Prepositions used with "advantage"

"of advantage" or "to advantage"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases advantage of is used
    There are plenty of advantages to assisting others.
    There are lots of advantages of Tn payday cash advances.
    Utilization of advantages to be simple maintaining fundamental.
    Thus it is best time for India to invest in manufacturing now as it has a lot of advantages.
    It is easy to see that you are going to have a lot of advantages when it comes to payday loans.
    The margin of advantage that Americans enjoyed over the rest of the world had already worn thin.
    There are a vast number of advantages to using social media in medical education including; It is universally accessable.
    Later ideas of purity and power introduced by the Brahmins to maintain their position of advantage in the society corrupted the system.
    Usually go for lower premiums, plenty of advantages and discounts, however make certain that this compensation worth provided tends to make sense.
    It's your knowing how a task or desire is to be achieved or accomplished that puts you in a place of advantage and positions you to get things done.

    In 22% of cases advantage to is used
    In the Soviet Union government control of health was used to advantage by the Politburo.
    If a girl had a healthy body, fit for childbirth, she should be proud to display it to advantage.
    Fortunately, the proximity of industries that cause environmental damage can be turned to advantage.
    Due to advantage of economise power a lot local news paper has been established in Chittagong suprobhat.
    Pacing is good as it shows Snow White's early life right up to her mother's death and a battle that shows the movie's powerful effects to advantage.
    The overwhelming exception to the rule (disadvantaged moving to advantage ), juxtaposed with the overwhelming rule (advantaged maintaining advantage).

    In 12% of cases advantage for is used
    Creating the *right* progeny is a Very Big Deal; and for *Elite* Americans, as for the Hapsburg and Rothschild Dynasties, marriage-with-children is for advantage social and financial.
    In a similar sense, most developed countries around the world moved into greening their economies, but some were the first movers, so they'd be the first to reap the hoped for advantages.

    In 10% of cases advantage with is used
    Its not really anything to do with advantages from that point of view I just want to keep the social housing option open.
    Again, like the first person approach, there are several varieties of third person viewpoints, with advantages and disadvantages.
    Peter Svidler had good chances to join the group of leaders but didn't succeed to win the position with advantage against Leinier Dominguez.

    In 3% of cases advantage in is used
    A thought is recommended, thereby promote them in advantages.

    In 1% of cases advantage About is used
    Task 2: About advantages and disadvantages of working outside home Comment: Task 1: i was surprised when saw it such task, because i haven't prepared to this kind of task enough.

    In 1% of cases advantage at is used
    There are three basic Apple devices that advantage of the iOS 6 jailbreak release.
    Because of which users using smart phones with Android are at advantage to have better applications coming their way.

    In 1% of cases advantage by is used
    That's part of the package, however, and that downside is made up for by advantages elsewhere.

    In 1% of cases advantage from is used
    Obtain assistance from advantages or.

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