Prepositions after "new"

new to, in, for, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases new to is used

I'd new to the GameSpot forums.

We are new to the texting world.

New to the Sanrio family, the Mr.

Are you new to the whole real world thing, too? Hecklers happen at stand up performances.

Before I knew it, I had become a mentor to other single moms and dads new to the journey.

At 27, and with only a few months in the limelight, she is patently new to the fame game.

Crosswind Farm New to the market this year, Crosswind Farm specializes in preservative and additive-free goat products.

New to management he will sign an experienced pro that he has played with, who would be affordable and willing to come.

Luminette Sheers by Hunter Douglas Newer to the patio door window treatment market are vertical woven wood draperies.

Having staff email on all the iPads has allowed interaction between our iPad ' gurus ' and those new to the technology.

In 15% of cases new in is used

He was brand new in the Senate.

Example A-43: URL New in JDF 1.

You will also find New in JDF 1.

I especially like to try something new in terms of the logistics of managing a classroom.

There were pages of serial numbers and everyone I knew in school had a copy (circa 1990).

Table 5-1: JMF Element (Sheet 1 of 2) Name Data Type Description AgentName? New in JDF 1.

Today, as the dust settles, we hope to move away from the hype and take a clear-headed look at what? s new in the iOS4.

Table 3-16: Abstract ResourceLink Element (Sheet 1 of 3) Name Data Type Description CombinedProcessIndex? New in JDF 1.

The What's New In Italy annual subscription cost is AUD$20, which makes it an indispensable information source also for.

In 7% of cases new for is used

This is new for a book on poverty.

New for the CLS 63 is now AMG's 5.

Also new for this year are Hexcodes.

The medium is dying fast, and this new format is somewhat confused confirmation of that.

If you have a shred of self-awareness and self-worth, there is nothing new for you here.

Can have microsoft office discount government being time or information internet new for.

The commercial activity should be new for the African country, for example, in terms of production process or product.

You can get some of these brand new for under a grand, but if you plan to travel in anything but a 50km zone forget it.

As he said before, this is nothing new for a Christian as many have died horrible deaths just because of their beliefs.

To help put this in perspective, look back to a time in your life when you were trying something new for the first time.

In 4% of cases new about is used

There's nothing new about this.

There is nothing new about this.

And there is nothing new about it.

There is nothing educational here and one does not learn anything new about the world.

Marketing Ethiopia? Selling Ethiopia for foreigners? There is nothing is new about it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is nothing new about the John Mahama-Amissah Arthur ticket.

There are so many that have already been written, that it would be hard to come up with anything new about his life.

Whenever We will see your blog every time we get something new about your blog This is the very informative content.

He's expecting to hear a simple, logical, reasonable answer that tells him something new about the world we live in.

The biasply tire, check with the increased positive offset place to go, underside of the with the new about an inch.

In 3% of cases new at is used

But I'd not new at the Internet.

I'd new at this, so bare with me.

I was new at that time in Canada.

Not sure if it because I'd new at this or because they just don't trust my decisions yet.

You can buy these things new at a home brew store, your local department store or online.

This strategy of **31;5600;TOOLONG is not new at all Straueli and Jake had the same story.

I just started my bird keeping hobby on 18 Jul, so I am also new at this but I have done my research and study on them.

At the moment many frequent a new at which only the most desirable coached as well as many well prepared would prosper.

Any advice? Phoenix, I'd new at this and only in NC for 40 something days so I may not be the best one to offer advice.

What was new? New at these Olympics were the opening ceremony where athletes paraded with their teams behind their flag.

In 3% of cases new on is used

What's NEW On your next flight.

I'd new on the MCM lovers scene.

Nothing new on the western front.

The design isn't new on this blog, but in the end I was surprisingly happy with the look.

We move at such a fast pace; I'd never bored, there's always something new on the horizon.

The choices can be intimidating to someone who is new on the scene, but they shouldn't be.

The All You Need to Party Blog is relatively new on the blogosphere and we expect big this from this blog in the future.

Have you heard anything? I would hate to spend all that money if they are gon na release something new on the D90 level.

It will be available on O2's new On &; On Pay Monthly tariffs as well as Pay &; Go Go Go, O2's reinvention of Pay &; Go.

With a new one fitted car would hesitate in lower gears and sometimes feel like it was a missfire, no dealer could help.

In 2% of cases new from is used

Learnt something new from this.

The phone is new from Vodafone.

This is nothing new from Friedman.

So if, for example, someone new from China is in the news, Jim calls the China service.

Working on Jeremy Dale Roberts-Quintet ' The Dancer on the Shore ' New from the studio.

As NASA is a space company they also like to discover something new from other planets.

We've hosted and visited dozens of organizations over the years, and always learn something new from these exchanges.

With this information make the consumer feel curious and wait for to next Thursday to know the newest from Sprint.

New from Sparkfun is the Mega Pro board! This is a minimal, slim-line (and cheaper) version of the Arduino Mega 2560.

I was hoping to get out to the water front area down on the reclamation area and find and do something new from there.

In 2% of cases new with is used

Although relatively new with us.

Still like new with no scratches.

I am new with this satellite tech.

And then cheer, because I love that you're excited to try something new with your hair.

What are the Minimum Requirements for the Mobile App? iPhone 4 or newer within iOS 5.

Like I've said, I'd still fairly new with these types of cuisines but what do you know.

A karaoke stereo sat on the shrine's highest step, and like the remodeled shrine, bespoke a contrast of new with old.

Your write-up must be interesting and new with substance that will catch the eye and the consideration of the reader.

It was bold and new with the cab forward look and I drove it until it had 258,000 miles and sold it about 3 years ago.

I have a terrible tendency to do that, to instantly turn my nose up at something new with a simplifying smart comment.

In 1% of cases new as is used

That's fine, nothing new as such.

Fresh, crisp, and new as the morning.

But these things are not new as such.

Any way you look at it, the popular portal is the favorite of new as well as established.

Not everyone would be willing to do that and we've all learned something new as a result.

New as of iOS 5, the Find My iPhone app from Apple helps you locate a lost or stolen iPhone.

Yesterday my husband brought a laptop for my son, brand new as a gift as he will be going to university this march 2012.

This appreciation has encouraged the new as well as expert designers at the same ratio to design the scariest wallpapers.

As just stated, Apple company has got most people all set to take way up most of the newest as well as best supplement.

I had a Samara hack for a week back when they were brand new as a discourtesy car when my Metro was rear ended by a Fiesta.

In 1% of cases new by is used

HELP NEW by: Anonymous Dear st.

The music entirely new by Dr Arne '.

All equipment was purchased new by me.

I have nobody, nobody to help me; (( Please help my sister and I NEW by: Alyssia Dear st.

During the same year the poetry of Sultan Bahu was published a new by Muhammad Afzal Khan.

What can I do? Aug 14, 2012 Whirl Pool Appliances Sucks NEW by: chanta proctor Yes Beverly.

Since this is my career, not new by the way, I will continue to investigate ALL of the activities that have been filed.

Aug 28, 2012 UK ILR, Imperial visas NEW by: Rammilan UK ILR, Imperial visas UK ILR is also known as Permanent Residency.

Diesel engines aren't anything new by any means, but the push to get American buyers to give them yet one more chance is.

Aug 17, 2012 ice bucket NEW by: Ray Your ice storage container may be iced up and therefore can not put bucket in socket.

In 1% of cases new of is used

Saw the One Show, no new of how GO is.

It is easy for the newest of users.

The Usan field is the newer of the two.

And in 2010 we ventured to the magical kingdom of Bhutan and to the old and new of Nepal.

It's a step into the newest of new arenas and a far cry from anything at the Coliseum.

Mining Activity in New Abirem New Abirem, Akyem, is the newest of Newmont's mine-sites.

The newer of these sites are designed to maxmise energy recovery and the highest standards of environmental protection.

Eleko Beach Opened in 1989, Eleko is the newest of Lagos? Beaches, down the Lekki Peninsula about 30 miles from Lagos.

How old are your campers? Our fleet is the newest of any budget fleet in New Zealand with an average age of 4-5 years.

In present world the person need a good communication with each other then only the person can know the new of the world.

In 1% of cases new under is used

There's nothing new under the sun.

Nothing is ever new under the Sun.

There? s nothing new under the sun.

Its great, a child born with a koran, its nt a new thing, nothing is new under the sun.

This award winning series has the wow factor! Yes there is something new under the sun.

History records most, if not all of the current failings, nothing is new under the sun.

Stephen Parker Our time with Brian McGillivray affirmed King Solomon's wisdom that there's nothing new under the sun.

But the claim that ' there is nothing new under the sun ' is one of the stock arguments of intelligent reactionaries.

And to some extent, there IS nothing new under the sun, writers are always dealing with somewhat familiar situations.

Even if you were right, all you're doing is leaning on that old rickety crutch: ' There Is Nothing new Under The Sun.

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