Prepositions after "occur"

occur in, to, at, on or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases occur in is used

This occurred in 2008 and 2011.

A DVT occurs in a vein in the leg.

Deaths occurring in hospitals:.

After a thymectomy, remission or marked improvement occurs in more than half of cases.

If it occurs in the second stroke, you might expect the second stroke to be rectified.

For it had never occurred in the modern history of the world prior to the year 1931.

There is no reason to consider this suffering any more acceptable than any other suffering that occurs in the world.

The project is focused exclusively on ASM occurring in and around protected areas and critical ecosystems (PACE).

When implantation of the egg occurs in the uterus, it erodes the wall of uterus, and some amount of bleeding occurs.

It generally appears during the first three years of life and has been estimated to occur in 1 out of 500 individuals.

In 11% of cases occur to is used

It didn't occur to me it was you.

A few further thoughts occur to me.

A point occurred to him about this.

None of which, in a supposedly serious recording session seemed to occur to any of them.

In all fairness, the idea probably hasn't even occurred to the Japanese ruling class.

It hadn't occurred to me that I'd need to add my son, but of course, that makes sense.

Did it ever occur to ANYONE that western civilization was influenced by Christianity since it came? But I fully agree.

It is extremely possible that damage will occur to those things which you identify with yourself in the third density.

Ian and Linda were great however and it suddenly occurred to me at one point I had been naked for roughly two hours.

It didn't really occur to me until I saw the production that this story had become successful because it was important.

In 9% of cases occur at is used

The accident occurred at 2:35 p.

The holdup occurred at about 2 a.

This occurred at Portland, Oregon.

I don't foresee a Second Civil War occurring at any time in the next decade or two.

Incidentally, is -- this one? As soon as it occurs at the micro, it is something else.

Average rate of elimination Elimination occurs at a constant rate for a given individual.

The flooding occurred at night while the victims were asleep, leaving them with no opportunity to salvage property.

The training occurred at a frequency of twice a week over a 12 week period for 24 sessions from June to August 2009.

The shift from form to interaction can occur at any time and is not limited to a particular stratum of learner ability.

Recent researches show that CO 2 emissions are occurring at a rate doubling the capacity that the earth can assimilate.

In 7% of cases occur on is used

This reason code occurs only on OS/390.

This reason code occurs only on VSE/ESA.

The attack on Hong Kong occurred on Dec.

In Universal Time, the December solstice occurs on December 22 at the 5th hour 30th minute.

It is no coincidence that most deaths occur on such roads, often young drivers going too fast.

Take a look at what is occurring on your end, and that may help you to refine what you need.

When LS occurs on parts of the body other than the genital area, most often there are no symptoms, other than itching.

This reason can also occur on the MQXCNVC call; the coded character-set identifier in error is the SourceCCSID parameter.

Most - 68 percent - of check-ins occur on Facebook, and include groups of friends commenting on photos or YouTube videos.

Not the day before (though probably few would want to go to court about conduct occurring on 11:59 PM that last day).

In 5% of cases occur during is used

This occurred during a great earthquake.

Violence occurred during the miners? strike.

Most abuses occurred during periods of remand.

As you well know, it's crucial that injuries do not occur during your basketball training.

Significant Events Please note, this is a list of select fires that occurred during October.

However, mild to moderate conjunctival or episcleral hyperaemia may occur during topical treatment.

The most rapid and dramatic language acquisition typically occurs during the first five years of life (Owens 1996).

Explanation: A severe error, as reported in the preceding messages, occurred during repository manager processing.

Changes in air pressure are possible not just when the plane is taking off or landing; it may also occur during the flight.

Right PFC and ventral striatal activation occurred during retrospective revaluation, supporting the associative account.

In 3% of cases occur with is used

Plagues occur with nasty regularity.

Similar incidents occurred with Waleed and Ramzan.

The problem occurs with this acceptance of ' normal '.

Since all configurations occur with equal probability, it would have an entropy of 2.

The same fund being, it seems that it feels vaguely that big difference occurs with use.

Though abductions of students from schools are rare, they do occur with enough regularity.

This is why governmental corruption is more likely to occur with drug related crimes rather than traditional crimes.

Your point total includes the points from both violations, because they both occurred with a single 18-month period.

If this reason occurs with MQCONN, the queue manager might have been stopped and restarted, and now be available again.

The graphics are triggered by the presenter, not the director or the CG operator as occurs with the rest of the newscast.

In 2% of cases occur as is used

Deletions occur as specified in 6.

This will occur as a result of two effects: 1.

If this is not possible, we will be responsible for any loss which occurs as a result.

Speciation may occur as a result of natural selection, but it only occurs within a kind.

But BP's Deepwater Horizon blowout occurred as the rig completed exploration drilling.

It can also look for any abnormal heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation (AF) which can occur as a result of a PE.

Other neurological complications such as headaches, fever, nausea, and dizziness may occur as a result of HIV treatments.

Major losses occurred as a result of minority groups of workers who received specific orders to target selected properties.

Police said the accident occurred as a Bhanga-bound bus from Faridpur collided with the pickup van at about 9:15 am, leaving two.

In 2% of cases occur within is used

This occurs within any discipline.

Severe lung damage could occur within minutes.

This usually occurs within 10 days of its appearance.

Speciation may occur as a result of natural selection, but it only occurs within a kind.

Also, there is a high risk of another PE occurring within six weeks of the first one.

Literacy difficulties occur within 25% of the national population (OECD adult literacy survey 1998).

The creationist orchard, 10 which shows that diversity has occurred within the original Genesis kinds over time.

The debit from your account will usually occur within 24 hours, and will be shown on your regular account statement.

Icon's solution to this is the concept of bounded expressions; backtracking can only occur within a bounded expression.

You agree with and accept the fact that you bear sole responsibility for all activities and that occur within your account.

In 2% of cases occur before is used

Occurring before nightfall: a day hike.

The loss must have occurred before 1000 B.

But it also can occur before chest discomfort.

I think that there definitely was a very big accident that occurred before ours.

Thoughts are the precursor to action, meaning that thoughts occur before any action takes place.

If failure is in shear, a partial failure occurs before substantial redistribution of load takes place.

Also keep in mind that there is almost always going to be some slippage which occurs before your order is placed.

The delay was such that the impact of the winter occurred before the Germans had reached the objectives set by Hitler.

A new look at the Etruscans The question of what came before the Romans is as irrelevant to some as to what occurred before time.

He says this event will occur before the end of the present century, which means that there are children already born who will live to see a world without coral.

In 2% of cases occur between is used

The rape allegedly occurred between 6.

P occurring between vowels was also lost, e.

The deaths occurred between January 10 to 15, 2010.

The rainy season takes place during the summer, which occurs between May and October.

There are conflicting reports of the time of the overboard as occurring between 4:00 a.

Since signal integrity issues are hard to detect when occurs between standard cell route and signal route at SOC.

From those that have been done in England, Eye injury occurs between 5 and 33 times per 100,000 playing sessions.

On the other hand, in structures 4 and 5 locking occurs between the asperities of the corresponding fractal curves.

Today I want to focus on the transition that occurs between the two narratives: between the bread and the walking on water.

In 2% of cases occur for is used

M 2 = 1 only occurs for single-mode TEM 00 Gaussian beams.

The pregnancy symptoms may occur for a short while or for a long time.

A staggering shift for light industry is occurring for lower end products.

This terror occurred for 3 years after the beginning of the Wounded Knee occupation.

Cause of photosensitivity and photodermatoses Photosensitivity occurs for a variety of reasons.

This is also where the majority of the world's innovation has occurred for at least the last 100 years.

After all, the reign of terror had been occurring for quite some time by then, with many AIM members being killed.

A resurgence of headhunting occurred for some time, until pacification set in under the new American regime in 1902.

This may occur for a variety of reasons such as consumption patterns and choices, or temporary and unexpected heavy spending.

Be that as it may, the same pattern occurs for some other nouns or pronouns after each, as shown in search-result examples below.

In 2% of cases occur after is used

Death may occur after extreme exposure.

Tiredness usually occurs after treatment.

Everything that occurred after that assignment is a nullity.

They are really created to overcome numerous handling that occurs after a puncture.

The beginning of poisoning does appear to have occurred after the drilling of the tubewells.

It only occurs after any four years that way offering your full aid for your team means so much.

What follows are abbreviated eyewitness ' accounts of four particular incidents that occurred after the ambush.

This occurred after the final gap was closed on June 16 th of that year and the first through trains arrived in Nevada.

I've discovered mood changes can occur after six months, two years or a decade of taking it, as every woman responds differently.

In the study, the team generated a list of recent changes in the human genome that occurred after the split from the Denisovans, i.

In 1% of cases occur from is used

The streaming occurs from those other servers.

This forest type occurred from sea level to elevations of 400 m or higher.

CAUTION - means a temporary injury may occur from improper use of the product.

The Sierra Madres are only mildly seasonal, with a dry period occurring from December to April.

Most absorption occurs from the small intestine due to its large surface area and rich blood supply.

In Blarney not a single death has occurred from starvation, nor from fever-- it is perfectly free.

A slow turn to the north-northeast occurred from October 9-12, with Hazel crossing western Haiti as a hurricane on the 12th.

Aircoach nor its agents, employees, contractors may be held responsible for any loss occurring from its use, howsoever caused.

For this reason, one must expect different effects to occur from different times and varying physical and interpersonal surroundings.

The rainy season occurs from May-September when, during the summer months, the climate is influenced by weather off of the mid-Atlantic.

In 1% of cases occur without is used

CONTRAST: Life can not occur without differentiation.

While some suicides occur without warning, most do not.

All this will occur without any magic emanating from the Oval Office.

Very few milestones in life occurred without their advice, strictures and urging.

Love in its true nature can occur without being accompanied by any emotion whatsoever.

A divorce can occur without one partner agreeing, the housekeeping discussion requires mutual agreement.

AF may even occur without symptoms or with so few symptoms that the patient does not know or suspect that they are caused by an irregular heart rhythm 17, 18.

CSP's ability to specify a report-only policy so sites can try out a policy and evaluate what violations occur without the risk of breakage seems like a particularly favorite feature.

In 1% of cases occur under is used

You will be solely responsible and liable for any activity that occurs under your GROU.

To illustrate the benefits of Internet adoption occurring under the current model, Dr.

Ground water is found to occur under confined to unconfined aquifer conditions within 300m.

These are extremely violent volcanoes that hurl rocks over great distances and often occur under water.

The reason being scars occurs under the surface of the skin, therefore these kinds of care is not capable sufficient to enter and obtain eliminate the actual uneven skin marks.

In 1% of cases occur through is used

Maybe this occurred through past actions or words.

In the case this procedure occurs through electronic channels.

The risk of the problems occurring through wedge shoes is very much limited.

Transmission occurs through contact with urine from carrier animals either directly or in water.

Expanding our access to markets and resources often occurs through force and to the detriment of developing nations.

Spread occurs through soil, root contact between palms, infected coconut debris and probably by airborne basidiospores (fungal spores).

It occurs through the fertilization of two ova by two sperm, followed by the fusion of the zygotes and the development of an organism with intermingled cell lines.

This process occurred through the 1950s -- 1980s, providing a significant portion of the rural population with a viable and realistic opportunity for upward mobility.

In 1% of cases occur over is used

High winds occurred over large portions of the eastern United States.

Hurricane conditions also occurred over southern Florida and the Dry Tortugas.

This is quite an extraordinary change, which has occurred over the last 15 years or so.

This reduces the amount of bone lost, so that a net gain in bone density occurs over time.

The police had not received word of any accidents this morning, occurring over the week end.

A general west-northwestward motion occurred over the Gulf accompanied by rapid intensification.

Learning is a process of behavioural changes that occur over time relative to an external stimulus condition.

A unique feature of their visit was that it occurred over the same time as the USA Thanksgiving celebrations.

Stories in a ' narrative ' context are made up of events, linked by a theme, occurring over time and according to a plot.

In 1% of cases occur outside is used

If only 10% of the crimes occur outside the city during the day.

It allows resources to be used and discussion to occur outside the classroom.

If sex has occurred outside of a monogamous relationship, it can influence which tests you need.

The bullying is occurring outside of school hours, and again, adults only become aware of it when someone tells.

This sort of flooding often occurs outside of recognised floodplains and because it is caused by quite localised weather conditions it is very difficult to forecast.

A small portion of the ecoregion's montane forest occurs outside these provinces, yet the overall figure is still too high because much of the forest is below 1,000 m.

Because the pathophysiologic process usually occurs outside the subarachnoid space, CSF findings are often normal, without evidence of intrathecal antibody production to B.

In 1% of cases occur due is used

Eye dark circles can also be occurring due to: 1.

However, still 35 percent of maternal deaths occur due to indirect causes.

Electron transitions do occur due to UV light, but the atmosphere is largely transparent to visible light.

Creation of new islands is a rare phenomenon but does occur due to some earthquakes, which originate below the seabed.

Should any damage to hardware and/or software, or to other data contents, occur due to the use of the websites austria.

This mainly occurs due to non-payment by consumers to power distribution companies and bad account of PIA and Railways.

Hence the person to whom the estimate is sent to must make sure that no penalty occurs due to the missing of the estimate.

Premasiri said that there are a few reported incidents where road accidents have occurred due to the bad state of roads.

The remaining 10% of edges occur due to various template links and blogrolls ' ' --a list of links to fellow bloggers ' sites.

With bolts, a small redistribution of load from the end bolts to the interior bolts occurs due to crushing of the wood at the end bolts.

In 1% of cases occur by is used

To pretend that everything that has been said and can be known of God has occurred by 400 A.

The warming primarily occurs by conduction from the earth's surface directly to the atmosphere.

The worst of the relations between the United States and Cuba had not yet occurred by April 1961.

What do you have to say about the crisis tracker, that is an update on real-time abductions occurring by the LRA.

We take no responsibility for violations occurred by localhost members, it's your job to revise the terms on a regular basis.

The combating of such ideologues does not occur by presenting the wider population with the choice of ' you're either with us or against us '.

What I want to say is that even though the federal government's scope is much greater than the states, oppression that occurs by the states is still wrong.

Of course, this could also occur by accident, but, when was the last time someone with an agenda ' accidentally ' tried to push it forward? Here's food for thought.

In 1% of cases occur because is used

Effects occur because of cause.

Evolution occurs because of the laws of life.

Conflict has already occurred because of climate change.

What I didn't understand was the interpersonal ugliness that occurred because of it.

Many rescues occur because of poor decisions on the roads -- please err on the side of caution.

These changes occur because of the growth and development that is happening for the mother and her baby.

Additional differences occur because of the mix of self-identification and observer-identification of race and ethnicity.

The mental decline conditions like dyslexia and dyscalculia occurs because of lack of communication and this can be worked upon.

Government failure may occur because of imperfect knowledge or foresight, rigidities in regulations, myopic regulation, and political constraints.

LDOE is now touring the state touting and introducing all the choices that are now available for students and with what miracles will occur because of these many choices.

In 1% of cases occur among is used

Internalized oppression occurs among members of the same cultural group.

Most of those deaths occur among people older than 65; on average, 98 of every 100,000 seniors with the flu die.

No significant correlation occurred among populations for corrected survival of larvae on Cry3Bb1 maize and Cry34/35Ab1 maize (r = 0.

With lobbying on a national level, the idea of a comparative advantage occurring among the various types of donors has been put forward.

About 20% of all who died in the city (1,808 in 1911) were children than a year old and nearly all those occurred among the poorest classes.

Although some degree of informal mentoring inevitably occurs among family members, it's important that the next leader also has non-family mentors in the business.

It occurred among post-emancipation African contract labourers sent toJamaica in the late in 19th century, but is thought to be derived from the Kongo in Central Africa.

There was an increased, but nonsignificant, incidence of other cancers, based on two cases (one pinealoma and one Hodgkin's disease) occurring among those aged 15-24 years during 1984-90.

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