Prepositions after "obsolete"

"obsolete in" or "obsolete by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases obsolete in is used

I do not mean obsolete in any way.

Elements that are obsolete in HTML 4.

They shold be obsolete in my own opinion.

Now it just seems obsolete in an era where literally everything is at our fingertips.

This is not to say that the optic pipe we bury today may not be obsolete in a decade.

The cheque (or check) still reigns supreme, whereas it's nearly obsolete in Australia.

So, as far as our district is concerned, I think a lot of the things mentioned above will not be obsolete in 2020.

Nevertheless, it will be rendered obsolete in the computerised system where the tracking system will be centralised.

Let us lay to rest to this notion which, from a technological perspective, became obsolete in the late 20th century.

In 25% of cases obsolete by is used

NBN may well be obsolete by then.

This is one of the scales considered obsolete by the trade.

This was made obsolete by the introduction of the 18th amendment.

The product would take years to get to market and be obsolete by the time it arrived.

Unfortunately, the latter is made obsolete by the already popular demand of the people.

People automatically assume the horse and buggy was rendered obsolete by the automobile.

Any number of investments we're making today could be rendered obsolete by some massive leap forward in technology.

These standards were voted obsolete by the European Parliament, 522 to 16 votes - yet still remain in use in the UK.

Art in any form is still art and that's how I feel about most of the things that have been rendered obsolete by many.

Ayed observes that 11 September was instantly unrepeatable; indeed, the tactic was obsolete by 10am the same morning.

In 6% of cases obsolete for is used

St) u'm=iks, Bulls, obsolete for 50 years.

And quite frankly it's really obsolete for this present times.

If you have heard or seen it, its already been obsolete for a decade.

Any smart TV bought in 2012 would have been obsolete for a minimum of 2 years by 2017.

And Intel recently released a processor, so your computing power won't be obsolete for a while.

Non-performance in a particular area doesn't prove that a banker is obsolete for the banking job.

Findings in Cognitive Science will guide us in deciding what will be obsolete for some students in the next decade.

An individual sale of Bundesliga matches could make pay-per-view-TV almost obsolete for the most of football at this point.

Updates need to come more regularly too; information should never be obsolete for it could greatly lag the company's progress.

Our first South American destination, Quito, has an infamous airport with a landing strip deemed obsolete for modern aviation.

In 4% of cases obsolete as is used

Not only is housewifery no longer pronounced huzzifry, it is almost entirely obsolete as a word.

After 1898, the treaty became somewhat obsolete as the two world superpowers grew less influential.

For that email has become obsolete as a valid and easy to use tool for marketing and customer communications.

During the course of World War One, many had accepted that cavalry had become obsolete as a front line weapon.

Soon, a data selection mode, obsolete as the program creator toolbox, slows an many report of an operating client.

Like English Royalty, JFK's lead made the three-button obsolete as every man in America rushed to buy the popular two-button.

The new legislation will automatically override any clauses that may have become obsolete as a result of the legislation changes.

I think there are some developments in military force that make horse cavalry permanently obsolete as a standard-issue offensive tool.

A Prime Minister can not unfairly be an appointment made by the press!! The Westminster system is obsolete as well as the Two-Party-System.

I imagine that many white people, especially conservatives and older voters, may be feeling a bit obsolete as the country changes around them.

In 4% of cases obsolete within is used

It is a skill that will be obsolete within 50 years.

It can render a cyber defence obsolete within seconds.

Things become obsolete within a week replaced with another version.

Old maps of the world would quickly become obsolete within a short span of time.

This is inimical to an industry where products get obsolete within three months.

Buy a new PC and it will be obsolete within a couple of years, no longer able to play the latest games.

Projections: Bill Gates has been quoted saying he suspects DVDs and Blu-Rays to become obsolete within 10 years.

Riding on the nose of longboards became obsolete within a few months and longboard factories went out of business.

This keeps you constantly up to date! Forget those outdated Ebooks whose information is obsolete within six months of them being written.

That means that there's a very high likelihood that what got you a job right out of college will be completely obsolete within five years.

In 4% of cases obsolete with is used

But caste networking advantages are becoming obsolete with global network.

Naia, built in the 1950s, has been criticized as obsolete with decrepit facilities.

I hope to make it obsolete with my new SETI New Zealand website but I'd afraid it's low priority.

An expression rapidly becoming obsolete with the changing of fashion away from wearing such items.

A decade ago we had just begun to sense that CD's would become obsolete with the release of the iPod.

This attempt was interrupted by the war and it later became obsolete with the advent of electronic computers.

I do believe however that the day is fast approaching whereby the likes of Telecom will be made obsolete with VOIP.

Even the once indispensable cork is now superseded if not obsolete with the fast-growing acceptance of the screwtop.

Markus says: 11:33am 14/02/12 As a combat weapon, the samurai were made obsolete with the introduction of gunpowder.

The metaphor of nested subroutines became obsolete with the advent of object-oriented programming in the early 1960s.

In 2% of cases obsolete due is used

The libraries are obsolete due to the digital age.

Technologically obsolete due to newer devices after less than 12 months android devices.

The idea of education becoming obsolete due to cultural changes isn't without a science fiction precedent.

Even short term predictions/projections are becoming obsolete due to the enormous amount of changes the app space is undergoing.

While many of the damages prove to the permanent, dams themselves become obsolete due to sedimentation, filling up of the reservoir, etc.

I Also agree to an extent with his comment about the need for memorization of facts is now obsolete due to smart phones and data access being so advanced.

One could argue that there have been technologies that went obsolete due to inventions and innovations: typewriter, camera film and audio tapes come to mind.

Of course now the inline styling of padding and margin may be obsolete due to the div tag not carrying any as default, however im sticking with it as a failsafe.

Which the SNES still pushing strong into the baby years of the N64 gamers where very reluctant to leave behind their library of gaming which were now obsolete due to no backwards compatibility.

In 2% of cases obsolete because is used

Armor became obsolete because of firearms.

There is only success or failure, try is an excuse, its obsolete because of its expression.

In many regards, the Timer class can be considered obsolete because of the **27;4765;TOOLONG class.

Games on mobile devices are quickly becoming obsolete because of new and better games are released ever so often.

However, when the Mongols invaded Japan, these fighting techniques became obsolete because of the toughness of the Mongolian armor.

It is exactly because of this coupled with 2G becoming obsolete because of 3G and 4G which has resulted in less realization this time.

Would the people who suggest that schools are obsolete because of consistent design be willing to make a similar aguement with religious people.

I think it would be irrational if we try to discard if not eliminate words that seem to be obsolete because of their rare usage or simply because no one searched for them.

Most important, the 1906 law became obsolete because of the technological changes which were revolutionizing the production and marketing of foods, drugs, and related products.

But given the rapid growth of technology, the BluRay, DVD, or any other optical drives have just started to feel obsolete because of their short life span and operational glitches.

In 2% of cases obsolete on is used

It might soon make Opera Mini obsolete on my device.

It suggests that they thought it would become obsolete on its own.

The truck is obsolete on the NLB even if you build it with a thinly armored shell on top (Stryker).

I've felt for a while now that Ranganathan's 5 laws are very quickly becoming obsolete on a fundamental level.

Just like the abandoned voting system, Irish emigrant's voices will become obsolete on polling day, as our say in the countries future is goes unaccounted.

Lastly, the Internet is the single greatest shopping mall for ink cartridges, you can find any ink cartridge for any printer either current or obsolete on the Internet.

I do not show respect? When people say something to me obviously I am going to say something back? Ask obsolete on that one, I am infirmed 24/7 cause of my gang cause of him.

As the first half progresses, however, the two slowly swap positions until the Blues captain is barking orders gleefully and the Italian is unobtrusive and obsolete on the bench.

State of the art equipment is worthless if it takes ten years and is obsolete on delivery, such as those worthless Collins class subs and that Joint Strike Fighter which is a joke.

Just like on Smartphones, they all have search apps now, but how can you lose something on such a small device!? Search is obsolete on a laptop/computer as long as you know how to use one.

In 2% of cases obsolete at is used

Jp The Playbook was obsolete at launch Patrick.

Products and services inevitably reach maturity or become obsolete at some point in time.

A candidate should be wary of completing a thesis that is obsolete at the time of completion.

It's possible they already are becoming obsolete at anything other than transporting humans in space.

New knowledge is being created by the minute, while old knowledge is becoming obsolete at the same rapid pace.

All of a sudden our little bomb wasn't good enough -- obsolete at the point of readiness and wasted effort number two.

Like the Concordes now on display at aerospace museums, the maglev is well on the way to becoming both futuristic and obsolete at the same time.

In 2% of cases obsolete after is used

So many CDs that were obsolete after an hour.

But these thoughts became obsolete after 2009 and transformed into marvelous relations.

Olympic parks and Commonwealth parks have often been considered to be obsolete after the event.

He claimed that it, too, had become obsolete after his experiment? I reported the same to the Sindh Express on July 30, 2012.

The untwist: they're NOT in the distant future, the tower was merely declared obsolete after the NPG company built a better one.

The Law given to Moses, obedience to which was for Israel a condition of remaining in the covenant, became obsolete after the death and resurrection of Christ for all believers.

The difference between a product and a brand is that products can become obsolete after sometime but brands are built through consumers expectations, perceptions and experiences.

Second, Hong Kong's historical advantage in entrept trade was rendered obsolete after the outbreak of the Korean War because of the United Nations embargo against trade with China.

We believed the Sandline contract had become obsolete after the multinational invasion, so we were surprised by a report that 30 tons of weapons had been seized by the Nigerian army.

Kind of makes you think about kittens playing with yarn balls, right? However, the life span for these toys is quite short as they become obsolete after new trends and versions flood the markets.

In 1% of cases obsolete before is used

Consequently, the Eurofighter was obsolete before the ink was dry the day the contract was signed.

Here in the US, most phone contracts are 2 years (24 months) which makes any phone obsolete before the contract runs out.

I never felt like I was without anything in terms of apps or file support, and it doesn't feel like a device that's going to be obsolete before a 2-year contract runs out.

QEII Park was built to house the 1974 Commonwealth Games and despite upgrades since then, it was likely considered economically obsolete before the earthquakes in any case.

In 1% of cases obsolete from is used

Some areas of industry might outperform others, while there may be some companies which become obsolete from technological advances.

Does this mean, multicast is becoming obsolete from 10g onwards and not a recommended way for inter node communication? What are pros &; cons for unicast vs.

Bearing in mind the complicated dynamics of slang, I think it is pertinent to remind the user of this resource that terms listed may have become obsolete from use.

In 1% of cases obsolete like is used

As language does not become obsolete like technology, you will definitely appreciate having known another language.

John Your mentioning of skyscrapers becoming obsolete like battleships reminded me that people going to the wikipedia daily page might have noticed an entry about The Shard.

Sure, Apple updates their products all the time and it may be hard to keep up, however, the product you originally bought will never become obsolete like products from other companies do.

In 1% of cases obsolete over is used

Sometimes a gift will break, other times it will become obsolete over time.

The drivers that come with your Motherboard CD/DVD might become obsolete over time.

The lack of trust to experiment with new ideas is what makes companies obsolete over a period of time.

The problem is this: affirmative action programs, when successful, make themselves obsolete over time.

Final thought, bikes are becoming obsolete over night, and I do not want to be a guinea pig in this rediculously expensive sport during this heated debate.

In 1% of cases obsolete since is used

Microsoft has been slowly rendering itself obsolete since 2005.

What are the benefits of being a Partner compared to just monetizing my videos and not being a Partner? (( obsolete since April 2012) ) 1.

In other words, AV has been obsolete since 2006, but signature-based antimalware protection still lives on as a part of defense-in-depth strategy to protect endpoints.

In 1% of cases obsolete through is used

Any less fundamental level of technology, including all current technologies of defense, is rendered obsolete through a technology of the unified field.

Instead of reaping the benefits, we are being squeezed more and more, then made obsolete through the influx of foreign workers, escalating inflation, increased taxes, levies, fees etc.

At the same time, there is ' profound restructuring ' of traditional male jobs such as manufacturing, which are being done by cheaper labour abroad or made obsolete through technological advances.

Modern technology has rendered cadence braking almost obsolete through anti-lock brakes, ABS in short (anti-blockier system ), and they work through the cadence braking method I have just mentioned.

In 1% of cases obsolete to is used

They are all obsolete to a stunning degree.

In the legacy TV world, transmitters are obsolete to the verge of pointlessness.

MM: Having discussed this earlier, the entire concept of a book fair seems obsolete to most of the students.

The World indoctrinated into Politically Correct Relativism has made objective thinking obsolete to the majority.

Fortunately, these days at least in the telecom industry, opto-isolators have rendered this problem obsolete to a great extent.

By the time (one, two, three years) an article is published, it is no longer of interest to its active author, and is somewhat obsolete to active readers.

In 1% of cases obsolete without is used

I pointed out to her that this vehicle was obsolete without this part.

Any data set from the 20th century is obsolete without significant adjustments.

The article is asking whether something is obsolete without bothering to say what the thing actually is.

FaceBook would shoot itself in the foot turning fan pages obsolete without offering alternatives to advertisers.

The myth of the scientific method as the only approach to reality will become obsolete without loss to man's interaction with this world.

It is likely to sport a rear-facing camera and come with Apple's newest ' lightning ' connector, a controversial re-design which made previous accessories and chargers obsolete without an adapter.

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