Prepositions after "nervous"

nervous about, of, at, in or before?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases nervous about is used

I am so nervous about the surgery.

I had nothing to be nervous about.

I'd pretty nervous about giving it.

Nervous about asking colleagues for sponsorship? Email them the link to your page.

I was very nervous about the whole bed bug situation so we were all pretty cautious.

A little nervous about the long day ahead but excited to be there and giving it a go.

Svigny The Suburban If you're starting to get nervous about the size of your weekly food bill, you're not alone.

What a beautiful gift to her daughter's memory, to finish this piece despite being nervous about the techniques.

But I'd a little less nervous about the whole grand plan tonight, though, because apparently I am really serious.

We've been watching the weather and getting nervous about the shortening days and worsening cold, wind and waves.

In 6% of cases nervous at is used

I was very nervous at the time.

I get so nervous at these debates.

I was seriously nervous at this point.

On Sunday we were all very nervous at breakfast because it was the giant swing today.

Many girls are very nervous at the thought of tearing their hymen for the first time.

I was nervous at the start because I thought she was going to tell me to get over it.

I still do get a little bit nervous at the beginning of Maiden tours but that's mainly because of the new material.

I was actually so scared, excited, happy, nervous at this point that I needed a few minutes to pull myself together.

Sometimes she can be a little nervous at times or want things done a particular way, though this is nothing unusual.

The movie was fun to watch and nervous at times especially when the people were very close to finding the half-castes.

In 6% of cases nervous of is used

I am just nervous of the aftermath.

Very nervous of committing to sub 4.

She is very nervous of fans backlash.

Nor does it indicate that I am a cowering diaspora Jew nervous of reaction in London.

We hiked back to our accommodation, exited but a little nervous of the journey ahead.

I myself, would be nervous of any wedding where live gunfire erupted in ANY direction.

As Brian Houston walked into the caf, it seemed like he was more nervous of this conversation happening than I was.

United, clearly nervous of the potential addition of pace sat back for a while as they worked out their best response.

People who are nervous of going to the dentist are some of the biggest beneficiaries of this new approach to dentistry.

Yet the new pope is going to have to deal with a rapidly changing Egypt, and a community nervous of its own role in it.

In 5% of cases nervous in is used

Never been so nervous in my life.

I was nervous in a different way.

It make me nervous in 21st century.

One revelation she had was no longer being highly nervous in the training environment.

This being the case he was anxious to do well and quite nervous in the first two-games.

Most significantly, you shouldn't be nervous in inquiring something that occurs to you.

Hey, have you met me yet? E4 Pretending he's nervous in her company, his game is a lot more slithery than Spence's.

Even though they got a bit nervous in the second half, Galway were always able to answer when Kilkenny landed a blow.

If you are a little nervous in the water, start in the shallow end and simply crouch to get your head under the water.

I'd always nervous in coaching searches that coaches want the offer so they can use it to negotiate for the next offer.

In 4% of cases nervous before is used

I was nervous before the Olympics.

I used to be nervous before races.

I was so nervous before the session.

It might help you to know that some recruiters get nervous before interviews too.

I was so nervous before my finals, and for the last 3 days I think I got perhaps.

I have social anxiety, but I almost never get nervous before talking to somebody.

All the shoppers felt nervous before the process but stated that they had enjoyed the experience in retrospect.

I was nervous before the race, such changes of conditions this weekend I didn't know how it would be in the race.

I'd actually still pretty new to all of this so I get nervous before every new project I think that is a good thing.

I get so nervous before a first date that I always make sure I get to the restaurant early to have a few drinks first.

In 4% of cases nervous for is used

They were too nervous for that.

I was so nervous for my audition.

Extremely nervous for the results.

So, I spent the day yesterday both so excited and nervous for you guys to post this.

Dale gets very nervous for his daughter, to the point where he sometimes can't watch.

It was the first time I became nervous for him and his ability to take on Kilimanjaro.

We were ever so nervous for ages and would slow down and indicate before we discovered that it just wasn't needed.

Just try and relax and rest assured, you won't be alone if you are a bit nervous for that first time night diving.

A Spooky Experience When Aker phoned me for the reading I was pretty skeptical and nervous for some unknown reason.

We had been nervous for days as the boat was hauled for repairs at Peninsular Marine on Stock Island near Key West.

In 3% of cases nervous on is used

I was very nervous on the stand.

Nervous on every shot, every putt.

I was very nervous on the first day.

It's all about what's supposed to happen to make the nervous on the left FEEL Better.

I was nervous on my day in court, as everyone else had solicitors and I was on my own.

I am very nervous on what will happen if I do not get a chance to get extended benefits.

I am what I am Never sound too over reactive or obviously nervous on the phone or when you shake your prospect's hand.

If a woman makes three dishes, she will get nervous on the first, the second will suffer and the third will be a disaster.

It made me nervous on the way down, and I kept execting to see him on the long walk back through the jungle to my vehicle.

Doesn't Nunez still make you a little nervous on the field? I know Jeter isn't a great fielding shortstop but at least 99.

In 2% of cases nervous around is used

I tend to get nervous around guns.

And is just a wee bit nervous around you.

Stand proud; don't be nervous around them.

I think I would be very nervous around a man who killed a woman with his bare hands.

I get nervous around everyone I come home from school and just lock myself in my room.

Honestly, I think they were just so nervous around me that they didn't know what to do.

Residents have been extremely nervous around cars with tinted windows, sometimes running away when they see them.

The adventure is really starting to take hold! I would be nervous around all of those huge ships in the harbors there.

Since he was my bestfriend i am not nervous around him and actually we r pretty clos, but we never flirted or anything.

As a teen I would be really nervous around girls but that's part of growing up I guess fretview No I enjoy public speaking.

In 2% of cases nervous with is used

Okay, I still get nervous with it.

Investors are still nervous with only 2.

It made me nervous with its lack of jokes.

At this point I was REALLY nervous with butterflies in my stomach as I knew what was coming.

I tend to get more nervous with thoughts of eating, but trying to eat small meals and face it.

I was shaking in my boots and so nervous with just the thought of guest posting on Marian's blog.

However, she is nervous with other dogs, aggressive towards unknown dogs and can try to herd dogs she knows well.

He looks nervous with some passes (not just today, even during preseason) and also was little sloppy while defending.

Taylor saddled me up and I took her for a ride around the arena, although I was a little nervous with everyone watching me.

In 1% of cases nervous after is used

She was still very nervous after this.

I am getting more nervous after ep 21.

I had been little nervous after obtaining the view.

Funnily enough I was a bit nervous after getting to the finish of the Power Stage.

You can't afford to be nervous after that and we made a good comeback so we are happy.

I was a bit nervous after reading some reviews but I honestly couldn't fault this hotel.

The theory was that a bride would be so nervous after her wedding that she ought to be given a day or two of quiet and relaxation.

Happily, we won't have to worry about a surge of European pedophiles, all just a little nervous after that Roman Polanski business.

Did I mention that I'd not afraid of these things, I get a little nervous after seeing them, but I never fear for my life or something like that.

If she said that her SNL performance sucked but she was nervous after all was her first time the subject of how bad that performance was would have been long forgotten.

In 1% of cases nervous as is used

I'd nervous as well as happy for the box office.

I'd a bit nervous as to just how much I rabbit on.

Ian became more and more nervous as the race time approached.

I presume that means we/she will be nervous as to when, or if, he'll spill the beans.

But I was starting to feel nervous as to what kind of torture I would have to endure.

I would have been nervous as a teenager, waiting for the magnificent Antonia to show up.

On this score, I have plenty of witnesses in the form of my colleagues who were getting nervous as the years went by.

It was a nervous bunch from the moment we hit the circuit, and it was even more nervous as the kilometers ticked down.

The UN has said that Kony appears to be increasingly nervous as a result and is now changing his location every few days.

I'd slightly nervous as to how this will affect my final year of university, but I'd glad that I feel I've grown up slightly.

In 1% of cases nervous by is used

But I was getting very nervous by then.

I'd quite nervous by the time I open the front door.

When you have a bout of insomnia do not be nervous by it.

Then my boss called me into his office and my heart raced as I am nervous by default.

Trust me; the employer will know if you are nervous by just looking at your gestures.

We were all pretty nervous by this stage as we were due to attempt the summit that night.

I made the mistake of making her nervous by throwing the how does it feel that 7000 people are here question in! Again.

Me, my friend and brother are really confuse and nervous by thinking about how to this, what if we failed,, bla-bla-bla.

So don't make them nervous by staring with murder in your eyes, because that's when they get defensive and start stinking.

Getting more and more nervous by the second, Phil sees a man in agony at the clinic, and when Jay turns his back, runs out.

In 1% of cases nervous during is used

I feel very nervous during sex.

You are nervous during lectures.

Mike was nervous during that second date.

I felt the most nervous during the first phrase of my pitch when my voice shivered.

If he seemed shy or nervous during the date, you should take the next step and call him.

I think that If you are nervous during the examination, it is may be student's responsibility.

On being asked about Andy Murray, Federer said that he played well, but he got nervous during the vital moments.

DURING THE INTERVIEW Don't worry about being nervous during the interview -- this is normal and will be expected.

It is very normal to feel nervous during the first endeavor, especially because you don't know what to expect out of it.

Sanchez revealed she was not really nervous during the finale because she was already satisfied having made it to the Top 2.

In 1% of cases nervous over is used

There's no need to be nervous over it.

Cause nervous over -reaction to stimuli incl.

I was nervous over the one-footer at the end.

This is because banks are extremely nervous over bad debts that can not be collected.

It's still early, but it's hard not to get nervous over the tandem's Pavelecian start.

Lo and behold a giant hog runs out well he stops by the water and I take a nervous over excited shot.

Everyone seems to be at least a little nervous over giving a speech, but there is actually very little to be nervous over.

Either way, a resolution won't come easy and investors will remain nervous over the next weeks as they wait to see how the discussions in Washington play out.

When ever I get nervous over things like this I find it better for me just to pretend I'd not nervous and really just to force myself to do whats making me so nervous.

I'd nervous over something that is going on with me, and I ended up with an attractive guy who you would have to be an idiot to mistake for anything more than just a fun friendship, and.

In 1% of cases nervous to is used

The boy was too nervous to speak.

We were all nervous to varying degrees.

He sounds like someone who was nervous to me.

That should be interesting! I must admit, I've been a bit nervous to post about this.

He just looks nervous to me -- Villa had three shots on target and two of them went in.

Usually, before you sing, you will feel very nervous to the point that you don't want to eat.

So I was too nervous to date, but unsuspecting when my osteopath made an unwelcome move on me in the middle of a session.

Emotions ran the gamut, from excited or nervous to jet-lagged and happy, just the start of a big week! Tomorrow: Deauville.

My wife says that when she sees me on the stage, I walk out on the stage, I do look a little nervous to her - she knows me.

I was so nervous to film it because it was written so hilariously, and I wanted it to come across that way, so I hope it does.

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