Prepositions after "observe"

observe in, by, on, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases observe in is used

It was quite satisfying to observe in a way.

John Murray observes in relation to John 1:14 '.

This may be observed in any capitalistic economy.

As was observed in an 1999 article from the Mathematics Magazine, Arguing whether 0.

But this decrease is just a trend observed in data that vary over shorter timescales.

On average 8 degrees left and right more rotation was measured and observed in 10 days.

As I observed in the comments, the observation about how it was communicated was just that -- a brief observation.

Section 3-Safety Precautions Regulations may prescribe the safety precautions to be observed in licensed premises.

I've observed in all of your screenshots used in most of the article having similar type of Annotation markings (i.

This positive experience of the Western governments is in complete contrast to what they observe in the Muslim world.

In 13% of cases observe by is used

The Sunday following is so observed by many of our churches.

This was observed by many and I have a picture of the police boat.

Your actions are observed by others through your behavior and manners.

Ashura should be observed by attending the Majales al-Aza, and through the shedding of tears.

An enquiry into the nature of facts observed by science leads us to epistemology and metaphysics.

As observed by us yesterday, no peace-loving persons or groups need fear these law and order measures.

In the many minds interpretation however, the reality that is observed by a conscious observer is ' useful ' to that context.

I think this is a great idea as the poor are able to retrieve the cash and merit is made and observed by the gods and goddesses.

Also, it is important to have other supportive laboratory results if only a few ring-like structures are observed by microscopy.

From that time down to the present, the Uposatha days have been observed by Buddhists, both ordained and laity, in all Buddhist countries.

In 6% of cases observe on is used

As Mr Wardell observed on 25 February: a.

It can climb trees but is usually observed on the ground.

Biota -- Biota were observed on sea floor photographs (Figs.

World Diabetes Day is observed on November 14 to mark the birthday of Frederick Banting.

In 2010 an increase in monetized malware and malware targeting privacy was observed on mobile platforms.

Yule was symbolic of the pagan Sun God, Mithras, being born, and was observed on the shortest day of the year.

For decades, Memorial Day continued to be observed on May 30, the date Logan had selected for the first Decoration Day.

An example of the condition of the roads can be observed on Church Street in Amherst where the snow was recently opened up.

Every business owner needs to stop thinking as they have to start the action by at least observing on the management on his company.

The second one is the masa shivaratri which is observed on the krishna paksha chaturdasi (fourteenth moonday on the moons diminishing phase).

In 5% of cases observe with is used

This was what I observed with the room mirror in the taxi.

The day is observed with due solemnity and nationalistic fervour.

So explain to them the reasons that Ashura should be observed with reverence.

We need to take the initiative and observe with a goal of learning from the animals, poultry, ground, or fish on our farm.

Carefully placed on a slide (an extra drop of water may be added) the growth under the cover slip can be observed with the.

We can hope for a good novel -- created by whatever means -- decry bad ones, and observe with a shrug that in total they endure.

Every year, a large number of individuals uncover this particular as well as create a day at observe with regard to on their own.

Similar effects were observed with prostaglandin F2?, a naturally occurring prostaglandin, and indicates that this is a class effect.

In addition, you won't have to bother with simply being observed with a personal loan middle by simply family or friends, an issue that nobody wants.

An imbalance with regard to histology was observed with 48% of patients on the cisplatin arm and 37% of patients on the Gemzar plus cisplatin arm having adenocarcinoma.

In 5% of cases observe for is used

Observe for resistant or recurrent tumours.

This is observed for a variety of purpose.

A minute of silence was observed for her after which.

A similar trend was observed for the sodium and potassium ions.

Vegetarianism is also observed for sixteen days after the death of a relative.

This study demonstrated comparable efficacy, with satisfactory outcomes in? 90% of patients observed for 1 year after treatment 138.

My hostess suggested that I sit on the President's left during the dinner, while insisting protocol was not being observed for the evening.

After waking up, the patients were observed for two to three hours before they met the physician, received instructions and were discharged.

There is, however, a noticeable drop from the 70 per cent level observed for agriculture and allied activities in the Labour Force Sample Survey of 1966 - 67.

George explained in 1990 about Giant Panda males going into ' musth ' which he had observed for 10 years plus in the wild while working in China studying them.

In 5% of cases observe from is used

I knew this problem too well and observed from a distance.

This is very simple and can easily be observed from our daily routine.

Check Heat shiny head is normal (can be observed from the exhaust port).

Whatever it was, he felt oddly aloof from it, observing from the outside.

Yet, I am attracted by the face of the judge that I observe from a distance.

Observing from the sidelines with a cynical eye was a tough crew who had lived what they wrote.

Actors are great observer of society; they perform at TV, concert or any stage what they have observed from society.

Yesterday alone, I revisited the websites of various Christian leaders whose journey I have observed from afar for years now.

As you can observe from the picture, the dead will never take any of his belongings (cars, houses and other worldly materials).

People often tend to observe from a distance or to stay away from their attractions due to fear and expectations placed upon them.

In 3% of cases observe among is used

No such trends were observed among non-rickshaw drivers.

Similar findings have also been observed among African Americans.

Significantly higher rates of death were observed among women who aborted in every time period examined (see Figure 1).

There is something in common that I have observed among these who are skeptical and nonbelievers of paranormal, psychic and spiritual phenomena.

The highest incidence was observed among adolescents and young adults; dengue hemorrhagic fever incidence was highest among infants in Venezuela.

A common pattern observed among problem fields in this study was the consecutive planting of the same type of Bt maize over several seasons (Table 1).

Additionally, no correlation in survival on Cry3Bb1 maize and Cry34/35Ab1 maize was observed among populations, indicating an absence of cross resistance between these Bt toxins (Fig.

In 3% of cases observe as is used

It is now observed as the International Mother Language Day.

Since then, the day has been observed as the Independence Day.

I explained that the second Sunday of November is observed as Remembrance Sunday.

Thus, Gandhi's birthday (Gandhi Jayanti) is observed as an international day of non-violence.

In the case of relief from the common cold this effect was observed as a side effect in the treatment of other conditions.

Friday, in the Muslim country of Bangladesh is observed as the holy day, and is therefore the day these children don't have to attend classes.

Shaheed Dibash The 21st day of February (ekushey february) is being officially observed as the Shaheed Dibash (Martyrs ' Day) since the emergence of Bangladesh.

In 3% of cases observe at is used

In a democracy such sensitivity has to be observed at all times.

These principles should be observed at each stage of the negotiation process.

The same phenomenon can be observed at Ardrossan, the first wind farm my company built in Scotland.

Extraordinary long queues of cars and public transport vehicles were observed at those stations all day on Monday.

Let us now assume that another two stars were observed at an interval of time of 30s -- say practically the same time.

While sustained winds of this magnitude will not be observed at the surface, gusts near or over 65 mph are certainly possible.

He probably frequented gay bars that's why his assumptions are limited to the sceneries he observed at nightclubs and gay bars.

Whenever the sky was clear teachers and students engaged in solar observing during the day, and star/planet observing at night.

In the embryotoxicity study in rats, no embryotoxicity was observed at intravenous doses (5, 50 and 250 micrograms/kg/day) of latanoprost.

Elliott et al 16 cites a study of Resv exposure to rabbits: Severe toxicity was observed at high doses with the kidney as the primary target.

In 2% of cases observe during is used

The job should be observed during normal times and situations.

You will be observed during the entire day -- not only during your exercises, but also during the breaks.

The historian Miqrezi has transmitted details, as to how Moharram was observed during the era of Moiz le-Din-Allah.

The appeal must state why the student believes that due process was not observed during the course of the review proceedings.

Whenever the sky was clear teachers and students engaged in solar observing during the day, and star/planet observing at night.

VISTA observed during a trip to the road that drivers of articulated vehicles had practically squeezed the other motorists out of the major lanes on the way to the wharf.

In 2% of cases observe to is used

Flagging violations of these rules that you observe to our attention.

In 1% of cases observe without is used

Mindfulness allows us to observe without judging, like scientists impartially gathering data.

This explains also why experiences seem new: they are observed without the feeling of familiarity caused by memory images.

In 1% of cases observe after is used

This error has been observed after renaming the Oracle SID.

No further increase in brown iris pigment has been observed after discontinuation of treatment.

The blood pressure reducing effect of Resv was observed after 3 weeks and maintained for 10 weeks.

In 1% of cases observe under is used

The water at Mbudya is calm and clean all day long making it suitable for swimming and for observing under water creatures.

Parent Month is being observed under the theme: ' Parent the Right Way: Start Listening to Your Child Today ', and activities getunderway with a national church service on Sunday (Nov.

In 1% of cases observe throughout is used

The result is the wonderful breathtaking scenery we observe throughout the region.

Religion: There are a number of religions practiced and observed throughout Germany.

As I have observed throughout my professional career, very few people have all these skills with all the theoretic education they get in their higher education.

In 1% of cases observe over is used

I have observed over the past four years what seems to be a frieghtening trend.

In 1% of cases observe near is used

Go Whalewatching Marine mammals of all sorts and sizes can be observed near Ireland's shoreline - dolphins, whales, orcas and seals.

In 1% of cases observe instead is used

So I decided to walk and observe instead of just ride through.

In 1% of cases observe between is used

The committee said that in several studies positive associations were observed between multiple abortions and poorer mental health.

Furthermore, the claim that the caseload change observed between 2006 and 2007 is statistically significant requires further support and clarification.

In 1% of cases observe along is used

They screen items thus consumers can observe along with test them out before buying.

In 1% of cases observe against is used

Bacteriocidal activity is also observed against such pathogens as Clostridia, Salmonella, and Shigella.

Observed against the background stars, the planets normally move eastward in what is called direct motion.

Activity on the currency market was weak, but for this time the dollar trading was observed against its main opponents.

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