice, prepared my case for me.

But he has recently commented that he is overloaded with advice.

From the moment that you first produce a baby, in the modern age, you find yourself bombarded with advice.

The reasons for the test should be explained, along with advice on when and how the results will be advised.

Success Depends on Organization Much has been written over the years with advice to help you organize yourself.

With advice and leadership from staff at Plan Kenya, we embarked on a journey of community participation in mapping and media.

We also provide UK government with advice on tourism policy and raise awareness of the significance of tourism to the UK economy.

The firm provided its clients with advice and assistance in regard to policy issues and political dynamics in markets around the world.

Crown Agent, ACE or ICE) then it should consult its responsible Minister and the Minister of State Services (with advice from the SSC).

In 6% of cases advice to is used

The panel was set up to advice Mr.

Always keep yourself open to advice from others who know wine.

To advice and give technical assistance to businesses and governments.

The main work of the council is to advice the president in the performance of his functions.

Our job has been to advice, monitor and guide them to get the most out of their social media activity.

His decision not to ' spike the football ' ran contrary to advice given by senior members of his team.

Midwives in every small grama sevaka division will visit households to advice mothers on maternity care and ensure timely immunisation of children against childhood diseases.

The possibility that predators have taken an interest was raised by Qantas, stating it has appointed Macquarie Bank to advice on its defence in the event of some corporate action.

Several officers from the rank of Colonel and their equivalent in other services would kiss the military goodbye if the governments adhere to advice urging the implementation of HTACOS.

While Helen Knox, a qualified nurse specialist and director of Sexplained, a resource that promotes safer sexual and reproductive health, says women should listen to advice to take the pill.

In 3% of cases advice on is used

Source(s): This is based on advice I've received from professionals about birth control.

Pool Administrator arranges for Reinsurance Protection (QS and XoL on Retention) based on advice of EC/BoD.

A third key issue for this meeting has been agreement on advice on reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation.

Later, on advice of Rama and Agni, the Phantom Sita went to the sacred place Puskara and started doing tapas (penance) there.

Will be going to vet soon on advice, and shots etc but it came from a very good home where everything was taken care of, including them de fleaing the day before we collect it.

In 1% of cases advice in is used

If not, well, hey, the time will be well spent anyway, seeking the good in advice about software testing.

In 1% of cases advice including is used

Patient education including advice for future attacks of AE is important.

Friend's experience, but it is not the advice that I have received, including advice from reserve units that already contain significant numbers of ex-regulars.

HealthInsite topic page linking to a range of information about living with a disability, including advice, services, support groups and day to day issues such as dressing, driving and safety.

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