Prepositions after "nonexistent"

nonexistent in, for, at, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases nonexistent in is used

Spicy foods are nonexistent in Kenya.

No party was nonexistent in my dictionary.

Nicknames are almost non-existent in Italy.

Crop yields have been non-existent in some areas and severely reduced in others.

Entry level jobs as a librarian are almost non-existent in my neck of the woods.

For example, access to legal counsel is sporadic or non-existent in many places.

Like strong digital dualism, and pure digital dualism this is an Ideal Type, non-existent in empirical reality.

In this case, you're not being heard and transparency in government operations is non-existent in many matters.

Because if it was fundamentally tampered with or used, that'd make it either redundant of non-existent in 1955.

As can be imagined, the market for second-hand espresso machines is fairly nonexistent in a small town in Mexico.

In 10% of cases nonexistent for is used

Yes, space and time are non-existent for light.

It's like the students are non-existent for them.

My point? Live support is nonexistent for GPT Infinity.

The 1mile radius is non-existent for all those with political clout and influence.

It's skimpy for the historical Jesus at best, and nonexistent for the bibilical one.

Worst hit has been Africa, where food security is already non-existent for many people.

Look for final schedule to be posted early tomorrow, blogging will be light or non-existent for the next 48 hours.

Historically, the Hadith literature that is in circulation, was non-existent for the first few centuries of Islam.

In a similar vein we can say that once space and time become non-existent for light, they are non-existent for it.

But with funding still almost nonexistent for anything but HIV/AIDS research in Africa, Kabakyenga says he won't wait.

In 5% of cases nonexistent at is used

Lines are non-existent at Koidula, said Koidu.

Sadly the crowd was almost non-existent at this stage.

The room service is non-existent at the low-cost hotel.

So, yes, my personal interest in the larger project is nonexistent at this point.

It is greatest at the poles, North and South, and almost nonexistent at the equator.

Zonal marking didn't work, defence was shambles and our midfield was non-existent at times.

Air travel was practically non-existent at the time, although World War 1 used planes for the first time in warfare.

Sleeping bags were non-existent at that time, but we covered ourselves with what little belongings we owned,? says Mr.

The inventors may have thought only of conventional warfare and the issue of collateral damage was non-existent at that time.

It's also worth noting that ancillary revenue from sources such as television are also essentially non-existent at this level.

In 4% of cases nonexistent on is used

For some the lines are blurred if non-existent on that.

Pfeffer was almost non-existent on the field in the first half.

Several gripes I have with my iPad are nonexistent on the nexus 7.

Chestnuts: Ergots or chestnuts are practically nonexistent on the hind legs of donkeys.

The visuals were practically non-existent on the video, just a fleeting glimpse of Sheridan.

From the fall of Adam to the last prophet prior to John the Baptist, the Kingdom was nonexistent on earth.

They have no real substance and are non-existent on their own, but are called? living beings? and that is all.

And don't give me any crap about generic FPS because back then FPS were still a new genre and almost non-existent on consoles.

Making good two- and three-column layouts is an art, and often, I've found whitespace to be almost nonexistent on some of them.

A game topping the charts of one player's list may probably be ranked lower or might be non-existent on another player's list.

In 3% of cases nonexistent among is used

These problems are rare to nonexistent among poor American children.

In contrast, they were vanishingly rare to non-existent among Gaelic bynames.

One might argue that it is now almost non-existent among the younger generation.

Now, of course, hedging is virtually non-existent among most major gold mining companies.

Momentum profitability is large and significant among low-grade firms, but it is nonexistent among high-grade firms.

While suicides are almost non-existent among a few religious groups, male suicides in the state account for 72% of the total number of suicides.

This is most striking among African Americans and non-Hispanic Whites, moderate among Mexican Americans, and almost nonexistent among Puerto Ricans and many Native American tribes.

In 3% of cases nonexistent with is used

Real engagement is nearly non-existent with most corporate pages.

But today they've become practically non-existent with email and the Internet.

Increased tax revenues would be nonexistent with a lumbering bus system along the H1.

Level of English can be low or non-existent with varying degrees of experience in dealing with overseas clients.

The mini hydro industry, however, was virtually non-existent with only a 1MW privately owned power plant operational in 1997.

Hodgson seems to be wanting to please the public by playing attractive football but a plan B is non-existent with that squad.

Virginia High's offense has been almost non-existent with the Bearcats having scored zero offensive touchdowns in three games.

Anything approaching intelligent argument and debate is non-existent with every situation painted in clear colours black and white.

The midfield shield was practically non-existent with the three players often caught up in attack and leaving a big hole in the middle.

In 3% of cases nonexistent to is used

You will acquire knowledge nonexistent to 99.

It's almost non-existent to the masses at this moment in time.

The result is that the content is nonexistent to a screen reader.

Everybody else could grow shadowy, almost non-existent to him, but she could not.

You are termed ' Little ' because the Giant is nonexistent to them; they just can't see it.

Our survivorship research program went from nearly nonexistent to being one of the nation's leading programs.

Currents: The currents vary by location, but range from virtually nonexistent to strong at dive sites off Zanzibar and Pemba.

Depth-of-field is almost nonexistent to the point where it often looks identical to 2-D, only with the annoyance of having to wear sunglasses indoors.

When he reaches this spiritual state, what is seen as the sun, the moon, and the stars are non-existent to him, and what are experienced as human emotions are non-existent as well.

In 2% of cases nonexistent as is used

There were exceptions but the fact they are non-existent as a media today says it all.

The nonexistent snake becomes real to you, while the real rope seems wholly non-existent as such.

Emissions for all countries in the southern hemisphere are virtually non-existent as a proportion of the whole.

While the royal tribunal is an advancement, its learning or even deterrent value was minimal or non-existent as the proceedings are secret.

The Bears were unable to run the football and that meant the passing game was effected - play-action was pretty much non-existent as a consequence.

The beef in Jamaica was non-existent as the cattle roamed wild in the hills (and often across the streets in front of cars ), and to import quality grade meats was extremely expensive.

In 2% of cases nonexistent before is used

Despite this, state welfare pensions for the elderly were practically non-existent before 1930.

Government involvement with Inuit and other Aboriginal peoples in Labrador was almost nonexistent before the 1930s.

The pace of high profile attacks across the globe was non-existent before September 11, but was staccato afterward.

The Leydig cells in the testis are responsible for the production of testosterone, and are almost nonexistent before puberty.

We can see the correlation between the EURUSD and Dow Index (in the chart below, the pink line represents Dow while the black line represents the EURUSD) was almost non-existent before May.

In 2% of cases nonexistent by is used

Corruption is nonexistent by the standards to which you are used to.

He could see out but we couldn't see in - our privacy was more or less non-existent by that time.

Access isn't easy and facilities are non-existent by comparison to similar forests in Uganda and Rwanda.

It uses realities as a means to reach its idealistic goals, its real desires, which are non-existent by themselves.

I've lived in both places, and let me tell you, your radar for -- and encounters with -- danger are so drastically reduced across the water that they are nonexistent by comparison.

In 2% of cases nonexistent during is used

You think your tax bill will be low or nonexistent during retirement.

You're social life doesn't have to be non-existent during study times.

For example, clinical and social psychology, virtually nonexistent during communism, are increasingly popular subjects of study.

The odds of other people planning activities that take place in the morning is rare on weekends and practically non-existent during the working week.

In the meantime, Buie has averaged just 14 carries per game and the ground game has been increasingly nonexistent during WVU's four-game losing streak.

It can be seen that LSPU rises more steeply over the years compared with LSHE, which rise not only is flatter, but is non-existent during the first two periods, i.

The drug problem was practically nonexistent during the first few months after the declaration of martial law as the notorious drug lord, Lim Seng, was executed in public.

Gulf ties with Pretoria were almost non-existent during apartheid because the Arab League backed the Organisation of African Unity's position of no contact with its white rulers.

To counteract problems with fuel supplies, C I? converted 97 steam locomotives to burn oil, without which CI? ' s rail services would have been virtually non-existent during this period.

In 1% of cases nonexistent without is used

However, that doesn't change the fact that the ' speed ' we discussed is non-existent without the hip-flexor and more importantly has a negligible effect on the ball.

In 1% of cases nonexistent after is used

At the time the wildlife was almost non-existent after twenty years of rampant poaching.

Just as He is the Master of the non-existent after its coming into existence, in the same way He has power to bring it into existence from non-existence,.

Civilian control of the Japanese Army was at first tenuous then non-existent after the moderate Japanese Prime Minister was assassinated by Japanese militarists in 1932.

Going beyond this required a political base, which was almost non-existent after the Traditional Left committed hara-kiri by joining the Sinhala Only bandwagon in the 1960s.

In 1% of cases nonexistent within is used

Unless one enters the University system, the opportunities are very limited or non-existent within the country.

These surnames were very common in England, but were almost non-existent within Ireland previous to the conquest.

Musicians and writers better come up with something else, because royalties will be be non-existent within a generation.

The concept of ' sola fide ' or ' saved by faith alone, ' one of the foundational beliefs promoted during his apostasy is non-existent within the words of the bible.

A And because link ranking is non-existent within your corporate datasets, it gets impossible for a search engine to guarantee the best answer at the top of thousands of results in a list every time.

In 1% of cases nonexistent under is used

In other words freedom of speech is non-existent under American ' law '.

But there is one type of window you'll see on Linux GUI that is rare or nonexistent under other OSes.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports of development projects are non-existent under the totalitarian Chinese regime.

That someone could well be one of the brains behind FB, aiming at making our private lives non-existent under the guise of bringing us closer and helping us connect more effectively.

In 1% of cases nonexistent prior is used

Poultry production in China -- virtually non-existent prior to 1978 -- is also becoming more industrialized.

Poultry production in China -- -virtually non-existent prior to 1978 -- -is also becoming more industrialized.

Whatever debt is remaining at ordination is usually assumed by the diocese but they prefer it be non-existent prior to admission to seminary.

Moreso, for people born before the 1960 's, when the wildebeest migration was non-existent prior to their births, getting a glimpse of this will definitely make the adventure worthwhile.

In 1% of cases nonexistent outside is used

The MMR and autism scare, for example, is practically non-existent outside Britain.

Medical and educational services are almost nonexistent outside of the major towns, where they are at best basic.

Mongolians are still very poor and infrastructure in the country is virtually non-existent outside of Ulan Baator as I discovered on a recent 5 day trek across the country side.

We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in that effort, with painfully evident results: the government of Afghanistan is virtually nonexistent outside its shaky grip on Kabul.

In 1% of cases nonexistent of is used

Similarly, Dasgupta (2009) searched out that in India there is non-existent of norms and standards for the education of librarians.

In 1% of cases nonexistent from is used

Foreign direct investment into Tanzania was virtually non-existent from the late nineteen-seventies to the late nineties.

The Absolute of the Upanishads is the only Reality and all forms must, therefore, be nonexistent from the point of view of Its exact nature.

Progress in timekeeping in Europe was non-existent from around 500 AD to 1300 AD, but in other countries progress did continue with mechanical clocks being introduced in China.

Learn more Latest Blog Entry Raises have been minimal, or non-existent from 2010 to 2012 according to a compensation-planning survey from Mercer, a New York human resources consulting firm.

In 1% of cases nonexistent due is used

Funding support for Mia is non-existent due to her not having an intellectual disability.

The use of this material is now almost non-existent due to its toxicity and carcinogenicity.

Nandini Sahai, director of the International Centre-Goa, felt that the Indian ability to deal with terror was almost non-existent due to the lack of transparency and accountability.

In 1% of cases nonexistent because is used

Making lots of money is great, being non-existent because of it isn't.

Your sex life is almost non-existent because of his other commitments.

Chances are your tax bill is much lower or non-existent because of them.

Support from the national party will be non-existent because of Akin? s toxicity.

He further explained that the rules and regulations governing the industry were non-existent because of the barrage of problems.

But he quickly found the need for new electricians at that time was almost non-existent because of the shortage of construction in the area.

To support this argument, it has been said that evidence to demonstrate the threat is non-existent because of methodological inadequacies, lack of reproducibility and limited data comparability.

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