Prepositions after "obsessed"

obsessed with, by, about, in or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 90% of cases obsessed with is used

I am OBSESSED with that series.

I was a bit obsessed with them.

I am obsessed with making money.

I'd not going to lie, I'd a little bit obsessed with Bakers Delight at the moment.

So I love food, but I also find myself obsessed with the chuffing world around me.

He was obsessed with Jack the Ripper, writing numerous essays and poems about him.

MJ- um, child molestation accusations? Obsessed with money? Drugs? Love CS but a shame he believed in purgatory.

We have become obsessed with the idea of life expectancy in terms of survival not the quality of the life lived.

He's become a little obsessed with it, to be honest; this looks to be his most experimental production feat yet.

Brian became obsessed with the notion that he could apply social engineering techniques to pull off a major scam.

In 5% of cases obsessed by is used

We are still obsessed by reach.

JR was obsessed by any bad play.

Don't get too obsessed by it all.

If anything I have become more keen, that riders should be less obsessed by strides.

The West became obsessed by the 3,000 jihadists, some of whom had links to al-Qaeda.

We live in a society obsessed by healthy eating, nutrition, and most of all dieting.

By day three I am obsessed by the progress of a spot I feel coming up on my chin and can not bear not to check it.

The Conservative leadership may not seem obsessed by the EU but they are obsessed with offering it the other cheek.

He plays Granville's best friend, Lord Edmund St John-Smythe, an inventor obsessed by the discovery of electricity.

I am dumbfounded yet obsessed by the amount of information and ideas that one can experience, within the assemblage.

In 3% of cases obsessed about is used

They are obsessed about dieting.

In fact you are obsessed about ours.

Tame became obsessed about the error.

You are the one obsessed about it and wearing it like a cloak of self-importance.

Remember not to get completely obsessed about building up a Twitter follower base.

And I was always obsessed about the weight on my stomach rather than anywhere else.

Painkiller is a return to a simpler time when FPSes weren't story-driven, cinematic and obsessed about realism.

No one will harm me, or make me feel awkward about a TV show that they were super obsessed about in high school.

So what? This is perfectly normal behaviour when one has moral convictions and is not obsessed about getting laid.

Let's Eat Sweets is a fast-paced arcade game featuring a cute little girl, who is obsessed about all kinds of candy.

In 1% of cases obsessed in is used

And lately I'd obsessed in making miniature clay.

I think I am obsessed in reading and i fell quite happy for it.

I think you have become obsessed in finding faults with yourself.

Naoi is obsessed in a Ho Yay -riffic kind of way with him and is his hardcore fanboy.

It is a unique opportunity to become deeply obsessed in African and Ghanaian culture.

I'd trying hard not to get too self obsessed in worrying about my own troubles too much.

Yes he has some very fair points and no doubt he is sane but extremely obsessed in trying to get his point across.

There are millions of such achievements but our media is only obsessed in the bad news and failures and disasters.

I went out on a couple of dates this past summer with a guy obsessed in getting his twitter followers to 2000+ people.

For at least a year before I started going out with him, I was obsessed in the way that you should only be when you're a teenager.

In 1% of cases obsessed over is used

They also inquired about the much obsessed over grades.

Nick the Dragon Slayer obsessed over the Queen for this reason.

When I don't think about my past, I forget I ever obsessed over food.

In the beginning, it seemed like I was getting too obsessed over this whole K thing.

Two, don't get obsessed over speed or time, just run at a pace that feels comfortable.

This is because I don't want you to get so obsessed over where the information comes from.

The Maven is kind of obsessed over this new discovery, and will be testing all kinds of combos to find the best one.

I couldn't dare tell the sister that her doula was some lady who was obsessed over her and was kinda hating big time.

Take a moment today to ask one of your friends who has ever obsessed over wanting to lose just ten more pesky pounds.

There are sooooo many atheists that are more obsessed over the topic of religion than actual hardcore religious people.

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