Prepositions after "notorious"

notorious for, in, of, as or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 85% of cases notorious for is used

In fact, they are notorious for it.

HP printers are notorious for this.

The Body Shop are notorious for this.

Some, like the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 2, were notorious for their complexity.

Queensland was notorious for it during the corruption of the National Party years.

Chain stores and franchised repair, tire and quick lube shops are notorious for it.

Stability: system - wine by state: production: a new militant ecoboost instance is notorious for the 2010 toilet.

Teenagers are notorious for their obsession with social interaction, for making up social rules and breaking them.

Fast-forward five years and we have Crystal Castles, a band that is notorious for their stage antics and interview.

Historically, City law firms were notorious for their bias towards graduates from Oxford and Cambridge universities.

In 5% of cases notorious in is used

Intel is notorious in that department.

The Europeans were notorious in this regard.

Virus scanners are notorious in this respect.

Burundi is an East African nation, notorious in killing elephants from its neighbors.

Particularly notorious in this regard are black rats (Rattus rattus) and Norway rats (R.

Ecklund is notorious in Lowell for knocking down Leonard, even though he lost the fight.

Morogoro road, which cuts across the country, is most notorious in the record of accidents, but it is not the only one.

The ' damned if you do, damned if you don't ' problem is notorious in social work and it must be frustrating sometimes.

This industry is perhaps the most notorious in terms of its reputation around the world for becoming involved in corruption.

Forgetful and disorganised, he became notorious in the football world for his untidiness in both the dressing room and hotels.

In 3% of cases notorious of is used

The most notorious of these began in April 1994.

Indian music directors, movie makers are notorious of copying.

He was said to be the most notorious of Africa's tin pot dictators.

The most notorious of these cases involves an NDC ' financier ' called Alfred Woyome.

Overview Overview Facts Leaders Media The most notorious of these began in April 1994.

The durian is probably the most notorious of tropical fruits due to its unpleasant odour.

The most notorious of these, the Sykes-Picot agreement (May 16, 1916 ), gave Egypt, Iraq and Palestine to the British.

Smuggling was rife, but they were the most notorious of the Kent gangs, and feared all along the south coast of England.

Jump ahead to 1973, the year one of the most notorious of war criminals, Henry Kissinger, received the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is the land of Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka; of Ben Okri; of Fela Kuti and even the most notorious of men -- I stop there.

In 2% of cases notorious as is used

Jundallah has become notorious as a small but deadly force.

The right-wing UNP, however, is notorious as the party of big business.

It is notorious as an illegal settlement where rival ethnic gangs clash.

Since just after the war, Itaewon had been notorious as the playground of American G.

The Department for Education (DfE) is notorious as the most hostile to the Conservatives.

And in those days, this led to her being shunned, then alone, and then becoming notorious as the witch of Burslem.

Britain is notorious as a soft-touch destination for international undesirables and bogus asylum seekers of every stamp.

It was also notorious as a smuggling port for goods and illegal immigrants from mainland China as recently as the early 1990's.

She ordered lightning raids on criminal syndicates that had made the Philippines notorious as the fake passport capital of Asian.

In 1% of cases notorious among is used

The Ebola and Marburg filoviruses are notorious among these.

The most notorious among the predators is the lion and the Nile crocodile.

Students were intimidated by him and he was notorious among all old boys for his infamous stick.

It's notorious among foreigners for requiring multiple attempts (by one estimate, 2-3 on average).

One submitter became notorious among the staff for re-submitting work within an hour of rejection.

The state is notorious among new medical graduates and other physicians for its expensive and lengthy licensing process.

Andy had been notorious among NHL goalies for his slapshot, but this time Bathgate went to his backhand, using a screen.

This quote is notorious among computer enthusiasts and is typically dated to 1981, but Bill Gates has denied that he ever said it.

Most notorious among all these are race, color and ideology, each of which will be discussed in the subsequent sections of this paper.

Notorious among these were the politically engineered massacres in Rift Valley and Likoni/Kwale that became the subject of the Akiwumi Commission.

In 1% of cases notorious at is used

Surveys are notorious at divining low-level thought.

On the other hand even the Jews of Jesus ' time were notorious at adding to or changing God's Law.

The government has been notorious at creating agencies that don't do what they were intended to do.

I got a little notorious at University for doing my dissertation on Scotland's ghosts and hauntings.

I was told by nurses at a party in the 1980s that Saville was (allegedly) notorious at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

Add in the fact that he was notorious at scoring shorthanded goals, and he's a player any team would value when playing a man down.

Thankfully King got his just reward as Hill could only manage 12th in a wet race -- conditions that are notorious at Spa with its setting deep in the Ardennes forest.

No-one should have been subjected to the incident in London as he was: British police were notorious at that time for arresting innocents and hoping they would quietly plead guilty.

In 1% of cases notorious with is used

My mom was so notorious with this.

People became more notorious with the music.

Pick up Notorious with NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush.

The high security prison, notorious with regard to abuse both throughout the rule of Bottom and under You.

He was notorious with the traffic cops and one day they followed him home and wanted to give him a ticket.

The furiously fast scherzo brings some challenge to the concert hall itself, which is notorious with its messy reflections.

I am notorious with the other members of my blues band for making up lyrics on the spur of the moment when I've forgotten the real ones.

Anna Hazare, the village had become quite notorious with all sorts of social evils, moral down fall and with badly shattered economic conditions.

But, SBS is notorious with either killing one of the major character (like in 49 days) or give open endings (like in Lie to Me) or both will happen.

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