Prepositions after "numb"

"numb to" or "numb with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases numb to is used

They're numb to it by this point.

I felt numb to the accomplishment.

Maybe he's becoming numb to snipers.

Numbness/feeling nothing One way of coping with the news of a loss is to become numb to it.

Or maybe they would be as numb to the scene as someone who slaughters a chicken for dinner.

I used to be a slightly nervous flyer about 25 years ago but after a few million miles you kind of grow numb to it all.

For some decades we lived beneath the shadow of the bomb and became a bit numb to the implications of a nuclear winter.

Many of us end up numb to an endless stream of horrifying images -- of floods, famines, bombings, melting ice caps, etc.

Leprosy victims (before leprosy became treatable) were rendered numb to their bodies and to most of the world around them.

In 18% of cases numb with is used

Now I just felt numb with shock.

My body is badly bruised and almost numb with shock.

Thoughts? I'd not going numb with this time and temp.

My breathing is laboured, my arms feel leaden and my hands are numb with the punishment.

We have been praying for Dan, the family and the church and still feel numb with the news.

Emotionally and viscerally pummeled and numb with shock, I could have crumbled and withered.

Numb with grief, the boy's father Vadithya Ramana and Panni watched impassively as their neighbours took the pledge.

I could hardly fathom their hardship as my hands and feet went numb with cold despite being well-layered and indoors.

One of my first tasks was to work out what to do about his widow, still numb with shock, and her three young children.

And then he springs an ending so right and satisfying it leaves us numb with delight and ready to pop for another round.

In 13% of cases numb from is used

He stumbles out, numb from shock.

My legs were still numb from the epidural.

On the fifth day, my body was numb from pain.

I felt anesthetized and numb from the hurts and disappointments that life hit me with.

The wind was whipping through our hair and our toes were going numb from the cold air.

My feelings are numb from all the anxiety and its been without question the worst period of my life.

Still numb from pain medication, the new mom fumbled for her glasses, squinting to distinguish the blur of white coats.

I also had a load of stuffing shoved up my nose, a big thing taped over my face and it was still numb from the anaesthetic.

Re: He is my brother-a Kenyan in Tanzania I landed in Dar es Salaam so numb from grief that I felt detached from everything.

In 8% of cases numb for is used

He felt her go numb for a second.

My leg has been numb for 6 months now.

My right hand has been numb for a while.

Take special care not to bump or knock your foot because it will be numb for a few hours.

But maybe that's a good thing--I've typed so much, my fingers will probably be numb for a week.

It was done under a general and they put enough local in my jaw to keep it numb for the whole day.

I had been numb for days when, for some reason, during the funeral, I turned and looked back at the folks in the church.

You could feel numb for a while, until it all comes at you from out of nowhere in class or during sports or at night in bed.

You could feel numb for a while until it all comes at you from out of nowhere - in class or during sports or at night in bed.

But finally and fortunately, the scissors broke free and I fell on the floor partially numb for a while, thankful to be alive.

In 5% of cases numb at is used

Being a nurse requires you to be numb at times.

Trust me, your butt will get numb at some point.

I was all electrified and numb at the same time.

I am numb at the moment getting glempis of emotion.

I'd just so numb at that point, how do I censor myself.

I feel numb at the moment and unsure of what to feel or think.

I walked out of the theatre feeling both badly bruised and numb at the same time.

Even now, while still near numb at the extent of the damage that had been done, Dr.

However i felt that my emotions went numb at the end as I felt ok about leaving my camp.

The mind is numb at the end, seeking solace in some silence, even, in some parts, trying to forget what it has just seen.

In 4% of cases numb after is used

I recall being numb after seeing the camp.

It wasn? t my thing plus my legs got numb after the first ten minutes.

All he did was immerse himself into his job and became numb after a while.

Most of the time the pain is very temporary my arms tend to go numb after the first few minutes.

One would feel numb and frostbitten: numb after reading Khol Do and frostbitten after reading Thanda Gosht.

Also, the air was getting chilly and it felt like a 20degreeC from how my fingers felt numb after the 5km run.

The girl never realized that she had been saved from falling off the cliff, while the entire unit got numb after this incident happened.

While she goes numb after getting bitten by the worm, she hears some voices saying, they need her father's blood to proceed with their task.

An older lady whose breasts became virtually numb after her beloved son broke off all contact with her and went to live in a faraway country.

Food can be at normal temperatures but care with temperature is needed when your lips and tongue are numb after surgery from the effects of local anaesthetic.

In 4% of cases numb in is used

I have never been so numb in my life.

You may find that you are numb in only parts of your tummy.

She began to realise how long she had been completely numb in her marriage.

So what do we do? We stay numb in a perplex state trying to make any sense of all of that.

I could sense the blood running from my calves, my toes already growing numb in my hiking boots.

Our feet went numb in the cold water, but we and our horses struggled across to the far shore of the Khalkha River.

I have to use My Cane, to keep from falling as with me, I can go, completely numb in my legs &; feet and so, down I fall.

As usual I was numb in several places following surgery (the back side of both my upper arms, under my breasts, around my sides where my bra line would run.

Some people report that they do not always always properly register heat and cold, can not feel whether they are hungry or tired, or feel numb in their body.

For you will be numb in the face so you wont feel it til maybe five hours later, but the pain is slight and can easily be taken care of with some Ibuprofen (pain pill).

In 3% of cases numb on is used

She added: ' I feel completely numb on my chest.

Bareesh has been known to be numb on occasion but he's never comfortable.

You must practice the drilling till you feel numb on your wrist, hand or thigh muscle.

As I sounded it into greater balance, I got the message that Karen didn't want to live, a reason for being totally numb on all levels.

Now he knows what it really was: a transient ischemic attack, a mini-stroke, that left him briefly unable to speak and numb on one side.

In the spirit of the occasion Roger agreed to add To Know Him Is To Love Him to their set, and David agreed to play Comfortably Numb on one of Roger's performances of The Wall.

As I drive numb on errands and through lots and streets, as I go to the post office or markets, and as it spins innocent in the dash, its content lifts up and sits on the ledge on its own.

In 2% of cases numb by is used

Poor Laine's cheeks were numb by the time we headed home.

It can be a bit fiddly but you are already numb by this point.

Last set of v-sits, I got up to 50 (abs were so numb by then).

For some reason, I felt numb by the overwhelming spirituality while I was there.

His arm was going to be numb by morning, but at least Dan didn't get sick this time.

Students of this debate have long grown tired and numb by relentless efforts to attack William Lane Craig's character in place of his carefully developed arguments.

I couldn't read all the way through that list, however, because I am struck numb by the base humanity and palpable fear the list silently offers alongside the names.

So, even though Benedict is struck numb by Evie's beauty, he decides to lie to her and pretend he is someone else and not the person who wrote all those letters years ago.

Canada's soldiers -- generally forgotten at home by a public long grown numb by the similar plodding nature of this conflict -- continue to risk all in pursuit of their mission objectives.

In 1% of cases numb about is used

Now I'd all sorts of numb about it.

People have all become comfortably numb about these deficits in the U.

My husband is very numb about relationships, which makes it hard to work with.

This led to just going through the motion of things and growing numb about my sins.

People tend to ask me, do you feel weird editing your self? my answer was, I'd already numb about my self.

By implication, they could not care about the interests of any other community in Nigeria if they are callous and numb about the rubbishing of their own people's interests.

In 1% of cases numb as is used

Khushi felt herself go numb as the very person she had been trying so hard not to think about stepped out in front of her.

In 1% of cases numb due is used

Good thing that my swollen gums were numb due to 1000mg of pain reliever and anti-biotic I took before I sleep.

Her knees are in bad shape and her fingers are numb due to the nerves in her neck being compressed, making her unable to feed herself for months and I could go on and on.

Does anyone know of better studying tools? I think our society as a whole has become so painfully numb due to things like TV, video games, and constant connectivity that we've lost touch.

In 1% of cases numb during is used

I usually feel numb during the whole thing.

My feet would be numb during gym class (we had to do this in bare feet on cold wooden floors) and it was painful to walk.

In 1% of cases numb of is used

It's reaching your saturation point when you already feel numb of the pain you kept on feeling in the past.

Someone who believes they experience zero effect has already responded with bitterness and merely coped by going numb of seeing it.

HOPE: It's an advantage like me who failed several times because I became too numb of it, but somehow I am learning, and making myself grow.

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