Prepositions after "notify"

"notify of" or "notify by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases notify of is used

Clubs will be notified of these fixtures.

Failure even to notify of cancelled events.

Clubs will be notified of any such fixture.

CANCELLATION (a) by you Taylor Safaris must be notified of cancellations in writing.

Oh and now we've been notified of a nine percent electric rate hike across the board.

It was quite a relief when we were notified of a posting back to Upper Hutt, not much later.

You can seek a review of an ASIC decision by lodging your request within 28 days of being notified of the decision.

Toohig's license has been under an interim suspension since the court was notified of his felony conviction in January 2011.

CIMB Clicks App (for iPhone, iPad &; Android) Current Users: You will be notified of an update via App Store or Android Market.

They will then be notified of their prize before we communicate the prize draw winner on our Facebook page on 24th December 2012.

In 18% of cases notify by is used

Winner will be notified by August 20th.

We will be notified by the IRD and inform you accordingly.

Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail.

Females can instantly notify by your actions if you are an anxious or chilled out guy.

You will be notified by e-mail about how to obtain your free shoes or discount coupons.

The CCC must be notified by e-mail that the child has ceased being on the CETS programme.

No import is permissible from Israel or from any other country, which may be notified by the Ministry of Commerce.

Imports from India are regulated as notified by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan from time to time.

Section 4 Arrears A council with levies in arrears shall be notified by the executive before further action is taken.

In 14% of cases notify in is used

The Department must be notified in advance of departure.

Taeniasis: One confirmed case of taeniasis was notified in September 2012.

This compares with six cases notified in the same month of the previous year.

He will then be notified in writing by the CPC about the decision on his sponsorship application.

Listeriosis: Four cases of listeriosis (3 non-perinatal and 1 perinatal) were notified in September 2012.

The Department must be notified in advance of the intention to leave the State and the reason for the absence.

The court then delivers a considered written judgment at a later date of which the parties are notified in advance.

Dengue fever: 10 cases of dengue fever were notified in September 2012, compared to four cases during the same month of last year.

Show Cause You will be notified in writing if it is decided to recommend cancellation of your enrolment due to unsatisfactory Academic Progress.

Cryptosporidiosis: 172 cases of cryptosporidiosis were notified in September 2012 compared to 136 cases notified during the same month of the previous year (Figure 1).

In 11% of cases notify to is used

Defects must be notified to us after discovery without undue delay.

Any change in status of your licence must be immediately notified to a Director.

That the representatives of the County Champions for each grade be notified to Convention.

The outbreak was notified to the HSE by a GP who had visited the home on Sunday, April 1st.

The poll results will be notified to stock exchanges later today and will be posted on our website.

Job adverts that are discriminatory or otherwise offensive are prohibited and will be removed if found by or notified to OilCareers.

The statistics show the number of fatalities, notified to the Department of Labour under the Health and Safety in Employment (HSE) Act 1992.

If given, notice will be sent to your e-mail address as notified to Dublin Airport Authority and will be deemed served two (2) hours after transmission by us.

Candidates are allowed to be present or to be represented by counting agents who must have been appointed in writing and notified to the returning officer in advance.

After this decision is notified to the Senate, the senator concerned gives a notice of motion to refer the matter to the Committee of Privileges for inquiry and report.

In 4% of cases notify on is used

Notify on App close: If you enable this option, you will be notified when your timer reaches zero seconds.

Shortlisted entries will be notified on 18th June 2013 with the final award ceremony scheduled to take place in October 2013.

Pawlenty received a call Monday evening, the day after Ryan accepted, while the other four were all notified on Friday, just hours before the announcement.

In 4% of cases notify via is used

Those you invite to look at them will be notified via a push notification.

Please advise if there is a way to be notified via email of new postings in this series.

Winner will be selected on November 29th and notified via blog post announcement and email.

In 2% of cases notify for is used

The tracking on amazon remained at carrier notified for 4 days.

SEC has been notified for insider trading On2 Technologies Stock.

His family members in Mumbai were not notified for two days and were not given an explanation for him going overboard.

In 1999, Delhi government notified for this business and declared the Mehruali flower market as the main Mandi, with the Fatahpuri and Connaught Place Mandi's being called Sub-yards.

In 2% of cases notify within is used

Neighbours within 20m of your property will be notified within two days of works commencing.

Non-Deliveries: We will not accept liability for goods lost in transit unless we are notified within 10 days from the expected delivery date.

Receivership The Hong Kong Registrar of Companies must be notified within seven days of the appointment of a receiver, and must also be notified where the receiver ceases to act.

In 1% of cases notify about is used

Through Robi Missed Call Alert Service, Robi users will be notified about all the missed calls (i.

The app retrieves a list of websites which may harm your device, and although I haven't ever been notified about a shady website yet, it's worth having it as a feature.

In 1% of cases notify as is used

According to the report, Lahore Commissioner Jawad Rafiq left for Turkey tour despite the severity of the situation and DCO Ahad Cheema had been notified as the commissioner in the absence of Rafiq.

In 1% of cases notify before is used

Voters also approved a ballot measure that would require that the parents of minors seeking abortions be notified before the procedure is performed.

In 1% of cases notify from is used

That you can notify from the suggestions, although, there's actually absolutely nothing to it.

In 1% of cases notify through is used

A party and B party both will be notified through only SMS.

In 1% of cases notify under is used

Yadav 's, notified under other backward classes are the major group in rift with all the other castes categorized as extremely backward.

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