Prepositions after "nourish"

nourish by, in, with, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases nourish by is used

Keep it nourished by messaging with warm oil.

You are nourished by everything around you, like a tree standing in the midst of all the elements.

Each of us mortal adopted children of God is nourished by the very life of the the Divine Son of the immortal Father.

Your roots were insufficiently nourished by unconditional love that you move in the world without any real sense of standing or stand point.

Ione and Glaucus, occupied with each other, perceived not those signs of emotion, which preyed upon a heart that, nourished by imagination, dispensed with hope.

Then when their natural gift of inborn leadership has been nourished by adequate training, they can join those who will be there to drive the country beyond vision 2030.

Orientalism as a profession grew out of these opposites, of compensations and corrections based on inequality, ideas nourished by and nourishing similar ideas in the culture at large.

In fact, it has been said that Latin American liberation theology has been deeply rooted in, and nourished by, the underlined bibles of poor and marginalized peasants and urban dwellers.

Art knows that, nourished by the blood and the tears of the oppressed, the Prussians will keep on rising from the earth as long as oppression, which has many many human centuries to run, exists.

In 13% of cases nourish in is used

Individualization should be nourished in school? standardization is for factories.

Dampening foods Highly nutritious foods tend to be just that: extremely nourishing in small doses.

Nourish in me a practical desire to build up rather than tear down, to reconcile instead of polarize, to go out on a limb rather than crave security.

In 13% of cases nourish with is used

While I love the dignity and majesty of the High Mass, sometimes, I feel more spiritually nourished with a small and intimate Low Mass.

In 3% of cases nourish from is used

In Korea there had developed the extraordinary spectacle of two contending armies, each nearly surrounded by hostile forces and each nourished from afar.

In 3% of cases nourish rather is used

Sprouting from the top is a delicate hand-cut tin plant specimen, thus positing humanity as a potential life source, as nourishing rather than destructive.

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