Prepositions used with "adventure"

"of adventure" or "for adventure"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 58% of cases adventure of is used
    Janssen of adventures in Expat Land.
    What you gain is a life of adventure.
    Loughcrew is the Centre of adventure.
    I liked this little car a lot and had lots of adventures driving her, on and off road.
    When you undertake any type of adventure Travel you must have Flexibility and Patience.
    It's a tempting idea: fewer crowds, lower cost, plus a genuine Aussie sense of adventure.
    There are a lot of people who travel out of Canada either for job, work, and emergency or for the sack of adventure.
    While Henry's out buying fish and chips, Sonia and Kenny get stoned, cop-off and vow to embark on a life of adventure.
    Maybe you simply yielded to a youthful spirit of adventure because you were confident you could get along almost anywhere.

    In 16% of cases adventure for is used
    Day: Nazca - Arequipa It's a day for adventure.
    This classic shoestring destination is still ripe for adventure.
    Nepal! well, Great news for travellers who are looking for adventures destionation.
    Nepal! well, Great news for travellers who are looking for adventures destionation.
    So, those people who feel the need for adventure can only do things that have been done before.
    Families are packing up and hitting the road for camping, visits with family in other provinces and destinations for adventure.
    Yes the food was unadventurous, but this is rural Kalampaka after all -- we came to Kalampaka for adventures of a different kind.
    The range of options on offer highlights to me that whether you are looking for adventure or romance in Tassie, you will find an experience to savour.
    As will become apparent, for adventure Therapy, it is the activities and the environment within which they take place that is crucial to the therapeutic effect.

    In 6% of cases adventure in is used
    Among companies specializing in adventure tourism, FreshTreks (www.
    Chapter 6 presents a model of the role of emotion in adventure Therapy.
    Location Items Location items are figures included in adventure Packs (sold separately).
    I have vast experience of working with young people and helping them to achieve their potential in adventure sports.
    For more information visit **32;6369;TOOLONG Alexandre is a commercial mountain photographer with a double interest in adventure and landscape images.

    In 6% of cases adventure to is used
    The Crack in Amelia's wall is her Call To adventure.
    Lace Mamba Global always deliver when it comes to adventure games and the retail edition of To The Moon is no different.
    Jim Haggerty As co-host of the Onion News Network's top-rated morning show, Today Now!, Jim Haggerty is no stranger to adventure.
    Chapter 1 is an introduction to adventure Therapy with particular emphasis on the existing theoretical models which have been applied to adventure Therapy.

    In 3% of cases adventure on is used
    Be willing to go out and play, or to go on adventures, or to get involved in the things the kids enjoy.
    I'd going to be the Mum that takes him on adventures to far and away places, like the local blueberry farm.
    I dream of slowing down and just going on adventures with the kiddos and gardening and reading stories, but the reality is, I'd not that person.

    In 2% of cases adventure about is used
    I was not serious about adventure sports.

    In 2% of cases adventure from is used
    While the boat allows you to sleep in total comfort, the river cruise is far from adventure light.
    We provide members with free, specialist advice on everything from adventure tourism safety to media relations and are always keen to help.
    I can't go to Comic Con without seeing all the white hats from adventure Time -- there's a picture of the entire audience wearing the white hats from adventure Time, t-shirts and so on.

    In 2% of cases adventure including is used
    He has written books, including adventure on Ararat and Ark on Ararat, and made a couple of trips to the mountain, is that correct? How many trips? Morris: I've been to Turkey on several occasions.

    In 2% of cases adventure with is used
    Kitts and Nevis, your itinerary can be filled with adventure and fun.

    In 1% of cases adventure by is used
    Getting our van wrapped by adventure Branding was one of the best things we have done and I would highly recommend it to anyone setting up or looking to advertise their company.

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