Prepositions after "nice"

"nice to" or "nice for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases nice to is used

Be nice to the Customs officer.

I can be pretty nice to myself.

Be nice to me or I'll kill you.

Be nice to them at all levels, including cleaning staff, and they will be nicer to you.

They turned out to be Americans looking for somewhere nice to go for coffee and dessert.

We're just getting our act together and it'll be a nice touch if you throw in some coin.

When you're occasionally nice to those at the Punch who despise your ideas and politics, take it with a grain of salt.

Nice to me never made sense and that is why I find average every day people boring and it is yet to be an ideal world.

It's also nice to while away they late afternoon at the simple bar on the cliff top that overlooks the dramatic scene.

The average punter was nice to me, and had normalised his activity so much that it was just like shaking hands to him.

In 20% of cases nice for is used

Walked in Old Nice for a while.

This was nice for me personally.

John's way too nice for this job.

Nice for us, but independent artists, photographers, and writers would suffer terribly.

I want to find that raw untamed talent that hasn't been dressed up all nice for the TV.

You both get to start your day at the crack of noon, so that's quite nice for you then.

Like giving someone a book, it tells them that you were thinking about them and wanted to do something nice for them.

Even though reaching Deniyaya through Galle would have been much nicer for the body, it wouldn't be so for the mind.

What can I do, to get something nice for this cat? I will get him some nicer food in the next couple of days I guess.

The Campanile in Venice is the only tall tower with an elevator which is nice for people with sore ankles and or legs.

In 10% of cases nice of is used

Nice of the Germans to do that.

So nice of you to stop by here.

Nice of her, but she was wrong.

How to control your life Hello Dia, How nice of you to stop by not minding the holidays.

It would be nice of the police would show the same concern for all victims in all cases.

Brenda's second child is the nicest of the lot, but has never worked a day in her life.

It would be nice of the Original and 3G iPhone photos of the keys were focused on the keys and not on the wall behind.

My ex EUM even had all his exes linked to emphasise how nice of a person he is as all his exes were linked as friends.

Thanks! Ellen Although it's nice of you to give some tipps -- I don't get why I should want to be on the popular page.

Jeena, bangalore Leeza ann john It was so nice of you to begin such an agency to deliver flowers and gifts to beloved.

In 9% of cases nice in is used

Nice in the way books are nice.

And write some-thing nice in it.

Feels nice in the hand whatever.

Yeah, it would be nice in a perfect world if we didn't have any guns, but not realistic.

Florida rock is more dense and doesn't look as nice in my opinion, but it is dirt cheap.

It was always nice in RPGs turning up special swords and funky armor in unlikely places.

Anyway, months ahead of us will be not nice in this country -- majority of the people are now left to be in BEESCHANYA.

Not something i like to admit, but its kinda nice in a way, as i can dictate how much or how little time i put into it.

It looks amazing, sounds great, even handles nice in the simulation mode but it just felt like it needs something more.

However, be warned, monkeys are a lot nicer in movies than in real life, and none of them are actually as cute as Abu.

In 7% of cases nice with is used

It was nice with good facilities.

And I don't play nice with others.

Lobby area is nice with free wifi.

The beach was nice with a lovely pier which has comfy beanbags at the end to relax on.

I don't really have a problem with the Doctor making nice with the likes of Al Capone.

He said to Beyonce that she needs to play nice with Kim because he is pals with Kanye.

Windows Media Player Doesn't Play Nice With RT Another difference between x86 and RT is Windows Media Player Centre.

Complimenting her on her roast chicken, Muslim guests would often include: it would be even nicer with some masala.

If you adjudge to go in for bloom or a added specific bloom they will abandoned accessory nice with complete outfits.

In 6% of cases nice about is used

That's what's so nice about it.

There's nothing nice about that.

He was almost too nice about it.

Say something nice about the ministry we do for the community instead of complaining.

What the heck is so nice about that!!! puritand71 You may not have it both ways here.

Well, I am happy to be able to report that the Cook Islands is indeed nice about now.

In both cases, there? s something nice about having the hardware, but the software is, ultimately, more convenient.

And it's a guide for parents who are listening, thinking that the person is saying something nice about their baby.

What was so very nice about that evening was that eating raw food was respected and catered for in such a good way.

Being nice about his condition wouldn't have done anything and his podiatrist was just as blunt about his condition.

In 5% of cases nice on is used

Jungle was nice on the machine.

The weather was nice on Sunday.

So nice on a winters night:) 26.

Don't wear clothes just because they are comfortable, but because they look nice on you.

Our nice Tom needs to be not so nice on the pitch and take no crap from opposing bullies.

They look nicer on your bookshelves and they are meant to be kept and reread and adored.

The packaging blew me away, it's really pretty and eyecatching so it would definitely look nice on your bedroom shelf.

Trains weren't really supposed to look nice on the outside back then, it was more important that they worked properly.

With a little planning, and following the tips on this infographic, the holidays can be nice on your budget this year.

Even with crazy things like that that I put up with, it would be nice on occasion to at least get some acknowledgement.

In 2% of cases nice at is used

She could be nice at times too.

I said, it's really nice at dawn.

Saying how it was nice at the Order.

Second-placed Olympique Marseille, tied on points with PSG, face Nice at home on Sunday.

Also the wines, suggested by one of the waiters, were really nice at a reasonable price.

I'd at my wits ' end, and think a small sterile white padded room, might be nice at this time.

By putting up decorative items on top of it, it will still look nice at the same time serving you a very good purpose.

Or does it? If you look at what really happens, we told the shell to run a program called nice at the regular priority.

Even if you shop for your special occasion at the last moment, you are sure to find something nice at air jordan shoes.

Han: Dare you imagine getting to the? better-off? level? Woman worker: No, dare not think of anything nice at the moment.

In 1% of cases nice after is used

It's nice to be nice after all.

Had a nice afternoon with Roger.

The sun felt nice after 24 hours in a chair.

The place is a nice after work hangout as evidenced by the many office workers that night.

Especially nice after sunset as the westbank mountains are lit up - as per attached photo.

It has a nice after work Caribbean crowd, nice ambiance and in house dj's change periodically.

The main building has a lunch bar with drinks and simple snacks such as chicken nuggets and pastries, nice after a 2 hour hike.

Though we thought taking a dip in the hot water could be nice after a long day, we thought we could do with pizza and beer instead.

This was a week after her hair cut and this photo was taken after a blow dry -- her mane is always nicest after a blow dry but not 5 minutes later.

U just might have a listening ear which is what she likes or it could be as i izeek /isays that she's trying to be nice after being hard and difficult.

In 1% of cases nice as is used

It is really nice as a gin mixer.

They are really nice as a change.

Mike Hedges was really nice as a producer.

In the old days, you would say:? That's very nice as a demo, but now we'll do it properly?

But anyway this bike is nice as a way of folding and in a picture (thumbs up ), but it could.

The house layout is nowhere near as cosy or nice as the Yishun one, but its decent / livable.

The pink comes up really pale on me, almost like a champagne shade, and the brown looks really nice as a crease shade.

The cemetery is worth a look, featuring fabulous views of the other side of Nice as well as a bit of a history lesson.

The numbers and graphics can nonetheless be sewn on but the quality will not be nice as what an genuine jersey would be.

I have taken the 699 combo pack and the phone is just a bonus as i do nt use it anyway but it is nice as a backup at home.

In 1% of cases nice by is used

I meant extremely nice by the way.

All of the midwives were so nice by the way.

Also, I'd being quite nice by not publishing his name.

Seeing your porch, very nice by the way reminds me of a recent GCSE mock paper I marked.

I was actually sitting in the Buffs section, but had everyone being nice by the time I left.

Scientists create, invent and discover for the love of it, the money is jsut a nice by product.

Then we missed our train back to Nice by one minute, and ended up paying 100 extra euros to get back to our hotel by taxi.

Getting there will be an enormous political struggle, with lots of name-calling that will make ' arbitrary ' sound nice by comparison.

Are there any members here that are near the carolinas? painting the back: let the tank look nice by not seeing the wiring or tubing at the back.

Topics for the NICE work programme are referred to NICE by the Department of Health in line with the national priorities that they have established.

In 1% of cases nice from is used

More of this would be nice from Gasol.

Enjoy panoramic view over Nice from Mt.

He seems nice from those 2 songs above.

You can still get something nice from the project even if you couldn't afford the pants.

In a sense, you might look nice from outside, but from inside you will be something else.

View is nice from up top, and don't be surprised if you don't see anyone else on the trail.

The view is nice from here, but it's not good for a photograph because of all the utility wires running across the street.

Now, I'd told Nicole is a savvy businesswoman and fashion designer and a fierce mom, and all that is quite nice from her P.

I've heard good things about the German one at least, and it certainly sounded quite nice from what I heard of it in the demo.

Beachwood Canyon Drive at Glen Holly: The view is nice from here and unobstructed if you go a block or so further up the street.

In 1% of cases nice like is used

Oven cook only, cos they're nice like that.

Nice like ignoring requests for 3 hours? #3.

Not that I have to be always nice like Etienne.

She's nice like that and very kindly did so, and even took the photo above of it in situ.

There's a download link below for you to get all the code at once, cos I'd nice like that.

He then apologized to his male gay and bisexual viewers for this, because he's nice like that.

We spend our lives making others happy (Because we are just so nice like that) but what about making ourselves happy.

I know it is quite funny but i need to be aknowledge i need sometimes to hear sometihng nice like a decent compliement.

Partly because we're nice like that, but also because we want to find out what you really think about the latest phones.

Sadly, this product smells horrible--PLEASE, benefit, change it into something nice like the smell of Hervana, for example.

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