Prepositions after "objective"

"objective in" or "objective about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases objective in is used

Be objective in your reasoning.

He can not be objective in this.

Let us be objective in our facts.

And this is why our stories are so credible because we are objective in our casting.

Put into practice getting to be far more objective in the case of forex investments.

We have no affiliation with any of the lodges so are totally objective in our choice.

You objective in doing such activities is to use your five senses and write describing what you are experiencing.

It is highly likely that he will not be objective in the execution of his duties as has been evidenced in the past.

If tests are entirely objective in their interpretation then test interpretation is not susceptible to review bias.

In 34% of cases objective about is used

So we will be objective about it.

I wanted to be super objective about myself.

The first trick is to be objective about it.

The thing is there is nothing objective about the BBC's lawyerly editorialising.

It's a model I find myself struggling to be objective about when I sing its praises.

I listed them because it helped me get to it down on paper and be objective about it.

Often times, i find that most people are too restricted by their own ideologies to be objective about anything.

Those three albums are three of the finest from the last decade - we can be objective about this, I would think.

It's very hard for me to be objective about my work as a songwriter, the people you work with tend to cover you.

They bring objectivity to a central subject that is difficult to be objective about -- the candidate themselves.

In 5% of cases objective with is used

I nailed the R &D; objective with no problem this time.

I still have no idea how to be objective with my own material.

So it's very important to learn to be objective with yourself.

However, you have to put the emotions aside in order to be objective with the situation.

Go ahead DHV and try to make testing more objective with sensors etc, I'll follow it with interest.

How can you be objective with people whom you labeled pompous because you hate them? Hate equals lie.

I'd confident of this: that those conclusions will be more objective with time than they could conceivably be now.

It's not easy for them to be objective with so much anger and hate, not to mention the depression that they suffer.

If you can be objective with yourself and really want to experience this state of freedom, meditation can do wonders.

You have to be objective with your team and yourself so you don't sink the ship, while pushing everyone to deliver their best.

In 4% of cases objective for is used

Lets be objective for a minute.

Let us be objective for a second.

Claiming that your god is being objective for you.

I urge you to put that aside and be objective for a minute.

Sorry but this post has utterly failed it's objective for me.

This is difficult because you have to be objective for a subjective step.

It's short and rowing in the city can maybe be more objective for the public.

Be objective for a minute: if you copied someones work it is called plagiarism.

And save the rhetoric about being objective for someone who doesn't know any better.

As it becomes more and more observant, it remains objective for longer periods of time.

In 4% of cases objective to is used

It's always good to keep an open mind and be objective to all kinds of music.

His divinity is never objective to his humanity, nor his humanity to his divinity.

But depending on your objective, what is objective to you may not be objective to readers.

This transcendent spiritual dimension is objective to human beings, but not physically objective.

But if you can be objective to the feedback then you may find yourself agreeing with their point.

The saga of parapsychology refutes the suggestion that ' science is objective to the extent it avoids bias.

This transcendent spiritual dimension is objective to human beings, but not objective within ordinary space and time.

It is systematic, evaluates truth, and is objective to the extent that evaluation is based on personal intelligence and comprehension.

This knowledge is objective to the Catholic by faith about the sacrament, and objective to the atheist via prior knowledge about Catholic faith.

In 3% of cases objective of is used

T he objective of the potlatch is to commemorate special events.

Yoga further laid down that the suspension of the breath was the prime most objective of the aspirant.

The main objective of this study is to examine the suitability of these strategies in tackling poverty.

The vital question is whether the most objective of those criteria could be fair as well from the Islamic point of view.

Harsha de Silva (UNP ): The government says that it's objective of changing these levies is to protect the local producer.

The one and only objective of the government is earning additional revenue by imposing taxes and not providing relief to the public.

Suppose we faced a very different economic environment: Imagine that inflation was running at 5% against our inflation objective of 2%.

I suppose the above portion can adequately fulfill the basic requirements of any review, which is to at least present the synopsis in the most objective of ways possible.

In 3% of cases objective on is used

No point trying to be objective on this one.

I am just being OBJECTIVE on the basis of principle.

So be wary of any criticism that seem to be objective on abolition of the tax code.

Plus I've just completely moved on and would not be objective on solving that problem.

This will enable you to be more objective on the price of your first choice and not get carried away.

You should try to be objective on this point and not be blinded by the fact that it is not your type of game.

Marvia as for your theological reflection, I do think you were not very objective on the issue of Shadyac's image of God.

But since I am just talking about my experience I thought I would do a bit of a statistical comparison, to be just a bit more objective on the subject.

It's OK, I understand how hard it must be to truly be objective on this subject given your obvious Christian perspective -- The rhetoric is tainted with it throughout.

In 2% of cases objective as is used

Nothing is so objective as a proven fact.

For each of those cases there may be objective as well as subjective reasons.

Yet, this quote clearly is not objective as a piece written by a free US press should be.

GDP figures limit the assessment of both objective as well as subjective elements of well-being and development.

Although I do admit that I may be guilty of both these things myself too but I do try my best to be objective as the play progresses.

MODE OF TEST: The Questions will be objective as well as subjective in nature and will relate to numerical ability, reasoning, English grammar, general intelligence and general knowledge.

This invisible content permeating through all that is objective as well as subjective is the god, the divinity that is adored through the Veda mantras under the names Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni, etc.

In 1% of cases objective after is used

So objective proof is not objective after all, is it? Perhaps subjective truth has its place.

For a foreign person like me, trying to be objective after three months of being here and after observing them and asking a lot about them, Irish young people have very big contrasts.

She had even forgotten what it was like to be sure of each step, to have objective after objective laid out in front of her, to be so sure of her every action that she could scream it to the sky.

In 1% of cases objective at is used

And can be objective at the same time.

He has not been objective at all in calculating presumptive losses.

If the second is true, then morality is not objective at all as you've defined it.

In 1% of cases objective by is used

It has to be objective by its very nature.

Links are only part of a very complex algo which are objective by design.

We become incrementally more objective by avoiding fixed delusions about how we think the world is (i.

So instead of criticizing the site, spend your time making it more objective by sending in some Pro-LDS arguments.

So I'd not totally objective by any means BUT I do realise that we each come with filters and those filters affect our viewpoints.

A standpoint that is objective by comparison with the personal view of one individual may be subjective by comparison with a theoretical standpoint still farther out.

In 1% of cases objective rather is used

If rights are seen as actually objective rather than exclusively subjective,.

Point is he could do more which is wanting by being more objective rather than subjective to his allies.

The only difference from article to article is the degree to which the spun information was passed along as objective rather than subjective.

Being able to show negative results from patient surveys is a much easier conversation because the negative feedback and its impact is seen as objective rather than just ' your opinion '.

In 1% of cases objective within is used

This transcendent spiritual dimension is objective to human beings, but not objective within ordinary space and time.

In 1% of cases objective without is used

Seems no one can be objective without judgment or favoritism to their political side, demonizing the opposing party.

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