Prepositions after "occupy"

occupy by, with, in, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases occupy by is used

These are also occupied by one electron each.

Each sp hybrid orbital is occupied by one electron.

Greece had been occupied by Germany during the war.

Usually, part of the garage is an extension of the house and not occupied by humans.

When the buffer state was occupied by the Soviet Union the battlefront shifted here.

The castle was occupied by the Knights Templar, an armed religious order of the time.

Just as a physical space occupied by a business would be maintained, the same must be done with its Internet space.

This way instead of three perpendiculars of a 1D interaction, the space will be already occupied by one 3D interaction.

Another explanation is under the Supreme Commander plan Japan was occupied by America and very, very carefully managed.

Phrased explicitly, it is the number of species immigrating per unit time onto an island already occupied by S species.

In 12% of cases occupy with is used

I am in this article only occupied with Der Ring des Nibelungen.

A value of 100 means that the employee is fully occupied with this task.

He is too preoccupied with securing his earthly existence against unnecessary deprivation.

He was so occupied with request for photos and could be the most popular person last night.

He is praised by others; honored, esteemed, and occupied with all the goals of temporal life.

Everyone is so much occupied with his or her that no one has the time to care for another person.

About the thing you have mentioned i wonder if your thinking was still occupied with your background.

Unfortunately Black Ops II ' s plot dose not carry the deep thinking sentiment to compare Occupy with Jacobinism.

This also despite the film opening during the Navratri period, where audiences are otherwise occupied with the festivities.

In 9% of cases occupy in is used

The time occupied in passing over the rope was just 11 minutes.

The Korean Navy, however, was already fully occupied in the west.

A man can not do right in one area of life whilst he is occupied in doing wrong in another area.

A wonderful celebration of the sheer diversity of language and the place it occupies in human endeavour.

Daniel's second and most generous offer that morning was his invitation to share the guest room he was going to occupy in New Delhi.

Here a workers ' state occupies the same position in regard to the whole economy as an individual capitalist occupies in the context of a single factory.

During the time David occupied in pouring out the pious feelings of his spirit in this manner, not a sign of surprise, nor a look of impatience, escaped them.

Something to keep your child occupied in the supermarket is to send him ahead of you in the aisle to try to find a certain brand of crisps/cereal/tomato sauce.

Thirdly, he must be firmly resolved never to sin again, and immediately becoming occupied in whatever good deeds that he can in order to wipe out his past sins.

In 5% of cases occupy for is used

Perhaps they know better than I of promises made by an occupying force.

I once managed to keep one occupied for about 20 minutes before the caller tumbled to the fact I was conning him.

Kids of all ages can learn the simple rules to this game which can keep them occupied for as long as any video game.

Thank you John Washington for this post, and thank you Occupy for showing us how we when we work together we all have better lives.

With that firmly in mind I'll delicately go ahead and attempt to shed some much needed light on where deep darkness have occupied for weeks.

The village of Mechu had been repeatedly flooded since 2004, with 200 households forced to leave homes that their families had occupied for generations.

Tomorrow I will show you what's coming onboard to keep me occupied for nearly thirty hours travel time (just on the first leg of my travel -- I think all up I have about 90 hours.

The lake settlement in Fermanagh appears to have been continuously occupied for more than 1,000 years, from the sixth century to the 17th century, and may have been settled earlier.

The Sao Francisco River passes from its birthplace to its river's mouth through traditional territories that are occupied for over 9000 years by the indigenous peoples of the northeast.

In 2% of cases occupy at is used

Together, these results indicate that the site was occupied at 39 500 bp.

In 1% of cases occupy about is used

The Low-Country Dry Zone: The low-country dry zone occupies about three-quarters of the country.

In 1% of cases occupy as is used

It is the only round tower occupied as a family home, and it is also the home of renowned harpers ' The Cullen Harpers ' Cyril's.

Buck trotted up to the place Spitz would have occupied as leader; but Francois, not noticing him, brought Sol-leks to the coveted position.

In 1% of cases occupy during is used

More than 26,000 teachers and support staff began hitting the picket lines Monday morning, while the school district and parents made plans for keeping students safe and occupied during the day.

In 1% of cases occupy on is used

You will only see < 30% occupied on majority of the ready house development.

Some do not consider these Metis Settlements until occupied on a continuous basis.

They would all find seats in 150 75-seat coaches, sufficient to occupy on seventh of the capacity of one lane of a motor road the same width as required by a train.

In 1% of cases occupy over is used

This site, located in the western part of North Carolina, contains the remains of a stratified Indian village that was occupied over a span of 3,500 years, from 2000 BC to AD 1450.

How to keep them occupied over the holidays so they can work as usual, the cost of the extra programs, the maneuvering through how to get them where and when and still get to work on time etc.

In 1% of cases occupy since is used

But the traditional site for the temple has been occupied since 691 A.

Professor Linda Cupples is currently Head of the Department of Linguistics, a role that she has occupied since 2006.

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